Jargon busters

  • What is PCP?

    The most flexible way of buying a car on finance: PCP explained

  • What is an SUV?

    Their numbers are increasing more than any other type of car, but what is an SUV exactly?

  • What is a hybrid car?

    Hybrid cars combine a battery and engine for fuel efficiency and long range. Here's the full guide

  • What is park assist?

    Look like a driving whizz without even touching the wheel: the cars that park themselves

  • Government electric car grant: the complete guide

    Government plug-in car grant extended until October, offering £4,500 off a new electric car. Full list of eligible electric and hybrid cars

  • What is depreciation?

    It's one of the most important elements when choosing a car, and it's so often overlooked. But what is depreciation?

  • Cars with Android Auto

    Android Auto is a simple, safe, and legal way of using your phone in your car. These are the cars with Android Auto

  • What is Apple CarPlay?

    Bring your iPhone display onto the dashboard with Apple CarPlay

  • What is Android Auto?

    Bring your Android operating system onto your dashboard with Android Auto

  • What are winter tyres?

    More grip in slippery conditions without the need for four-wheel drive: how winter tyres will keep you on the road

  • Four-wheel drive cars explained

    More grip and less chance of getting stuck in snow: all you need to know about four-wheel drive cars and all-wheel drive cars

  • What is a crossover?

    It's used to describe the cars like the Nissan Qashqai and Vauxhall Mokka, but what is a crossover car?