Car buying advice

  • How does BuyaCar work?

    Find the perfect car from the comfort of your home. Delivered to your door with a 14-day money-back guarantee

  • Should I buy a new car?

    Like the idea of purchasing a brand new car, but want the best car for your money? It's worth comparing new and used car finance options

  • The best time to buy a car

    Give yourself the biggest chance of a discount with our guide to the best time to buy a car

  • Second-hand Hire Purchase (HP) finance

    Want to own your car once you've made all the monthly payments - but with the lowest possible instalments? Check out used car Hire Purchase

  • Guarantor car finance: affordable repayments for young drivers

    Struggling to get finance but have someone with good credit score who's happy to help with a joint application? Check out guarantor finance

  • Should I buy an electric car?

    Brand new battery-powered vehicles are arriving faster than ever. But should you buy an electric car?

  • Cheap sports cars

    Don't be fooled into thinking that sports cars are only for those with money to burn. Here are nine, top-value, great fun options

  • Buying a car without driving it

    With BuyaCar you can purchase your next car from your sofa. That means no traipsing around dealers or crossing the country for a test drive

  • Cars with a five-year warranty

    Like the sound of a long warranty for peace of mind - whether you buy new or used? Here are the brands that offer a five-year warranty

  • Cars with a 7-year warranty

    Sleep easy with these cars that offer a seven-year warranty - even if you buy a five-year old car you'll have two years' cover left

  • Buying a car on finance

    How to buy a car on finance: the pros and cons of PCP, Hire Purchase and PCH leasing. We'll help you to work out which one is best for you

  • Buying a used car with BuyaCar

    Find your ideal car and get it delivered to your door: how to buy a used car online with BuyaCar