Best Audi finance deals and offers 2021

Audi makes an incredibly broad range of models – from the small A1 to the huge Q8 SUV. Here’s a rundown of them and the latest PCP deals

BuyaCar team
Mar 4, 2021

Audis are an increasingly popular upmarket choice, with the brand offering a model for almost every type of car you could think of. Small hatchbacks, crossovers, estates, executive cars, luxury cars and large SUVs – they’re all available in the Audi model range.

As a result there should be an Audi out there with a body style, engine and trim level to suit you, whether it's a used, nearly new or brand new vehicle. Do your homework and you can expect a good deal too, thanks to greatly discounted nearly-new models, competitive used pricing and monthly finance costs that aren't always a great deal more than for 'cheaper' brands.

Click below to jump to the latest nearly-new and used prices for any model that you're interested in or scroll down for deals on the complete range.

2021 Audi PCP offers

Audi A1 offers

The most affordable Audi is about the same size as a Ford Fiesta, but it feels like a posher product.

The latest Audi A1 went on sale in 2018 and comes with a dual-screen dashboard, bright LED headlights and a level of comfort and quietness that's not far off that you’ll experience in the company's larger, more expensive saloon cars. Strong demand for the model means that the car holds on to its value well, making PCP finance monthly payments relatively low.

If you don't mind going without the latest technology, and the spacious rear seats of the latest car, the previous-generation of Audi A1 is much cheaper and its design remains popular.


Audi A1
Nearly new Audi A1

BuyaCar prices from £18,150
Monthly finance from £236*

Audi A1
Used Audi A1

BuyaCar prices from £7,490
Monthly finance from £131*

Audi A3 offers

Audi's family hatchback is roughly the same size as a Volkswagen Golf, which isn't surprising as it shares many of that car's mechanical parts (Audi and VW are part of the same company).

Inside, the A3 uses higher-quality materials than the Golf but the dashboard design, which dates back to 2012, doesn't look as sharp as modern alternatives, such as the Mercedes A-Class. That's largely down to the Audi's relatively small screen that's perched on top of the dashboard rather than integrated neatly into it. However, the A3 really is a step above the A-Class in terms of quality - it feels like a very upmarket product.

An all-new version was launched in 2020 with much bolder styling inside and out, an even higher-quality interior and more up to date technology.


Audi A3
Nearly new Audi A3

BuyaCar prices from £23,790
Monthly finance from £318*

Audi A3
Used Audi A3

BuyaCar prices from £7,995
Monthly finance from £142*

Audi A4 offers

The Audi A4 is a comfortable, stylish upmarket saloon. Whether you're a business user covering tens of thousands of miles a year, or part of a family that requires plenty of luggage space, the car should provide smooth motoring and enough space to stretch out.

Families may want to consider the 'Avant' estate version for more boot space, as this does a good job of maintaining the standard car's upmarket feel but adding extra practicality with its large, flexible boot.


Nearly new Audi A4

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Audi A4
Used Audi A4

BuyaCar prices from £9,345
Monthly finance from £165*

Audi A5 offers

A sporty version of the Audi A4, the A5 trades some of that car's practicality for a curvier design that looks more stylish. The standard A5 coupe lacks rear doors, so getting into the back by the front doors can be awkward.

The A5 Sportback is an appealing compromise, however, combining the streamlined, sleek design with rear doors for style and usability - at a higher price than the A4 saloon.


Audi A5
Nearly new Audi A5

BuyaCar prices from £27,995
Monthly finance from £398*

Audi A5
Used Audi A5

BuyaCar prices from £11,799
Monthly finance from £214*

Audi A6 offers

An all-new Audi A6 went on sale in 2018. As one of Audi's higher-end models, it has been fitted with much of the company's latest technology, which includes three dashboard screens as standard. These eliminate most interior buttons and are reasonably easy to use without taking your eyes off the road. If you want a more traditional feel, however, look for one of the previous models.

Advanced options include a partial self-driving system that can help to accelerate, brake and steer the car on motorways at any speed. The previous-generation Audi A6 doesn't offer the same level of new technology but isn't short of features, comfort or space, for an extremely affordable price.


Audi A6
Nearly new Audi A6

BuyaCar prices from £31,000
Monthly finance from £421*

Audi A6
Used Audi A6

BuyaCar prices from £11,100
Monthly finance from £201*

Audi Q2 offers

Roomy and well-built, Audi's Q2 is an upmarket alternative to cars such as the Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008. It's a crossover car that uses the same mechanical parts as the Audi A3, but offers a higher driving position.

Despite the high ride height, this is very much a car designed for the tarmac, rather than off road, but you can choose a four-wheel drive model for extra grip while accelerating on slippery surfaces.


Audi Q2
Nearly new Audi Q2

BuyaCar prices from £20,490
Monthly finance from £277*

Used Audi Q2

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Audi Q3 offers

Audi's latest Q3 has so much space and equipment that you're probably better off ordering one instead of the (slightly) larger Audi Q5, saving yourself many thousands of pounds in the process. The only difficulty is that the car is still relatively new, so there are only a limited number of used models to choose from. This is charging month by month, however, with more used options available.

The earlier versions of the Q3 still offer a reasonable amount of space but can't match the standard dual-screen dashboard or smooth ride of the new car.


Nearly new Audi Q3

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Used Audi Q3

BuyaCar prices from £12,500
Monthly finance from £193*

Audi Q5 offers

For families who want spacious and smooth transport, the Audi Q5 makes an ideal purchase - at least if you're looking for a high-riding used model. The current version went on sale in 2016, so prices are increasingly affordable. It's less appealing if you want a brand new car, as the latest Q3 (above) is so good, and much cheaper.

There are still plenty of previous-generation Audi Q5 models available. These are comfortable cars, and still look modern outside. The interior layout and displays, however, clearly date from more than a decade ago. However, that's balanced out with much lower used prices, so it could still be a good choice for you depending upon your priorities.


Nearly new Audi Q5

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Used Audi Q5

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Audi Q7 offers

Audi's large Q7 gives you the option of a large luggage area or - if you flip up the rear row of seats - space for seven passengers (it's best if those in the back row are small).

Find a model with air suspension and you'll float along Britain's broken roads, but even the standard car is reasonably comfortable. With high refinement levels, the Q7 is a great long-distance cruiser.


Nearly new Audi Q7

BuyaCar prices from £58,999
Monthly finance from £776*

Audi Q7
Used Audi Q7

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 aims to merge the space of a large SUV with the sportiness of a coupe - much like the Range Rover Sport. It's luxurious, high-tech and powerful, with plenty of space - but there's no seven seat option.

So, if you like the sound of a large SUV, but don't want something as boxy as the Q7 above, the Q8 adds a welcome dose of sportiness, with the sleek silhouette and sharp headlights making it feel much more modern in style.


Audi Q8
Used Audi Q8

BuyaCar prices from £43,895
Monthly finance from £571*

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

BuyaCar is a credit broker, not a lender. Our rates start from 6.9% APR. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.


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