2019 Range Rover Evoque

Full details, specs and prices of the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque with hybrid tech, dual-screen dashboard and smoother design

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Nov 23, 2018

Waitrose car parks will soon be heaving with a new presence, as a new version of middle-class Britain's favourite car has been revealed.

The all-new Range Rover Evoque is now on sale, priced from £30,600. Arriving on the roads early next year, it promises extra space, technology and efficiency, smoothing over the rough edges from the outgoing vehicle. That's literally the case in terms of the new design, with curved edges replacing the jagged corners of the previous-generation Evoque.

It looks like a cross between the larger Range Rover Velar and the previous Evoque but Land Rover says that only the door hinges have been carried over from the old model.

The all-new design is longer between the front and rear wheels, creating more interior space. Kneeroom in the back has increased by a noticeable 20mm. The boot is ten per cent bigger, and the company promises that a folded pram or set of golf clubs will fit there with ease. The glove box had been enlarged to fit a tablet computer.

The car finally gets modern phone software too, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allowing easy control of phone apps with the touchscreen or voice commands.

Flashier technology includes a "Ground View" display, which uses cameras around the car to show the ground below the bonnet. Billed as a handy tool for tough off-road conditions, it'll be just as useful to see whether you're inside the white lines at the supermarket car park.

Improved fuel efficiency is promised from new engines and hybrid technology makes an appearance on the Evoque for the first time, with a plug-in model - that can be charged up for several miles of electric motoring - available from next year.

Another first for the Evoque are standard fabric seats on entry-level cars (the old model included leather across the range), which help to keep the starting price similar to the outgoing model. Also available are artificial leather and wool-blend materials for a plush feel that doesn't use animal hides.

Expect increasingly-generous discounts on the outgoing model, as the arrival of the new Evoque draws closer.

2019 Range Rover Evoque highlights include:

  • More interior space, boosting rear legroom
  • Smoother design, similar to Range Rover Velar
  • Efficient hybrid versions available
  • Ground-view technology displays image under bonnet

Key facts

2019 Range Rover Evoque price from £30,600
2019 Range Rover Evoque on sale date On sale now
2019 Range Rover Evoque first deliveries Spring 2019 (estimated)


2019 Range Rover Evoque interior

The new Evoque applies the latest Range Rover design template that's used on the rest of the range, but it doesn't come as standard on every model. The dual-screen layout above, with ventilation dials that appear to float on the display is fitted to mid-range SE models and above, as is the digital display behind the steering wheel. It provides drivers with plenty of layout options, so you can adjust your music without moving away from a navigation screen, for example.

Unlike the previous car, which came with leather trim as standard across the range, the cheapest models (simply badged "Evoque") are likely to feel basic as the seats come with fabric coverings and the dashboard lacks the dual-screen layout, as well as the additional screen behind the wheel.

Further up the range, however, the mid-spec SE models include the extra screens and leather seats. Every Evoque benefits from the extra space in the back and boot.


 2019 Range Rover Evoque exterior

Flush-fitting door handles that pop out when you approach the car, come as standard on the new Range Rover Evoque as part of its smoother, cleaner design.

Despite being an all-new car from the ground up, the shape of the popular Evoque hasn't changed a great deal, so the top edge of the doors still angle steeply upwards from front to back, giving the car a sporty appearance, but reducing the size of the rear windows.

Slimmer front and rear lights snake round the sides of the car, and the Evoque now comes with the option of sweeping indicators that enhance the effect, sending bursts of orange light flowing round the sides of the car when you click the indicator stalk.

For now, there is only a five-door version of the Evoque, as the three-door car (counting two front doors and the bootlid) has been discontinued. A cabriolet version is likely to be launched in 2020.


2019 Range Rover Evoque technology

No launch of a modern Range Rover is complete without one or two new flashy tech options, so the Evoque introduces the company's "Ground View" display (show above), which uses cameras in the grille and below the side mirrors to show what is under the bonnet. Off road, this can help you to avoid scraping along jagged rocks or slipping into deep ruts, but it will be just as helpful to avoid scraping kerbs in town, and ensuring that you're parked perfectly between lines.

Another new display feature is that the rearview mirror can be switched to show a feed from a camera at the back of the Evoque, which can help you see more clearly if your line of sight is blocked by passengers or luggage.

The mirror is standard on higher-specification cars but Ground View is an option.

All cars include Terrain response 2 technology, which can identify the surface that the car is travelling on and adjust the setting for optimum performance for conditions such as snow, mud, rocks, sand or - most likely - tarmac.

The arrival of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to a Range Rover is welcome news to anyone who has one of the company's cars, but owners of recent Mercedes, Audi or BMW models are more likely to be surprised that it's only just being fitted.

The software turns the dashboard screen into a replica of your phone display, so it's easy to select music, navigate or make handsfree calls by touching the screen or using voice commands. Text messages can also be dictated and read out. However, entry-level Evoque models miss out on this.


2019 Range Rover Evoque engines

The Range Rover Evoque will initially be available with 2-litre petrol and diesel engines with various power outputs.

Most also include mild hybrid technology, which recovers some energy that's usually wasted during braking, and converts it to electricity. This is used to boost power during acceleration, reducing the load on the engine and improving fuel economy.

This brings improvements to official fuel economy and carbon dioxide emission figures, but the technology isn't always particularly effective in real-world driving, because mild hybrids can't recover as much energy as a full hybrid car, such as a Toyota Prius.

Noticeable efficiency improvements will arrive later in 2019, with the launch of a plug-in hybrid Evoque that can be charged up, allowing it to travel for several miles on electric power alone. Some commuters will find that they rarely need to fill up - as long as they keep the car charged.

The cheapest Evoque, with a 150 horsepower diesel engine, is available with a manual gearbox and two-wheel drive, so it won't have the off-road ability to go with its rugged looks. It can be fitted with the same nine-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive that's standard on the rest of the range.


2019 Range Rover Evoque driving and comfort

An increase in the length of the wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) provides welcome extra rear legroom in the new Evoque. The car is also promised to be smoother and quieter too.



2019 Range Rover Evoque review

With strong rivals in the shape of the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Volvo XC40 to contend with, the Range Rover Evoque couldn't rest on its considerable laurels.

Although still popular, it was beginning to show its age with a slightly smaller interior, especially in the rear, than those cars, less efficient engines and less connectivity. The new car aims to address this.

Apart from a short course through a swimming pool (pictures) at the launch of the car, there hasn't been an opportunity to drive the new car yet, so there's no verdict on how the Evoque compares to the competition.


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