Jargon busters

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  • Car insurance groups

    How car insurance group ratings can make a huge difference to your premiums

  • What is Motability?

    How to get a discounted lease car with disability allowance: everything on the Motability scheme

  • What is a saloon car?

    Looking long, low and sleek, it's often seen as a sophisticated choice of car; what makes it a saloon?

  • What is AdBlue?

    Is your car telling you to top up your AdBlue? It could refuse to start if you don’t. Read what AdBlue is and how to top up

  • What is Ford Vignale?

    It's the new name for Ford's top-of-the range cars, promising luxury and personal service. So what do you get with Ford Vignale?

  • What is AEB?

    Most manufacturers use this type of system, and it can save your life - but what is AEB?

  • What is a Category S car?

    New write-off categories came into effect last year. But, what is a Category S car?

  • What is a crossover?

    It's used to describe the cars like the Nissan Qashqai and Vauxhall Mokka, but what is a crossover car?

  • What is a coupe?

    Two doors and a stylish design: read on to find out what makes a coupe