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  • Best used Mazda 3 finance deals and offers

    The Mazda 3 is a stylish and fun-to-drive alternative to the VW Golf and Ford Focus. Go used and it offers particularly strong value, too

  • Cheap pick-up truck deals

    If you’re after a vehicle that can act as a rugged workhorse as well as haul the family around, a pick-up could prove perfect

  • Cars with the smallest engines

    Size matters, especially under the bonnet when you’re looking for a cheap-to-run vehicle. These small-engined cars fit the bill…

  • Used luxury cars

    New cars lose value quickly, but luxury cars are particularly bad for this. That means great used luxury car deals are easy to come by

  • Best luxury seven-seater cars

    When you have to shift a lot of people in comfort, these upmarket seven-seaters could fit the bill, offering luxury and plenty of room

  • Best BMW i3 electric car finance deals

    Want to go electric but don't want to sacrifice style or performance? The i3 fits the bill and is now far cheaper than you might think used

  • Best cheap hatchback finance deals

    Need the practicality of a hatchback and a big boot, but with small monthly payments? Check out the best cheap hatchbacks available now

  • The best eco-friendly car deals

    After a low-emission car, but not sure what type of power to go for? We've rounded up the best petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric options

  • Best car finance deals

    We won't beat around the bush: here are the best used car finance deals available on BuyaCar, and there's something for everyone

  • Best used BMW 1 Series finance deals and offers 2021

    Searching for a new BMW 1 Series but don't want to pay over the odds? Check out the best PCP finance deals available now

  • SUVs to finance in 2021

    New SUVs typically come with steep prices, but finance a used model and there are great PCP deals available with low monthly payments

  • Best cars for looking rich

    Whether you’re old money or newly minted - and want your car to help you stand out - check out our round-up of grand cars

  • The best luxury cars - on a budget

    Whatever your budget, we have luxury cars for sale to suit every taste - from super SUVs to grand saloons and upmarket hatchbacks

  • Cheapest expensive looking cars

    Fancy a car that looks and feels upmarket but costs far less than you'd think? Here are the most affordable premium machines

  • Practical performance cars

    Having fun behind the wheel needn't mean compromising on practicality – these high performers should appeal to head and heart

  • Best car for comfort

    Some drivers seek sporty handling while others need peak practicality, but what if comfort is top of your list? Check these cars out

  • Spacious small cars

    Small may be beautiful, but it doesn’t have to mean cramped. Here are the most practical - and affordable - small cars

  • Spacious cars

    Need to transport a lot of people and their luggage on your travels? Check out the most spacious used cars of different types

  • Largest Ford cars

    Want to know which Ford models are Kings of the Road in their respective classes? Check out our list of the biggest Fords money can buy

  • Best second-hand cars

    Hoping to save money on a second-hand car? There are plenty of great value options that can reduce your costs without sacrificing quality


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