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  • Best cars for seniors with arthritis

    Arthritis can make driving uncomfortable if you're in the wrong car, so we've rounded up eight cars that are suitable for older drivers

  • Most comfortable cars for seniors

    Fed up with more and more cars having huge wheels and stiff suspension? Pick the right car and you can still get comfy behind the wheel

  • Best cars for bad backs

    Not all cars are created equal when it comes to back pain. Here we’ve picked out the best cars for people with bad backs

  • The best French cars

    French cars can be fun, stylish, interesting and great value. Here we pick out some of our favourites that you can buy right now

  • The best German cars

    German brands are known for making high-end luxury cars to high performance models and more affordable hatchbacks. Here are the best

  • Does taking a loan payment holiday affect your credit rating?

    Have a car on finance and need to pause payments? A payment holiday may be for you - read on to find out how it affects your credit rating

  • The best Japanese cars

    Japanese cars have many common traits, including reliability, efficiency and comfort. Read on to find out which ones are our favourites.

  • Best British-made cars

    Want to buy British, but have no idea which cars are actually made here? Read on to find out which British-built cars could fit the bill

  • What is a repayment holiday?

    Everything you need to know about repayment holidays for PCP finance, Hire Purchase and PCH leasing contracts

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