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  • Best new petrol SUVs

    Want to drive a high-riding SUV, but don't want a gruff diesel engine? We've rounded up the best petrol-powered models for UK roads

  • Best seven-seater cars 2021

    For large families, flexibility or just a big boot, it's hard to beat a seven-seater car

  • Cars in insurance group 2

    Fancy a cheap-to-insure car but don't want something super-basic or tiny? We've rounded up eight of the best cars in insurance group 2

  • Cars in insurance group 1

    Looking to keep your car insurance costs down by driving a car in the lowest insurance group? Here are eight of your best options

  • Best cheap used cars with heated seats

    After a toasty derriere while driving this winter without breaking the bank? These second-hand wonders will be your saviour

  • Cars with low insurance groups

    Low insurance groups should mean cheap car insurance premiums, so check out the best cheap-to-insure affordable used cars here

  • Best new small cars for towing

    Want to tow but don’t want the burden of a large car? Then you need one of the best new small cars for towing

  • Cheapest big cars

    Looking to get more car for less money? How about one of these supersized but super-affordable machines?

  • Cars with big wheels

    Want your car to really stand out with big wheels and plenty of visual punch? These whopping-wheeled models should fit the bill

  • Best used 2012-2018 Mercedes A-Class PCP finance deals

    Find the latest used deals on the Mercedes A-Class with PCP finance offers for SE, Sport, AMG Line, AMG, A180, A180d and A200d versions

  • Best used cars under £6,000

    Cars under £6,000 don't get much better than these

  • Electric car battery life

    Worried about how long electric car batteries last? All car makers offer battery warranties. Keep reading to find out which protect you best

  • Electric and hybrid car warranties

    Worried spent batteries in used electric cars will ruin your bank balance? Fear not, thanks to used electric car and hybrid warranties

  • Cars with lane assist and autopilot

    The range of partial driverless and autonomous technology available on new cars is astounding. So here, we explain what's on the market

  • Best car deals on PCP

    PCP finance allows drivers to get behind the wheel of a more expensive car compared with a loan. Here are some of the best deals available

  • Best cars to buy used

    Hunting for a used car and want to make sure you choose wisely? Here are 10 of the best used cars from small hatchbacks to seven-seaters

  • What is E10 fuel and can my car use it?

    Wondering what E10 fuel is and whether you can safely use it? You aren’t alone – keep reading for everything you need to know

  • How much is electric company car tax: full guide

    We explain the current and future UK company car tax rules for all-electric, plug-in, and standard hybrid vehicles

  • Best cars with three full back seats

    Tired of rear passengers complaining about having too little space? Check out these spacious and affordable cars with three full back seats

  • Fast SUVs

    Fancy a speedy SUV? There are now more options than ever. Let BuyaCar weed out the duds and point you in the direction of the best models


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