Jargon busters

  • What is PCP?

    The most flexible way of buying a car on finance: PCP explained

  • What are run-flat tyres?

    They'll leave you deflated - but not stranded. How run-flat tyres work

  • What is PCH?

    Personal lease or PCH deals explained: the cheapest way of driving away a new car

  • CO2 emissions and g/km meaning

    Free car tax and cheap running costs come with low CO2 emissions. Get all the details here, including the meaning of g/km

  • What is keyless entry?

    Doors that open with the brush of a hand, bootlids that lift with a wave of your foot: how keyless entry works

  • What is infotainment?

    Infotainment explained: sat-nav, hands-free phone and radio in one

  • What is MirrorLink?

    Operate phone apps safely through your car's screen: find out which cars and phones work with MirrorLink

  • What is Bluetooth?

    Bluetooth is the in-car connection system that takes inspiration from a medieval king

  • What is ABS?

    Brake hard without losing control: how ABS helps you avoid crashing

  • What is a hatchback?

    Practical, economical and cheap: they are Britain's most popular car, but what is a hatchback?

  • What is depreciation?

    The biggest cost you'll face when you buy or finance a car: depreciation explained

  • What is an MOT?

    All you need to know about the inspection that ensures used cars are safe: the guide to the MOT