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  • Best high up cars that are most comfortable for older drivers

    Ease of use, good visibility, safety and low running costs are just a few things an older driver needs to consider when searching for a car

  • Best cars for surfers and longboards

    Whether you’re a fair weather summer surfer or hit the waves every week of every year, we've rounded up the best surf-friendly cars

  • Best cabriolet cars

    Fancy upping your excitement by lowering the roof? We’ve selected seven affordable cabriolet cars and a super-luxurious eighth one

  • Cheap cars with nice interiors

    Fancy a car with a nice interior but don’t want to pay a premium price? Here are eight plush cars you can get for less than £15,000

  • Best summer cars

    We can’t promise sunshine, but we can recommend cars that are perfect for summer and beyond - from convertibles to sports cars and SUVs

  • Best cars for camping

    We can’t guarantee fine weather, but these cars will be worthy companions on your next camping trip, with space and comfort to spare

  • Best cars for visibility

    Looking for a clear view of the road ahead and excellent visibility when parking? These cars could be perfect for you

  • Best cars for wheelchairs

    Need the best wheelchair-friendly car but don't want to compromise? We've rounded up the best options using data sourced from the RiDC

  • Cheap four-door cars

    Need an affordable car with four passenger doors? We’ve pulled together the best value options that cost less than £15,000

  • Best cars with a V8 engine

    We’ve rounded up some of the best value cars - from sports cars to estate cars and SUVs - with V8 engines on BuyaCar. They sound great

  • Best used 2012-2019 BMW 3 Series PCP finance deals

    Want a BMW 3 Series but don’t want to pay new-car prices? Finance this upmarket saloon for less than a new small family car

  • Best cars with heated windscreens

    Fed up having to chisel ice off the windscreen with numb hands? These heated-screen cars could mean early retirement for your ice scraper

  • Best cars for long commutes

    Faced with a long commute and want the best car for the job to cut the trip down to size? Check out these top value options

  • Can I get van finance if I'm self-employed?

    If you’re self-employed, a van might be a crucial part of your business. Here are your options if you’re looking to finance a van

  • Smallest BMW cars

    Not everybody wants to supersize their BMW. Our list of the smallest BMW cars proves that the best things can come in small packages

  • Best high-mileage cars

    Want the most car for your money? Going for a used car with a high mileage can be a smart way to get into a more desirable model

  • Best used cars with heated seats

    Hate being cold when you get in the car? Check out the best used cars with heated seats, steering wheels, cup holders and even arm rests

  • Best high-emission cars

    Don’t be too quick to dismiss a car with high emissions. Many of them come with other benefits – and they could be cheaper to purchase

  • Used car checklist: what to look for when buying a used car

    More of us are choosing to buy a car online with used cars now available, too. But what should you consider when buying a used car online?

  • Best used Kia Picanto finance deals and offers

    The Kia Picanto is a practical and reliable city car with a seven-year warranty. Check out some of the best deals available on BuyaCar


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