New 2018 Audi A1: official pictures reveal car in full

More room, higher quality and better technology: the new 2018 Audi A1 is due this summer

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Jun 18, 2018

The all-new 2018 Audi A1 has been revealed, with official pictures showing its bold design, high-tech interior and increased passenger space.

Sharp creases, a hexagonal grille, and three slits at the front of the bonnet give the luxurious small car a more dominant look on the road, than the current version. Every car is fitted with a 10.25in digital display behind the steering wheel. Most models will also come with an optional dashboard touchscreen to control the radio, phone apps and navigation.

It's clear that the car is a giant leap over the outgoing model, which has been on sale for almost a decade, and is starting to fall behind the competition after all-new versions of the Ford FiestaMini Hatchback and VW Polo were launched last year, with improved quality and technology.

All new Audi A1 models will have five doors. The car is bigger than before with more space in the boot and extra legroom for rear passengers.

News of a new model is good if you like the look of the current car: you can expect better deals on new and used models as the first deliveries of the new Audi A1 approach - these are expected in autumn.

Highlights include:

  • Five-door hatchback version only
  • Brighter LED headlights
  • More interior space, especially in the rear, and a bigger boot
  • Higher quality interior
  • Optional dual-screen display, with digital dials behind the steering wheel
  • More power and better fuel economy promised from engines

Key facts

2018 Audi A1 price from £18,000 (estimated)
2018 Audi A1 on sale date summer 2018 (estimated)
2018 Audi A1 deliveries from autumn 2018 (estimated)
2018 Audi A1 dimensions Height 1420mm Length 4000mm Width 1740mm (estimated)


2018 Audi A1 interior

it might be the smallest Audi but the new A1 borrows technology from much larger models. Audi has confirmed that it will offer its virtual cockpit system, which is a second screen behind the steering wheel, which can be personalised. You'll be able to reduce the size of the speedometer to make room for a large map to make navigation easier, for example.

An upgraded software system with the latest software, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, for simple control of phone apps, is expected. Wireless phone charging and a Wi-Fi hotspot is likely to be offered.

To remain competitive, the Audi’s interior will have to feel even more upmarket that it does at present, so expect even higher quality plastics and well-damped controls.

No car manufacturer promises less room in its new car, so it’s no surprise the new A1 will be more spacious than its predecessor. It can do this because of the car’s all new and larger structure.

Rear passengers will be the main beneficiaries. They’ll enjoy more leg, head and shoulder room than before. The boot will be slightly bigger, too.


2018 Audi A1 driving

The structure of the new Audi A1 is said to be sturdier and more solid than before. This usually makes a car smoother over bumps and nimbler in corners, but we won’t know if that’s the case until we’re able to get behind the wheel.

There's a choice of petrol engines. Improvements should mean that they provide more power and better fuel economy than the existing ones. they’ll be turbocharged, which helps to improve performance without a drastic effect on efficiency.

It’s not clear whether, in light of falling demand for the engines, that a diesel will be offered.


2018 Audi A1 design

The current Audi A1 is available as a three door version, with just two front doors (and the bootlid making three), or a five-door Sportback, which has rear doors for easier access to the back seats.

This five-door car will be the only option with the new A1. Side by side, the new model will be longer overall, including between the wheels: a measure that benefits interior space. The new car is also expected to be slightly wider.

However, it's still recognisably an A1, with a design that’s evolved from the present car.

The new car will have a wider hexagonal grille with a flatter bonnet than at present, plus bright LED lights front and rear across the range.

Scrolling indicators that seem to sweep across the light clusters have already been seen on other Audi models and should become an option for the first time.


2018 Audi A1 model range

The one body style can be combined with a range of petrol engines and trim levels designed to attract younger buyers. Entry-level Audis are typically badged SE. Mid-range Sport models often have larger alloy wheels and front foglights, which make a bigger statement. S Line cars typically add even bigger wheels and more interior gadgets.

Audi may also be planning to copy Mini by offering more opportunities for personalisation. These could include contrasting roof and body colours, with complementary interior colour panels.

The range will top out with a new, more powerful S1 version, due on sale towards the end of the 2018.


2018 Audi A1 technology

In a bid to attract younger buyers and compete with rivals, most notably the Mini, the new A1 will have an improved software system featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Higher spec versions may also gain a wireless phone charging and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

A teaser image released by Audi (above) shows a large touch screen in the middle of the new Audi A1's dashboard, with text recognition, so there's no longer any need to scroll through letters to enter your destination - you can simply write it on the screen.

With the Euro NCAP crash tests getting tougher by the year, expect the A1 to have a raft of safety tech including automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning that will sound an alert if the car drifts out of its lane.

Partial driverless technology may also be available, enabling the car to steer so that it keeps within its lane on a motorway, as well as to speed and and slow down in line with other traffic.


2018 Audi A1 engines

A choice of small turbocharged engines will dominate the A1 line-up. The range will open with a 1.0 three-cylinder petrol engine badged TFSI producing around 115 horsepower.

This should be enough power for steady acceleration in any situation, but many drivers will prefer the option of a 150 horsepower engine to provide zippier performance that’s more in line with Audi’s reputation.

The car will be offered with a choice of six-speed manual or efficient seven-speed automatic gearbox called S-Tronic. this has two clutches, enabling the car to select the next gear before it’s needed, for faster shifts.

A 1.6 diesel is being considered but given the decline in diesel sales, may not make it into the range.


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