Best cars & vans

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    Japanese and South Korean cars least likely to let you down; there's a Peugeot among the most reliable cars too

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    Lots of space, luxury touches and a lofty view: the best SUVs have every feature a family might need at an affordable price

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    Cut-price recharging, free road tax - and the cars start at under £8,000: these are the cheapest electric cars

  • Best automatic cars

    Smooth shifting and more economical than a manual: the best automatic cars are worth searching for

  • Best car interiors

    The best car interiors cosset you from the outside of the big bad world, and also provide somewhere to sit when you're stuck in traffic...

  • Best hybrid vans

    Electric cargo carriers that are fully flexible: plug-in hybrid vans combine cheap battery power with an engine for long-distance driving

  • Most reliable used cars 2018

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    Low cost but big on value, these are the cheapest cars to insure in Britain, with quotes of less than £1,000 a year for teenage drivers

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