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  • Best cars for tall people

    From lofty city cars to upright SUVs, here are eight of the best cars for tall people - with all the space you could possibly need

  • Can I get van finance if I'm self-employed?

    If you’re self-employed, a van might be a crucial part of your business. Here are your options if you’re looking to finance a van

  • Best cars for surfers

    Whether you’re a fair weather summer surfer or hit the waves every week of every year, we've rounded up the best surf-friendly cars

  • Best cars for camping

    We can’t guarantee fine weather, but these cars will be worthy companions on your next camping trip, with space and comfort to spare

  • Best value electric cars

    If you’re plugged in to the idea of ditching petrol and diesel, here are six great value electric cars - for less than you might think

  • Best cars for large families

    If your children are growing up fast, you’re going to need a bigger set of wheels. These family cars should be just the ticket

  • Best cars for small families

    Here is the proof that you don't need to drive an SUV if you've got small children. A small estate car, or even a coupe will be sufficient

  • Best cars for sleeping in

    Whether you need a car to sleep in at festivals or find yourself kicked out of bed for snoring, these cars are ideal for a good night sleep

  • Best cars for babies

    From flexible small cars to large seven-seat SUVs, here are eight cars that are perfect for you and your baby

  • Smallest rear-wheel drive cars

    Fancy a fun rear-wheel drive car that's small and relatively affordable? Here are eight cars that prove good things come in small packages

  • Best cars for travel

    If your journey is just as important as the destination for you, you need a good set of wheels. Here are our best cars for travel

  • Small cars with big engines

    Each generation of car seems to get smaller engines to boost economy, but what if you want a small car with a mighty engine? Check these out

  • Best cars for short people

    There are no tall stories here, just eight cars ideal for short people, from a spacious city car to an eco-friendly electric vehicle

  • Best cars for a family of five

    Three spacious rear seats, a large boot and excellent value. These - and more - are the key things to look for in a family five-seater

  • Best cars for older drivers

    Ease of use, good visibility, safety and low running costs are just a few things an older driver needs to consider when searching for a car

  • Best cars for mountain bikers

    Whether you’re looking to transport a mountain bike in the boot or on the roof, here are the cars that will get you to the best trails

  • Best cars for London

    From a tiny city car that can turn on a dime, to a Volvo that can drive itself, here are eight cars that are perfect in our capital

  • Best big family cars

    If you have a big family, you’re going to need a big car. Here are eight practical and spacious SUVs, people carriers and estates

  • Best small cars for dog owners

    If you’re dog tired of trying to find the best small car for your canine companion, we have a few leads

  • Best cars for women

    Different cars appeal to different drivers, so we've rounded up a selection of vehicles that could work particularly well for women


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