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  • Best cars for cyclists

    A large boot and a roof rack are the basic requirements for the cyclist on the move. Here are eight cars that are up to the challenge

  • Best cars for children

    From a compact city car that’s perfect for your only child, to a massive eight-seater, here are eight cars that are great for children

  • Fast hatchbacks

    After a hatch that offers decent punch without breaking the bank or budget-busting insurance costs? One of these models should fit the bill

  • Best cars for new parents

    Practical hatches, roomy people carriers and sporty SUVs; if you're a new parent these cars could make you happier than a full night's sleep

  • Best cars for music festivals

    Spend half of every summer touring all the best music festivals and want a car that's up to the job? These cars should be music to your ears

  • Smallest BMW cars

    Not everybody wants to supersize their BMW. Our list of the smallest BMW cars proves that the best things can come in small packages

  • Best cars with sunroofs

    Let the sunshine in while enjoying some fresh air on the road. Here are some of our favourite cars with sunroofs of all types

  • Best high up cars that are most comfortable for older drivers

    Ease of use, good visibility, safety and low running costs are just a few things an older driver needs to consider when searching for a car

  • Best used 2014-2020 Volkswagen Golf R three-door deals

    The Golf R is the performance flagship of the VW Golf range. Here are some of the best deals on the desirable three-door model

  • Best fun cars

    If your current vehicle lacks excitement, here are eight cars that’ll put the fun back into your daily commute. Smiles are guaranteed

  • Best sports cars under £30,000

    From Abarth to 370Z, here are eight fab sports cars for less than £30,000 - from lightweight two-seaters to big-engined bruisers

  • Three-door Audi A3 deals

    Fancy a three-door Audi A3? Here are the best deals - on basic versions to high-performance S3s - and info on all the key standard equipment

  • Best used 2011-2018 three-door Vauxhall Astra deals

    Fancy a stylish, practical hatchback? Check out the best deals on the three-door Vauxhall Astra - including the sporty Astra GTC and GTC VXR

  • Three-door BMW deals

    The 1 Series hatchback is the car you need if you’re after a recent three-door BMW. Here are some of the best deals available now

  • Best cars with fridges

    Fancy a car with a fridge but can’t afford a Rolls-Royce? Here are some affordable ways to keep your food and drinks cool when it's warm

  • Best MHEVs

    Choosing a mild hybrid is the most affordable way into a car that offers a small electric boost. Here are some of the best MHEVs available

  • Luxury electric cars

    Silent running and smooth power delivery combine to make these luxury electric cars feel even more lavish than petrol and diesel rivals

  • Best used Mini Convertible PCP finance deals

    The Mini Convertible is ideal if you’re after a soft-top that’s fun to drive and great to look at - here are some of the best used deals

  • Best sports cars under £20,000

    Think you can’t afford a fun sports car? Think again, because here are eight great options available for less than £20,000

  • Best cars for delivery drivers

    Looking for a practical but affordable car that delivers? Here are eight great value cars that are ideal for delivery drivers


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