Best used car finance deals

Used car finance deals can often throw up really surprisingly low monthly payments – here are some of the most exciting

Matt Rigby
Oct 17, 2019

Wondering about the best way to go about purchasing your next car? You've probably come across the idea of car finance and, by extension, used car finance. 

In general terms, used car finance is a way of spreading the cost of a car over an extended period in such a way that you're able to afford to drive away today, instead of having to go away for ten years and save up thousands of pounds. There is much more to it than that, but you can check out our expert finance guides for more details.


Choosing your next car is a really significant decision, and getting the best possible value for money is an important part of that. By finding the right finance deal, you can tailor your agreement and make some pretty substantial savings compared to if you had paid the cash price. Besides that, by splitting the cost up into a series of monthly payments, you'll find you're able to get the keys to a much more exciting list of cars than you might expect.

Whether you need to haul a whole family on long road trips in a Skoda Octavia Estate, whizz around town on shopping errands in a Volkswagen Up, or make any excuse you can to head for your favourite quiet country road in a BMW 3 Series, a finance deal can often help to achieve those aspirations and a whole lot more to boot.

Read on for our pick of the 10 best used car finance deals available right now on BuyaCar.

Best used car finance deals

Used car finance deals under £100 per month

1. VW Up

Latest Volkswagen Up deals from £4,499
Monthly finance from £85

Volkswagen’s reputation for sensible, solid transport blends perfectly with cheeky small-car looks in the Up.

It feels really well put together, plus it’s good to drive with light and accurate steering. It copes well enough with our pockmarked city streets, too. The fact that there’s a surprising amount of room inside is the icing on the cake.

Volkswagen Up buyers' guide

2. Smart ForFour

Latest Smart ForFour deals from £5,250
Monthly finance from £99

Most tiny city cars (like the Smart ForTwo) only have three doors. The smart Forfour has five. This makes it much more practical for hopping around the city. And once you do get inside you’re greeted by a funky and quirkily appealing design.

If you want to stand out for not much outlay, this is a good bet.

Smart ForFour buyers' guide

Used car finance deals under £200 per month 

3. Mini Cooper

Latest Mini Hatchback deals from £6,400
Monthly finance from £107

The Mini Cooper is enormous fun to drive. It feels eager, responsive and grippy, and is almost certainly going to put a smile on your face every time you drive it.

Just like the outside, the interior is retro-tastic, with a circular screen surround that dominates the dashboard, and toggle switches inspired by the original Fifties Mini. The whole thing feels like it’s made from top-quality materials, too. This version of the Mini is best for two people, though, as the rear seats are cramped and boot space is limited.

Mini Hatchback buyers' guide

4. Skoda Octavia Estate

Latest Skoda Octavia Estate deals from £8,399
Monthly finance from £143

One thing dominates your experience of a Skoda Octavia is just how big the boot is. It makes the boots of a Ford Focus or A VW Golf – even the estate versions – look rather small.

There’s plenty of space for people, too. And you can keep them entertained and comfortable thanks to generous equipment levels across the range. That includes Bluetooth for connecting your phone and climate control to keep the interior at just the right temperature – as standard on even the most basic models. The Octavia won’t cost the earth to run either, especially if you opt for a frugal diesel engine.

Skoda Octavia buyers' guide

5. BMW 3 Series

Latest BMW 3 Series deals from £9,850
Monthly finance from £159

Small premium saloons aim to deliver a classy and sporty driving experience. None are quite as classy, or as sporty, as the BMW 3 Series. We’ve picked the previous version here rather than the all-new model, as there are loads of them to choose from, and you tend to get a better bang for your buck.

Last-of-the line petrol or diesel models are available for less than £300 per month, but it's hard to beat the efficient, smooth and quiet 320d as an all-round choice. However, if you do fewer than 12,000 miles per year you might be better off in the impressively zippy 320i petrol.

BMW 3 Series buyers' guide

Used car finance deals under £300 per month

6. Mercedes E-Class

Latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class deals from £18,280
Monthly finance from £170

The Mercedes E-Class is beloved of professional chauffeurs, and it’s easy to understand why. It offers loads of boot space and interior space, it’s beautifully built, and it’s such a relaxing car to drive that big mileages just melt away. Should you need an even larger luggage area, there’s the cavernous E-Class estate, too.

Go for a current generation (2017 or newer) saloon car in base SE specification. This has plenty of equipment, but nothing fancy like ash wood inside or big alloy wheels on the outside. The diesel engined E250d is the one to pick – the cheaper and more frugal E220d is too slow for most people.

Mercedes E-Class buyers' guide

7. BMW i3

Latest BMW i3 deals from £15,980
Monthly finance from £261

BMW’s electric i3 was a revolutionary small car when it was launched back in 2013. And its advanced electric power, plus a futuristic design inside and out mean it’s still a very modern-looking machine.

It can be bought as a pure electric car or with a tiny petrol engine to accompany the electric power. Theoretical range of the pure electric i3 runs to 188 miles, while the range extender officially extends range to 276 miles. Real world figures will be less, mind you.

BMW i3 buyers' guide

8. Range Rover Evoque

Latest Range Rover Evoque deals from £15,000
Monthly finance from £244

The relatively small – and affordable – Range Rover Evoque brought the desirable Range Rover badge into the reach of many more buyers. And although it’s not as luxurious or capable off-road as its bigger brothers, the littlest Range Rover still cuts a dash on the road – and can go much further off it than you’d expect, too.

Petrol-engined versions are thirsty, so we’d go for the diesel models – there are lots more of those around, too.

Range Rover Evoque buyers' guide

Used car finance deals under £400 per month

9. Volvo XC90

Latest Volvo XC90 deals from £26,098
Monthly finance from £370

Big SUVs don’t come much safer than the Volvo XC90. Yet these seven-seated beasts are also stylish, refined, comfortable, and quiet. It’s a pretty compelling choice if you’re after a large used luxury SUV. That’s still true, despite the current model having been around since 2015. Of course, that means there are plenty of examples to choose from… which helps keep costs down.

Momentum trim cars offer a great level of spec for the money. All XC90s come with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and permanent four-wheel drive.

Volvo XC90 buyers' guide

10. Honda Civic Type R

Latest Honda Civic Type R deals from £26,795
Monthly finance from £395

It ain't subtle. But it is an awful lot of fun. Underneath the crazy wings and origami styling creases lies a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine that makes 316bhp. That’s the sort of power you’d have got in a Porsche 911 15 years ago.

Then there’s the trick adaptive suspension. Honda’s engineers have somehow made the Type R’s suspension fairly pliant (for a hot hatch at least) around town, yet extremely planted and sporting when let loose on winding roads.

Honda Civic buyers' guide


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