Cars with 0% finance: full list of latest deals

Pay for your new car in monthly instalments with no interest and no charges: see the latest full list of 0% finance deals

BuyaCar team
Nov 13, 2018

Taking out car finance at zero per cent APR would seem like a no-brainer: you get to spread the cost of your car over a series of monthly instalments at no extra cost.

There are no interest charges and no additional fees with 0% APR car finance, so your total repayments should add up to the cash price of the car - and no more.

In many cases, you will also have the option of different types of finance: Hire Purchase (HP), which ends in you owning the car, or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), with lower repayments and the ability to return the car at the end or buy it for an additional lump sum.

Before you dive into the list of cars available with 0% APR finance, though, take a step back and consider your other options:

  • Getting this rock-bottom rate often requires a large deposit, so you may need to use some savings.
  • 0% finance offers may not include discounts available with other finance deals that charge interest, so you could end up paying more. Compare quotes by looking at the total amount payable.
  • 0% APR car finance is generally only available for new cars.

Scroll down for current car deals offering 0% finance or click below for used car deals.

Used cars with 0% finance

Used cars aren't generally available with 0% finance because they don't benefit from the same manufacturer incentives manufacturers. However, the used car finance industry is competitive, which keeps interest rates low. Some retailers, such as BuyaCar, work with several of lenders to ensure that you get a competitive quote for your circumstances.


Manufacturers offering 0% car finance deals

BMW 0% car finance deals

BMW’s finance deals are up there with the best and most flexible. Several models within its saloon car range are offered with 0% finance, as well as its potent M4 coupe.

BMW cars with 0% finance


Citroen 0% car finance deals 

Citroen’s C1 might be getting on a bit, but it’s still a competent city car, and it's a bit more appealing with 0% finance. If a city car is a little small, there are six other Citroens available with 0% finance, including the new family-friendly Berlingo.

Citroen cars with 0% finance

Ford 0% car finance deals

It doesn’t offer its most popular Fiesta and Focus with 0%, but Ford does offer a solid range of vehicles with it. It does however at least offer this type of finance with the Fiesta Active, which is much the same as a regular Fiesta but taller.

Ford cars with 0% finance

Honda 0% car finance deals

Honda has a raft of new cars out, and very little need to offer deals at the moment. However, it is offering its popular Jazz with 0% at the moment, as long as you go for a Sport model.

Honda cars with 0% finance

Jaguar 0% car finance deals

Jaguar offers 0% finance across its XE and XF range. Both are saloon cars popular amongst business users. The XE is the sportier option, while the XF is larger and more comfortable. 

Jaguar cars with 0% finance

Mazda 0% car finance deals 

A great-selection of Mazdas are available with 0% finance. And there are different options on how to do it too - you can either go with a low deposit and a two-year agreement, or have a longer agreement with a 50% deposit.  Its new 6 saloon is widely regarded as a genuine Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport rival, while the MX-5 is one of the best convertibles on sale today.

Mazda cars with 0% finance

MG 0% car finance deals 

MG’s new ZS crossover is widely regarded as the best new MG on sale today. Bargain hunters will be thrilled to find out that it also comes with a seven-year warranty too. The MG3, and MG GS are also available with 0% finance.

MG cars with 0% finance
  • MG ZS


Nissan 0% car finance deals

The Qashqai is the standout car on this list from Nissan. It does nearly everything well, and comes with clever semi-autonomous tech. The 370Z is the only muscle car on this list and is fantastic in an old-school kind of way.

Nissan cars with 0% finance

Peugeot 0% car finance deals

Peugeot is only offering one car with 0% finance at the moment. Luckily the 308 is a decent all-rounder that has a big interior and boot. Decent engines too.

Peugeot cars with 0% finance

Renault 0% car finance deals

Nearly all Renaults are available with 0% finance. The Megane looks the pick of the bunch, and if you’re a city dweller, the electric Zoe might be a good idea too.

Renault cars with no 0% finance

Seat 0% car finance deals

Seat is offering 0% finance on all of its models. Pick of the bunch is probably the new(ish) Ateca (pictured). It’s mechanically very similar to the Skoda Karoq and Volkswagen Tiguan - neither of which are on this list. 

Seat cars with 0% finance

Ssangyong 0% car finance deals

Ssangyongs typically offer a huge amount of space for not a lot of money, and 0% finance deals make them even more of a bargain.

Ssangyong cars with 0% finance
  • Ssangyong Korando
  • Ssangyong Rexton
  • Ssangyong Tivoli


Suzuki 0% car finance deals

Suzuki offers two of its most popular cars with 0% APR. The Vitara is an SUV offering just enough space for a family of four and good value for money. With 0% finance thrown in, it does appear to be more inviting than some of its rivals. The Swift is an altogether well-rounded good value for money hatchback.

Suzuki cars with 0% finance

Toyota 0% car finance deals

Both the Auris and RAV4 are good solid products, and both can be had with Toyota’s clever hybrid system. The C-HR hybrid is eye-catching and economical, and the Yaris is solid too. The Aygo is feeling its age - but it is cheap.

Toyota cars with 0% finance

Vauxhall 0% car finance deals

Vauxhall loves to shout about its deals, and none more so than its 0% finance offers. Five models are in it, including the ever-popular Corsa. This deal is also spread over five years too, which is typically much longer than other deals.

Vauxhall cars with 0% finance

Volkswagen 0% car finance deals

Volkswagen only offers one car with 0% finance - its little up!, which is mechanically identical to the Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii. Neither of which are available with the same deal.

Volkswagen cars with 0% finance

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