New cars with 0% finance: full list of latest 2022 deals

If you want to finance a brand new car with low monthly payments but want to avoid interest charges, check out the latest 0% APR deals

BuyaCar team
Dec 6, 2021

Getting a car with 0% APR finance - also known as interest-free credit - is one of the simplest ways to pay for a new car. The cost of the car is split across a deposit, a series of monthly payments - and in the case of PCP finance, an optional final payment as well, which you make at the end of the contract if you want to keep the car. This means that whether you opt for PCP finance or Hire Purchase, the cost of the car is cut into bitesize chunks, with nothing charged for the finance.

Unlike most car finance offers, there are no interest charges associated with 0% APR deals. This means the sum total of your payments should add up to no more than the full cash price of the car. Just remember that with PCP finance you have to make the large optional final payment - which could amount to half of the initial price, or even more - as well as the deposit and monthly payments to take ownership. Even with 0% APR PCP finance, though, the total amount you pay, including the optional final payment, equates to no more than the initial price.

A 0% APR deal might not be as good value as it seems, however. While you don’t pay interest on the finance, the fact that new cars lose their value very quickly means that a 0% APR deal can still be expensive and cost much more than a nearly new or second-hand equivalent. As a result, even an interest-free deal on a new car could end up being notably more expensive - overall and in monthly payments - than a finance deal on a one- or two-year-old equivalent where interest is charged.

So when you’re shopping around for the best deals, it’s worth getting like-for-like finance quotes (with the same type of finance, deposit amount, contract length and mileage allowance) on both new cars and equivalent nearly new or used models. Then you can directly compare the monthly payments to see which option offers you the best value.

Best new cars with 0% finance

For instance, you could finance a one-year-old Citroen C1, which has only covered a couple of hundred miles with a cash price of £10,000 that is available with 6.9% APR finance. Yes, that finance arrangement includes interest, but compared with a £13,000 new equivalent with 0% APR and otherwise like-for-like terms (a three-year Hire Purchase finance deal with a £1,000 deposit), you could still save £30 per month by going for the used car. Go for an older car and the savings are likely to be substantially higher.

If you're open to going used to get the most affordable car finance, have a look at some of the deals available now on used and nearly new cars on BuyaCar.

Types of finance available with 0% APR

It’s possible to find deals on multiple types of finance with 0% APR. The most common is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). This offers affordable monthly payments, as these only cover the amount of value the car is expected to lose over the contract, rather than its whole price. At the end of the contract, you can either return the car to the finance company, or buy it for a pre-agreed optional final payment.

Another potential option is Hire Purchase (HP), which ends in you owning the car once you've made all the monthly payments. Because there is no large optional final payment, monthly payments are a little higher with HP than with PCP, since you have to pay for the entire value of the car through the monthly payments.

This also means that you don't need to find many thousands of pounds to pay off that large final payment if you want to take ownership, though you are able to refinance this into another finance contract, should you wish. Do bear in mind that you are very unlikely to be able to refinance a PCP deal with 0% APR, so you are likely to have to pay interest on the money borrowed on the second finance contract if you choose this option.

Meanwhile, if you're after the best value option and are happy to consider a nearly new or used model, you can kickstart your car finance journey with BuyaCar to see how much you can afford to borrow and find a great deal among thousands of used cars currently available now on our search pages.

0% finance: things to consider

Before you dive into the list of new cars available with 0% APR finance, though, consider your other options:

  • Getting this rock-bottom rate often requires a large deposit, so you may need to spend a chunk of your savings to access one of these deals.
  • 0% finance offers may not include savings available with other finance deals (like deposit contribution discounts), so you could end up paying more overall. To find out which offers you the best value, get like-for-like quotes with the same deposit, contract length and mileage allowance to see which has the lowest monthly payments and costs you less overall.
  • 0% APR car finance is generally only available for new cars. Where it is available on used cars, this typically means you'll be paying an artificially high cash price, as dealers often inflate the price to cover what they lose by not charging interest. Consequently, 0% APR used car finance can actually be more expensive than equivalent finance deals on similar cars that charge interest but offer much lower cash prices. Get like-for-like finance quotes to find out which offers you the best value.

Scroll down for all current 0% finance deals, arranged alphabetically by brand, or see below for our pick of the best deals.

Used cars with 0% finance

Used cars aren't generally available with 0% finance because they don't benefit from the same manufacturer finance discounts as new cars. However, the used car finance industry is competitive, which keeps interest rates low.

Some retailers, including BuyaCar, work with several lenders to ensure that you get a competitive quote for your circumstances, along with a good value cash price to begin with - which means you might be able to get more car for your monthly budget than you might expect.

So while you can't typically get 0% APR with used cars - and where you can, it's likely the cash price has been inflated to cover the fact no interest is charged - going for a nearly new or used car, or even a pre-registered car, is typically far cheaper than going for a new car. That can be the case even where there is a really good new car finance deal on offer, so as always, it's worth getting a couple of like-for-like quotes to find the best car you can get for your budget.

Best new cars with 0% finance

Ford 0% new car finance deals

Ford has recently added the Focus to its 0% APR deal, on all models except for base specification Style models. On of Britain's most popular cars, the Ford Fiesta, is also available with interest-free credit across nearly the entire model range, plus deposit contribution discounts making it a great value new car to finance.

New Ford cars with 0% finance

Kia 0% new car finance deals

Kia XCeed front

Kia is offering a number of 0% finance deals throughout its range of hybrid cars. Each of these deals is based on a PCP contract with a term of 24 months. Anyone looking to take advantage of this deal will need to pay a 20% deposit. This could make the initial purchase quite expensive, so you may want to consider whether taking a more standard APR deal might be better suited to your budget.

