New cars with 0% finance in 2019: full list of latest deals

Build your new car and pay in monthly instalments with no interest and no charges: see the latest full list of 0% finance deals

BuyaCar team
Jun 28, 2019

Taking out car finance at zero per cent APR would seem like a no-brainer: you get to spread the cost of a new car over a series of monthly instalments at no extra cost.

There are no interest charges and no additional fees with 0% APR car finance, so your total repayments should add up to the cash price of the car - and no more.

You may also have the option of different types of finance: Hire Purchase (HP), which ends in you owning the car, or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), with lower repayments and the option to return the car at the end of the contract or buy it for an additional lump sum.

0% finance: things to consider

Before you dive into the list of new cars available with 0% APR finance, though, consider your other options:

  • Getting this rock-bottom rate often requires a large deposit, so you may need to use some savings.
  • 0% finance offers may not include discounts available with other finance deals (like deposit contributions), so you could end up paying more. Compare quotes by looking at the total amount payable.
  • 0% APR car finance is generally only available for new cars. Where it is available on used cars, this typically means you'll be paying a high cash price, as dealers often inflate the price to cover what they lose in not charging interest.

Scroll down for all current 0% finance deals, arranged alphabetically by brand, or see below for our pick of the best deals.

Used cars with 0% finance

Used cars aren't generally available with 0% finance because they don't benefit from the same manufacturer incentives as new cars. However, the used car finance industry is competitive, which keeps interest rates low. Some retailers, such as BuyaCar, work with several of lenders to ensure that you get a competitive quote for your circumstances, along with a good value cash price to begin with.


Best new cars with 0% finance

Alfa Romeo 0% new car finance deals

There are three new Alfa Romeo models available with 0% finance if you're looking at a Hire Purchase deal, which ends in you owning the car. Some versions of the Stelvio and Giulia (above) come with a substantial deposit contribution discount too, which brings monthly payments down - although they aren't as low as with PCP finance.

New Alfa Romeo cars with 0% finance


Audi 0% new car finance deals

Interest rates on most Audi models start at 3.9%, so there's just one new car that's currently offered with 0% finance: the luxurious A8 (above). The deal also includes a deposit contribution of almost £11,000. These incentives mean that you could be driving an A8 for little more than the smaller A6.

New Audi cars with 0% finance


Citroen 0% new car finance deals 

Higher-specification versions of Citroen's C3 are available with 0% PCP finance, which results in monthly payments as low as £153 a month, depending on the length of the agreement and deposit. The 0% offer can also be transferred to a SimplyDrive deal - Citroen's version of Just Add Fuel, which includes finance, insurance, servicing and tax in one monthly payment.

Most of the remaining range is also offered with 0% finance, but only for Hire Purchase, so the payments will be higher as they cover the full cost of the car.

New Citroen cars with 0% finance


DS 0% new car finance deals 

Due to be replaced early next year with the new DS 3 Crossback, the small DS 3 (above) is the only model available from the French manufacturer's range with 0% finance - and this only applies to Hire Purchase deals.

New DS cars with 0% finance


Ford 0% new car finance deals

Ford has recently added the Focus to its 0% APR deal, on all models except for base specification Style models. The Ka+ is particularly cheap, with monthly payments as low as £99 on a two-year PCP deal, if you can afford the £3,500 deposit.

New Ford cars with 0% finance

Honda 0% new car finance deals

Honda's popular Jazz could be on your driveway from £179 per month, thanks to 0% finance keeping the instalments low. Even so, you'll need a deposit of more than £3,000 to get this price.

New Honda cars with 0% finance

Hyundai 0% new car finance deals

Hyundai is offering 0% deals on five of its 13 strong model lineup. All of them are based on two year deals, while the Kona and Tucson are both offered with money off deals when teamed with a test drive.

New Hyundai cars with 0% finance

Jeep 0% new car finance deals

You can opt for a 0% finance deal on most new Jeeps. These tend to require a deposit of 30 per cent or more. The offers for the Renegade (above) and Compass are restricted to Hire Purchase, so monthly payments are likely to be higher than with PCP finance - even though you'll probably pay ess in the long run if you want to keep the car for several years. Compare the total amount payable under different types of finance to help you decide.

New Jeep cars with 0% finance

MG 0% new car finance deals 

MG’s new ZS crossover is widely regarded as the best new MG on sale today. Bargain hunters will be thrilled to find out that it also comes with a seven-year warranty too. The MG3, and MG GS are also available with 0% finance.

New MG cars with 0% finance


Mitsubishi 0% new car finance deals

Mitsubishi offers 0% APR finance on it ASX and Eclipse models via PCP deals.

New Mitsubishi cars with 0% finance


Nissan 0% new car finance deals

The Qashqai is the standout car on this list from Nissan. It does nearly everything well, and comes with clever semi-autonomous tech. The 370Z (pictured) is the only muscle car on this list and is fantastic in an old-school kind of way.

New Nissan cars with 0% finance

Peugeot 0% new car finance deals

Peugeot's small and medium-car range comes with a 0% finance offer on higher-specification models, which can make them little more expensive than entry-level cars.

New Peugeot cars with 0% finance

Renault 0% new car finance deals

Nearly all Renaults are available with 0% finance. The Megane looks the pick of the bunch, especially in spicy hot R.S flavour. If you’re a city dweller with somewhere to charge up at home, the electric Zoe is worth a look.

New Renault cars with no 0% finance

Ssangyong 0% new car finance deals

Ssangyongs typically offer a huge amount of space for not a lot of money, and 0% finance deals make them even more affordable.

New Ssangyong cars with 0% finance
  • Ssangyong Tivoli
  • Ssangyong Tivoli XLV


Subaru 0% new car finance deals

Subaru offers 0% finance for on PCP arrangements for some cars, including the XV (above). More of the range is available with a 0% 50/50 finance option, where you pay half the price of the car as a deposit. You've then got a year where there's nothing more to pay. At the end, you'll need to pay the remaining 50% cost of the car.

New Subaru cars with 0% finance


Suzuki 0% new car finance deals

Suzuki offers two of its most popular cars with 0% APR. The Vitara has recently been updated with improved engines and improved equipment levels, making it a stronger alternative to the slightly larger Nissan Qashqai. The Swift is a characterful alternative to the Ford Fiesta, and temptingly affordable, thanks to the 0% finance offer and the option of leaving no deposit.

New Suzuki cars with 0% finance


Toyota 0% new car finance deals

Even the very latest Toyota - the new Corolla (pictured) - is available with 0% finance, despite not arriving in Britain until later in 2019. The deals include many hybrid models, with excellent fuel economy, which means that you should save at the pump - as well as on finance costs.

New Toyota cars with 0% finance


Vauxhall 0% new car finance deals

Vauxhall is running an end of year sale, which means that almost the entire range can be bought with 0% finance. This includes the ever-popular Corsa and Astra, as well as the new family-friendly Grandland X (above) and Combo Life. In most cases you can combine the finance offer with additional discounts, which are displayed when you configure any car.

New Vauxhall cars with 0% finance


Volkswagen 0% new car finance deals

Volkswagen only offers one car with 0% finance - its little up!, which is mechanically identical to the Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii. Entry-level Take up! models are not eligible for the deal, amd neither is the sporty up! GTI.

New Volkswagen cars with 0% finance


Volvo 0% new car finance deals

Volvo is aiming to give its V40 hatchback a sales boost with a 0% finance offer ahead of the car's replacement, which is expected next year. The V40 also comes with a £1,000 deposit contribution. Build a car to see the latest discounts available on top of this.

New Volvo cars with 0% finance


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