Jargon busters

  • What is PCP?

    The most flexible way of buying a car on finance: PCP explained

  • Hydrogen cars: powered by air and the only emission is water

    All you need to know about hydrogen fuel cell cars. How to buy, where to fill up and running costs

  • What is HP?

    Spread the cost of buying a new car at low interest rates with Hire Purchase (HP) finance

  • What is a saloon car?

    Looking long, low and sleek, it's often seen as a sophisticated choice of car; what makes it a saloon?

  • What is Citroen SimplyDrive?

    Pay for your finance, insurance, servicing and breakdown cover in one single instalment: all the details on Citroen SimplyDrive

  • What is AdBlue?

    Is your car telling you to top up your AdBlue? It could refuse to start if you donโ€™t. Read what AdBlue is and how to top up

  • What is Ford Vignale?

    It's the new name for Ford's top-of-the range cars, promising luxury and personal service. So what do you get with Ford Vignale?

  • What is AEB?

    Most manufacturers use this type of system, and it can save your life - but what is AEB?

  • What is a coupe?

    Two doors and a stylish design: read on to find out what makes a coupe

  • What is a head up display (HUD)?

    Top Gun for tailbacks: What is a head-up display? And why does it mean you'll take your eyes off the road less?

  • What is a mild hybrid car?

    A boost to fuel economy without the cost of a full hybrid car: why mild-hybrid technology could well be coming to your next car.

  • What is car leasing? Car leasing explained

    It's one of the cheapest ways of driving a brand new vehicle: car leasing explained