New Kia cars with 0% finance

Maserati 0% new car finance deals

A brand steeped in history, Maserati continues to produce exquisite Italian luxury cars with big, powerful engines and inimitable style. They tend to be rather expensive, but you could do worse than to bag one with a 0% finance deal.

Both the Ghibli saloon and Levante SUV models currently have 0% offers on the table from £625 and £525 per month respectively. Bear in mind that the Ghibli is available on a 0% Hire Purchase contract only, which does put up monthly costs, but the car will be yours at the end of it.

Don't just be tempted by the 0% APR options either, as there are some very handy deposit contributions on offer across the range as well.

New Maserati cars with 0% finance

Mazda 0% new car finance deals

More useful 0% finance deals from Mazda which don't require outrageous deposits in order to make the most of them. The range of cars covered by this deal is broad, with practically every model in the current Mazda range included.

New Mazda cars with 0% finance

MG 0% new car finance deals

MG is gradually beginning to ramp up its production with a steady stream of new models. Bargain hunters will be thrilled to find out that they also come with a seven-year warranty too.

Both the MG ZS EV and the MG 5 EV along with the HS plug-in hybrid are also available with 0% finance, making them even more affordable, with low cash prices plus no interest added on top, meaning super-affordable monthly payments.

New MG cars with 0% finance

Mitsubishi 0% new car finance deals

Mitsubishi offers 0% APR finance on its ASX, Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV models on PCP deals as well as the L200 Warrior pick-up.

New Hyundai cars with 0% finance

Nissan 0% new car finance deals

The Qashqai is the standout car on this list from Nissan, because it's one of the most popular new cars in the UK. It's a good all-rounder; it offers a raised driving position and is relatively affordable, with clever semi-autonomous safety tech fitted to some models.

Beware, though, that in some cases Nissan offers multiple finance options on the same car: typically 0% APR, and higher-rate APR with large deposit contribution discounts. In some cases going for a 5.0% APR offer with a deposit contribution is cheaper than the 0% APR option. If in doubt, ask for like-for-like quotes for both options and you'll see which one provides the lower monthly payments, or the lowest total cost of financing the vehicle.

New Nissan cars with 0% finance

Skoda 0% new car finance deals

The Skoda Fabia remains one of the best value cars on the market. Skoda consistently offers its small hatchback with competitive finance deals and this 0% APR example is no exception. Since the Fabia's cash prices are low and no interest is charged here, it's extremely hard to say no to this kind of value.

You can currently get similar deals on Skoda's excellent range of SUVs, from the smallest Kamiq to the gargantuan seven-seat Kodiaq.

New Skoda cars with 0% finance

Suzuki 0% new car finance deals

Suzuki offers the Vitara with 0% APR PCP finance. Having been updated with improved engines and equipment levels, the Vitara is a very strong alternative to the slightly larger Nissan Qashqai and is temptingly affordable, thanks to the 0% finance offer and good-value cash prices. It may not sell in such high numbers, but the Vitara is a smart choice.

Aside from the Vitara, Suzuki is currently offering 0% finance on all of its hybrid range, from the Swift through to the S-Cross.

New Suzuki cars with 0% finance

Toyota 0% new car finance deals

Even the very latest Toyotas, like the GR Supra and Highlander, are available with 0% finance. Interest-free credit deals also cover the Yaris Hybrid, with excellent fuel economy, which means that you should save at the pump - as well as on finance costs.

Some Toyota cash prices can be high, though, so it's worth comparing Toyota 0% APR offers with deals from rival manufacturers to see which offers you the best value. As always, get like-for-like finance quotes to see which option gives you the lowest monthly payments.

New Toyota cars with 0% finance

Vauxhall 0% new car finance deals

Vauxhall often runs sales, which means that almost the entire range can be purchased with 0% finance at some point or another. This includes the Corsa and Astra, as well as the new family-friendly Grandland and Combo Life. In most cases, you can combine the finance offer with additional discounts, which are displayed when you configure any car.

As some new Vauxhalls often don't hold their value as well as alternatives - which increases your monthly payments on PCP finance, because the car you hand back at the end of the contract is less valuable - it's important to shop around, getting like-for-like quotes on rival cars to see which offers you the lowest monthly payments.

On the flip side, getting a PCP deal on a used Vauxhall can prove particularly good value, as the used cash price is often quite low, meaning you're borrowing less money in the first place, so your monthly payments are low.

New Vauxhall cars with 0% finance

Volkswagen 0% new car finance deals

Volkswagen only offers a couple of cars with 0% finance. Option one is the VW Up, which is mechanically identical to the Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii. Entry-level Take Up models are not eligible for the deal, and neither is the sporty Up GTI.

Option two is the much larger VW Touareg, which is also available with interest-free credit. This makes this luxurious off-roader incredibly good value to finance considering its high cash prices.

New Volkswagen cars with 0% finance

Volvo 0% new car finance deals

Volvo V90 front

The Volvo V90 is large and luxurious, but despite this, it's available with 0% APR and, better still, substantial deposit contribution discounts. This makes it fantastic value to finance - especially compared with pricey rivals from Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

So, even if you think a new V90 might be out of reach, it's worth getting a finance quote to check, as it is extremely good value on PCP finance, with particularly low monthly payments compared with the cash price of the car.

New Volvo cars with 0% finance


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