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    Want to drive around town on electric power, with a petrol or diesel engine for longer trips? Here are the best upcoming plug-in hybrids

  • What is a Cat D car?

    Vehicles classed as ‘Cat D’ under the old write-off categorisation system can be temptingly cheap, but they aren’t without their risks

  • Best used cars for under £12,000

    Options are plentiful if you're looking for a used car under £12,000, including hatchbacks, SUVs and estates. Here are eight of the best

  • Car tax last chance letter: how to tax a car

    Navigate the complexities of Vehicle Excise Duty - also known as road tax - with this comprehensive guide to taxing a car

  • Cars that hold their value

    With heaps of cool kit and top-notch desirability, we pick out the cars that depreciate least and offer you the highest resale value

  • Latest Ford finance deals and offers

    Want a great value, fun-to-drive and cheap-to-run car? Chances are one of Ford's vast range could fit the bill. Here are the best deals

  • Cheapest cars with Apple CarPlay

    In the world of smartphones, connectivity is key: these are the cheapest cars with Apple CarPlay

  • What car should I buy?

    Shopping for a new car but baffled by which fuel type, gearbox or body style to go for? Read on to work out which car best suits your needs

  • Best cars for potholed roads

    A quicker solution than complaining to the council, these cars are a great way to deal with potholes and speed bumps

  • Cars with WiFi

    We'd all be a bit lost without the internet, sometimes literally - here are some of the best cars with WiFi

  • Best new cars for under £12,000

    Looking to buy a new car with £12,000? Here are your options

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