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  • Best cars for wheelchairs

    Need the best wheelchair-friendly car but don't want to compromise? We've rounded up the best options using data sourced from the RiDC

  • Best cars for visibility

    Looking for a clear view of the road ahead and excellent visibility when parking? These cars could be perfect for you

  • Best cars for three child seats

    Finding a car large enough for three child seats is harder than you think. We've picked eight great choices, including an electric supermini

  • Best new cars for towing a caravan

    Looking for a new car to tow a caravan? Great tow cars come in all shapes and sizes. We've rounded up the best affordable new tow cars

  • Best used cars for towing a caravan

    Need a car to tow a caravan but don’t want to splash the cash on a new car? Here are some great used tow cars that cost less than £10,000

  • Best cars for kids

    Want your kids to like your next car as much as you do? Family cars needn't be boring. Here are eight perfect cars for both kids and parents

  • Best cars for motorway driving

    Spend your life zooming up and down the motorway? From economical hatchbacks to luxury saloons, these cars are terrific for high-speed trips

  • Best cars for long commutes

    Faced with a long commute and want the best car for the job to cut the trip down to size? Check out these top value options

  • Best three-year old cars

    Three-year old cars used to mean rust and unreliability. In the 2020s, many feel practically new and have up to four years' warranty left

  • Best cars for retired people

    Looking for something fancy for your retirement - whether that's an SUV, sports car or upmarket saloon? You’ve come to the right place

  • Best cars for golfers

    Fancy something comfortable, classy and cavernous for the drive to the golf club? These estate cars and SUVs are well above par

  • Best cars for cyclists

    A large boot and a roof rack are the basic requirements for the cyclist on the move. Here are eight cars that are up to the challenge

  • Best cheap cars

    Want the most car for your money? Here are the best value used cars available from less than £5,000 - with low PCP finance monthly payments

  • Best cars for a family of six

    If your growing family means that you require an extra seat or two, these cars have more than enough space - even if you have four children

  • Best cars for less than a gym membership

    Feeling flabby and thinking of joining a gym to shed the weight? For the same monthly cost, you could drive away in a new car

  • Best used cars for new drivers

    From insurance-friendly superminis to practical seven-seaters, these cars are ideal for new drivers, whatever their age

  • Best cars for bigger drivers

    If you’re a larger driver and struggle to get comfy behind the wheel, fear not; here are eight cars that are ideal for bigger drivers

  • Best used cars for Bristol

    Whether you’re battling the crowds at Cribbs Causeway or commuting on the M32, these cars are ideal for Bristol

  • Best cars for mums

    Fancy a car that’s practical but with some added glamour and desirability? Mums of Britain, your chariots await

  • Best used cars for Manchester

    From shopping trips to the Trafford Centre, to a car for dealing with the M60, these machines are ideal for Manchester


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