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    Have a large family and need lots of seats but donโ€™t want an enormous car? We've tracked down the smallest seven-seaters around

  • Best cars for mpg

    Need to keep your fuel bills and running costs to a minimum? The best cars for mpg will do just that with infrequent trips to the pump

  • The smallest SUVs

    High-riding 'Sport Utility Vehicles' - or SUVs - are all the rage, but not everyone wants a large car. These are the smallest SUVs around

  • Smallest cars in the UK

    If you only really drive to town and back, chances are youโ€™ll only need a small vehicle. These are the smallest cars in the UK

  • Best cars for commuting in the UK

    More and more people are driving to work but not all of them have the best car for the job: these are the best cars for commuting in the UK

  • Best cars for high mileage

    If you seem to spend your life driving or cover long distances regularly, you'll need a capable high-mileage car. Here are our favourites

  • Best PHEVs: electric capability with petrol back up

    The best plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) offer low running costs without compromising performance or practicality - here are our favourites

  • PHEV vs BEV: should I get a plug-in hybrid or electric car?

    The plug-in hybrid vs electric car dilemma is a tough one for drivers, but one we can help you navigate with our recommendations

  • Cars with the biggest discounts

    New cars are expensive, but itโ€™s amazing how much you can save on a practically brand new 2020 model with less than 1,000 miles on it


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