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  • Pay monthly used cars

    Don't have the cash to buy your next car outright? Paying monthly could be the answer, with more and more finance options available

  • Best small car deals

    Looking for something small and nippy to get you around town and further afield? Here are 10 of the best small cars available right now

  • How to choose a car

    Picking the right car from the thousands available can seem daunting. Break down what you're after, though, and making a shortlist is simple

  • Cheapest seven-seat cars

    Seven seats and plenty of storage space from just over ยฃ7,000: we've rounded up the best low-cost family-friendly seven-seaters

  • Buying a car without driving it

    With BuyaCar you can purchase your next car from your sofa. That means no traipsing around dealers or crossing the country for a test drive

  • How to get out of a car finance agreement

    Need to get out of your car finance contract, but not sure how to do it? Keep reading to get your head around your options

  • Car leasing contracts explained

    Want a new car for the lowest monthly payment? Car leasing could be for you. Keep reading to understand how lease contracts differ from PCP

  • Second-hand car leasing

    Looking for the lowest monthly payments on your next car? Used car leasing could be the answer, though new car leases can prove better value

  • Second-hand car finance

    Picking the right second-hand car can feel like a challenge, but finding the right used car finance needn't be. Here are your options

  • How to part-exchange your car

    Ready to change your car but no idea what to do with the old one? BuyaCar can part exchange your old car when the new one is dropped off

  • PCP finance vs Hire Purchase: which type of car finance is best?

    Want the lowest monthly payments or to own a car for the lowest overall cost? Find out whether PCP finance or Hire Purchase is best for you

  • How to get the lowest monthly payments with used car PCP finance

    Looking for the cheapest monthly payments on your next set of wheels? Used car PCP finance could be your best bet

  • Gap insurance

    Gap insurance covers you if your car is written off or stolen, paying the difference between an insurance payout and the outstanding finance

  • Best Range Rover finance deals and offers

    Fancy an upmarket Range Rover, but don't want to pay an upmarket price? Check out the best nearly-new and used Range Rover finance deals

  • No credit check car finance

    A loan with no stressful credit check may sound appealing, but can you really trust a firm that lends to you without checking your finances?

  • Low APR car finance

    Looking at car finance deals? You should pay close attention to APR, it can be the difference between a good deal and a bad one

  • How to check your credit score

    Looking to check your credit score to find out whether you're eligible for the best car finance deals? Here's how you can do it

  • How to get a car valuation online

    Want to get rid of your old car, but no idea what it's worth? Online valuations can give you the answer - quickly and easily

  • How to cut your car insurance costs

    Insurance can make up a huge proportion of your car costs - especially if you're young. These tips could help you slash your premium, though

  • No deposit car finance deals

    Want a great car for an affordable monthly payment - but without having to put down a hefty deposit? Check out these top no-deposit deals


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