Jargon busters

  • What is a Cat C car?

    Exactly what is a Cat C car? Here’s our guide to this category of insurance write-off and repair

  • What is a Cat D car?

    Part of the now-replaced classification system for written-off vehicles, ‘Cat D’ cars can be cheap, but they aren’t without risk

  • What is Citroen SimplyDrive?

    Pay for your finance, insurance, servicing and breakdown cover in one single instalment: all the details on Citroen SimplyDrive

  • What is park assist?

    Look like a driving whizz without even touching the wheel: the cars that park themselves

  • Car emissions and g/km meaning

    Free car tax and cheap running costs come with low CO2 emissions. Get all the details here, including the meaning of g/km

  • PCP finance explained: what is equity?

    If you intend to give your PCP-financed car back to the lender at the end of the contract, you need to understand equity. Here’s our guide

  • What is car leasing? Car leasing explained

    Leasing – where you effectively agree a long-term rental of a car – is one of the cheapest ways to get into a brand-new car

  • What is a Cat S car?

    If you ever trawl through a used car market, you'll often see cars labeled as Category S, but what does it mean? And why should you be wary?

  • What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

    Want to own your car outright, but with affordable monthly instalments and no large final payment? Welcome to Hire Purchase (HP) finance

  • What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH)?

    Want low monthly payments on a brand new car but don't want to own it? Personal Contract Hire - also known as leasing - could be for you

  • What is PCP finance? Personal contract purchase car finance explained

    Want low monthly payments with the option to buy the car when the contract ends? Check out PCP finance - available for new and used cars

  • What is depreciation?

    It's often your biggest overall cost when choosing a car, but it's often overlooked. So what is depreciation?