Mercedes GLE Coupe specs revealed

Want the newest, biggest, baddest upmarket SUV, with the sleek roofline of a sports car? Welcome to the second-generation Mercedes GLE Coupe

James Wilson
Sep 13, 2019

Mercedes has unveiled its next-generation GLE Coupe. From launch, Mercedes will offer two diesel options, badged as either a 350d or 400d and one petrol, badged as a Mercedes-AMG GLE 53. A plug-in hybrid GLE Coupe is expected to follow in the future. Prices are yet to be confirmed but petrol and diesel models are due to arrive in showrooms spring 2020.

Mercedes’ new GLE Coupe is not alone in the market as BMW has long been a seller of SUV-coupes with its X4 and X6 models being relatively common sights on UK roads. Other manufacturers are getting in on the act as well, one such example is Audi, which recently entered the fray with its Q8.

The thing is, the Mercedes GLE Coupe is, like all its rivals, a bit of mystery. On paper, they shouldn’t sell – costing and weighing far more than a non-SUV equivalent with slightly awkward looks and reduced practicality over the standard SUVs they are based upon. However, as SUVs are currently hot property, they do sell. If you want to be seen in a desirable car but don’t want to drive a large mainstream SUV, an SUV-coupe, such as the GLE Coupe, is an easy way to stand out.

Desirability is therefore key to an SUV-coupe’s success and it is something Mercedes has tried to give the 2020 GLE Coupe in spades. If its imposing styling isn’t enough for buyers, Mercedes will be hoping the bags of equipment available and impressive performance will be.

Read on for full details on specs, equipment, economy and much more.


2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe models and prices

As mentioned above, the latest generation Mercedes GLE Coupe is expected to arrive in UK showrooms during Spring 2020. Prices are yet to be confirmed, but outgoing GLE Coupe 350d models start at around £63,000 with sporty Mercedes-AMG 43 models (which offer less in the way of performance when compared to the new Mercedes-AMG 53 model) starting at around £71,000.

As for trim levels, Mercedes is yet to confirm what will be offered, but as SUV coupes tend to sit at the more desire-focused end of the market don’t expect any poorly specced entry-level models. This means traditionally well-equipped Mercedes trims such as Premium Plus and AMG Line Plus will likely appear.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe engine range, economy, emissions and performance

Starting with the non-AMG models (i.e. the six-cylinder diesels) Mercedes is offering two engines – the 350d and 400d – both of which come with 4MATIC four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox.

The 350d comes with 272hp and 600Nm of torque - those are big numbers, even for such a bulky car. Fuel economy is claimed to be between 35.3mpg and 37.7mpg depending on specification. Corresponding CO2 emissions are 197g/km to 211g/km.

Next in the range is the more powerful 400d diesel. This packs a hefty 330hp and 700Nm of torque. Despite the extra performance, Mercedes claims the same economy figures of 35.3mpg to 37.7mpg. However, CO2 emissions are marginally higher, coming in at 198 to 212g/km. Mercedes is yet to confirm 0-62mph times and top speeds for either model, but values of around six to seven seconds for 0-62mph and 140 to 155mph for top speed are safe assumptions for both.

Both diesel engines on offer meet the latest Euro 6d and Real Driving Emissions Step 2 (RDE2) emissions standards.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 engine, economy, emissions and performance

At launch, the only petrol option for GLE Coupe buyers is a 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder engine as fitted to the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53. It comes with claimed power and torque figures of 435hp and 520Nm respectively. On top of those figures, Mercedes includes a 48-volt starter motor/generator which can provide an extra 22hp and 250Nm of torque for additional performance.

This entire system translates to a 0-62mph time of 5.3 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph. Mercedes quotes 30.4mpg and 212 g/km for economy and CO2 emission figures. While details are thin on the ground for the plug-in hybrid GLE Coupe, Mercedes has confirmed that preparations are underway.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe technology and equipment

Much like the rest of Mercedes’ range, the 2020 GLE Coupe comes packed with technology and equipment. As a starter for 10, the GLE Coupe can be specified with air suspension and active body control. This system individually controls the suspension at each wheel so that the lumps and bumps of a road surface can be dealt with without impacting those in the cabin.

Complementing the suspension tech is a number of driving modes. They are as follows: slippery, comfort, sport, sport+, individual, trail and sand – each of which is tailored to a specific set of driving conditions.

On top of clever suspension, Mercedes includes a collection of driver convenience technology. One of which is adaptive cruise control, which is capable of adjusting your speed depending on the route and driving in stop/start traffic automatically, providing traffic doesn’t stop for more than one minute. There is also a range of safety technology available, too, including the likes of automatic emergency braking.

Inside the GLE Coupe, you will find the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (or MBUX) multimedia system. MBUX consists of two large digital displays spanning in front of the driver (one which replaces traditional dials and another which serves as the GLE Coupe’s central media and sat-nav unit).

To make sure you have suitable tunes to accompany your impressive car media unit, during 2020 Mercedes-Benz will be integrating Amazon Music into its cars, allowing motorists to stream music from their Amazon account while on the move.

Finally, Mercedes includes sports seats trimmed in Artico man-made leather and a nappa leather-clad steering wheel as standard with the GLE Coupe. If you like a well-lit cabin, there is also the option of a sliding glass roof panel.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe exterior

To make sure the GLE Coupe doesn’t go unnoticed, Mercedes has given it imposing styling (including a bulging bonnet), raking rear roofline and large alloy wheels. The differences between non-AMG and AMG models are subtle. Most obvious of which are the front grilles, alloy wheels (which across the range vary from 19 to 22 inches) and rear bumper, specifically the shape and number of exhaust tips.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe dimensions, boot space and towing capacity

If you were hoping the GLE Coupe was going to be a small car, prepare to have your dreams dashed. It measures in at 4,939mm long and 2,010mm wide. This translates to a cabin capable of transporting five passengers in comfort and 655 litres of luggage capacity – there is an additional 40 litres of storage space thanks to cubby holes dotted about the car. Just don't expect this large car to be particularly easy to park.

GLE Coupe rear seats fold in three parts, split 40:20:40, which once down boost the cargo area to 1,790 litres and allow objects up to 1,080mm long to be transported with ease. To help when loading large objects into the boot, models equipped with Airmatic air suspension can be lowered by 50mm.

As of yet, Mercedes has not confirmed towing capacities for the 2020 GLE Coupe, but as a guide, the previous model had a maximum braked towing capacity of between 2,900 and 3,500kg. Suffice to say, that means the new model should be able to cope with pretty much any trailer or caravan you care to throw at it.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe review

Even though we are yet to drive the latest Mercedes GLE Coupe, we know what the biggest testing points will be. Chief of which will be how Mercedes’ trick suspension system changes the GLE Coupe’s driving experience and also, how the sloping roofline impacts both cabin and practicality. As ever, keep checking back on BuyaCar for our latest buyers’ guides.


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