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  • Best used Ford Kuga PCP deals and finance offers

    A used Ford Kuga is great value for money and with so many engines and trims to choose from, there’s sure to be one to suit your budget

  • Best used VW Tiguan PCP deals and finance offers 2020

    The Volkswagen Tiguan is a classy yet expensive family-size SUV for those buying new, but it’s much better value for money as a used car

  • Car finance: what is a hard search?

    Confused by the difference between a 'hard search' and a 'soft search'? When applying for car finance, it pays to know the difference

  • Refinancing a car

    Want to keep your current car at the end of your PCP finance contract, but can't afford the optional final payment? Refinancing could help

  • Gap insurance

    Gap insurance covers you if your car is written off or stolen, paying the difference between an insurance payout and the outstanding finance

  • Car finance on benefits: can I get it?

    Receiving benefits shouldn't stop you getting car finance; but there are some important facts to think about. Keep reading to find out more

  • No credit check car finance

    A loan with no stressful credit check may sound appealing, but can you really trust a firm that lends to you without checking your finances?

  • Cheapest small cars

    Find yourself the ultimate cheap small car with some excellent used car deals and monthly finance from as little as £77

  • Best medium size cars for towing

    Looking for a tow car with the muscle to lug heavy loads while remaining easy to drive? These excellent mid-size options should fit the bill

  • Fair credit score loans

    A fair credit score means you'll pay more interest than those with a good or excellent score, but less than those with a poor score

  • Car finance with a good credit score

    Discover how a good credit score can unlock lower interest charges and cheaper finance, meaning lower monthly payments

  • What condition should a used car be in?

    What should you expect from a used car? Modern cars can last for decades, but you can expect a certain amount of wear and tear as they age

  • Cheapest SUVs to insure

    Go big without boosting the cost of insurance with the cheapest SUVs to insure

  • Best used cars for under £30,000

    Got a budget of £30,000 ready to burn on a new car? Get a whole lot more for you money with some of these excellent used car deals

  • Best used cars for under £15,000

    With a budget of £15,000 the world of used cars really is your oyster, our list of the best cars at this price ought to get you excited

  • Car finance with an excellent credit score

    Have an excellent credit score but not sure what difference it makes? Excellent credit should mean low interest charges and cheaper finance

  • Best used cars for under £25,000

    Got £25,000 to spend on a car? Don't just succumb to a brand-new model, go for a used car and make the most of your money

  • Best used cars for under £40,000

    Our list of used cars under £40,000 features a cornucopia of premium brands

  • Best British cars

    Back UK manufacturing with one of the best British cars - there's more choice than you might think...

  • Cheap used BMWs

    A sporty drive and high quality interior for £160 a month: cheap used BMWs, including the 1 Series, 3 Series and X1


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