Buyer’s guides

  • Used Fiat Punto (2010-2018)

    The Fiat Punto is a stylish, reasonably priced supermini – but it’s approaching its sell-by date.

  • Used Citroen C4 (2011-2018)

    The Citroen C4 offers a large boot and roomy interior, but it's not very exciting

  • Porsche Panamera (2016-present)

    Porsche’s Panamera combines the poise and performance of a sportscar with luxury comfort and refinement. It’s not cheap, though.

  • Used Fiat Fullback (2016-2019)

    Capable and curvaceous (for a pick-up truck), the Fiat Fullback offers car-like comforts; but no longer from new

  • BMW X6 (2015-present)

    Big and brash BMW X6 combines SUV ruggedness and sleek coupe looks, with mixed results.

  • Volkswagen Golf SV (2013-present)

    A bigger and more practical version of the Golf. It’s a sensible choice but lacks the desirability of SUV-inspired crossover rivals.

  • Vauxhall Grandland X (2018-present)

    The Vauxhall Grandland X isn’t the most exciting family car, but it’s comfortable, practical and good value for money.

  • Mercedes S-Class (2013-present)

    The Mercedes S-Class is a supremely comfortable and capable luxury car that, in diesel-powered form, is reasonably economical, too

  • BMW 6 Series GT (2013-present)

    The BMW 6 series GT combines coupe, hatchback and saloon in one but could be a little more exciting to drive

  • Toyota GT86 (2012-present)

    The Toyota GT86 is such great fun to drive that you’ll be willing to overlook its obvious flaws.

  • New VW Camper Vans

    Learn the difference between original and new VW Camper Vans, plus, VW Camper Vans for sale

  • BMW X7 (2019-present)

    Big and bold BMW X7 is spacious, luxurious and good to drive, but at this price it needs to feel even more special than it does.