Ford Fiesta SUV

New Ford Fiesta SUV looks set to replace the Ecosport in 2020

Murray Scullion
Jan 28, 2019

New images have surfaced of Ford’s latest crossover, the Fiesta SUV.

Due in 2020, it looks set to replace the aging Ecosport in Ford’s lineup, as the smallest SUV in the model range.

It is set to share a platform, and engine choices, with the current generation Fiesta.

Spy shots seen by BuyaCar show a recognisable Fiesta face, and a conventional top-hinged boot opening, rather than the EcoSport’s side-opening option.

Judging by the pictures, the Fiesta SUV will be taller than the current Fiesta Active, itself, a mildly taller and more rugged looking Fiesta.

With the new Fiesta SUV, Ford is attempting to gain ground in the mini-crossover market. In Autumn last year, only 5,951 EcoSports were registered. During the same period, 8,269 Nissan Jukes were registered.

Highlights include

  • Raised ride height
  • Fiesta-like interior with dashboard touchscreen
  • More headroom than regular Fiesta
  • Potentially available with four-wheel-drive

Key facts

2020 Ford Fiesta SUV reveal date Early 2020 (estimated)
2020 Ford Fiesta SUV price from £20,000 (estimated)

2020 Ford Fiesta SUV interior

Spy shots from Germany have shown a heavily camouflaged version of the SUV. No interior pictures exist, as of yet.

However, the EcoSport’s three-tier interior trim range is likely to be carried over. This means it will most likely look like a Fiesta's interior (pictured). In which case, there will be a base-spec called Zetec, a mid-range Titanium, and ST-Line will most likely finish the trim lines. Although, super-posh Vignale versions may also be made available later in the car’s life.

2020 Ford Fiesta SUV technology

Don’t expect this to be brimming with the latest-technology. This is still a fairly cheap and basic SUV after all.

Expect the same dashboard touchscreen technology as found in the Fiesta, which will allow you to hook up your phone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There will also be safety systems like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Four-wheel-drive technology is likely to be available, but probably just in top-spec trim with the more powerful diesel engines.

2020 Ford Fiesta SUV review

The car hasn’t been seen in the flesh by anyone outside of the company payroll, so it’s impossible to say what it’s like to drive.

Given that it’s expected to be on the current Fiesta platform, we can have a good guess though. The Fiesta is genuinely fun to drive, has responsive steering, and the petrol engines are relatively fast. The ride is near-exemplary too.

The Fiesta SUV will be taller and heavier than the regular hatchback, so expect it to have similar dynamic qualities, albeit slightly slower and less agile.

On the flip side, it should have more ground clearance, perfect for getting over rocky bits in fields, or mounting kerbs on the school run.
Ford Fiesta buying guide

2020 Ford Fiesta SUV engines

As it’s likely to share a platform and an engine range with the Fiesta, there shouldn’t be any shocks in the engine department.

Ford may offer a normally aspirated 1.1-litre as a base spec to keep the starting price appealingly low.

Expect to see Ford’s rather excellent 1.0-litre Ecoboost turbo motor in the usual states of tune (85bhp, 100bhp, 125bhp, and 140bhp), but don’t expect to see the Fiesta ST’s 1.5-litre Ecoboost on offer.

The Fiesta’s 1.5 TDCi diesel engine should be available too.


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