Best used Citroen C1 finance deals and offers 2020

The latest and greatest deals on the Citroen C1 with super-affordable PCP finance offers on Touch, Feel and Flair models

John Evans
Jan 30, 2020

People who accuse modern cars of being too alike have clearly never seen or driven the Citroen C1. Launched in 2014, it’s brimmed full of character thanks to a three-cylinder petrol engine that thrives on being worked hard, cute looks characterised by split-level headlights and a multitude of contrasting trims and colours (Citroen claims there are 30 combinations). You can also have an optional folding fabric roof making it something of a mini-convertible.

Entry-level Touch trim models are only available with three doors but the remaining two trims, mid-level Feel and top-spec Flair, are also offered with five. The five-door version is only £400 more expensive than the three-door when it's new and we think it's well worth it for the extra convenience and practicality it brings. Go for a used model and the difference is likely to be smaller still.

All Citroen C1s are powered by a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine producing 72hp. Expect around 50mpg, while CO2 emissions are as low at 85g/km. A five-speed manual gearbox is standard; there’s no automatic. It's a commendably small car and perfect for squeezing into small parking spots. Over short distances it’s comfortable enough for four adults, but for regular motorway marathons you might want to consider a larger car for better refinement and more space.

BuyaCar has a good spread of used Citroen C1s at low prices, ranging in age from 2014 models to the latest pre-registered 69-plate cars. Alternatively, you can buy new ones in the specification of your choice with generous discounts. Read on for our breakdown of the best deals available across the Citroen C1 range.

Used Citroen C1 PCP offers

Citroen C1 Touch offers

As if to emphasise its entry-level standing, a Citroen C1 in Touch trim is only available with three doors, significantly reducing its appeal for those who want to regularly carry passengers. It has good roster of safety kit, though, including hill start assist and emergency braking assistance, while on a convenience level it has electric front windows and a height adjustable steering wheel.

However, you’ll look in vain for anything more than basic entertainment - an MP3 audio system is your lot. It's also not the funkiest-looking C1 either, with hubcabs replacing the more stylish alloy wheels you get with more expensive trims. You can, at least, brighten it up with one of the many colours Citroen offers at prices from just £250 when new. Those low prices mean a reasonable number of the most basic C1 have bright paintwork, rather than the drab shades often standard on entry-level models.

Forget forget adding options such as automatic headlights and keyless entry because they’re not offered on this trim.

Used Citroen C1 Touch

Limited stock

Citroen C1 Feel offers

Mid-spec Feel trim proves yet again that mid-range is invariably the most sensible trim level to choose. True, these versions cost almost £2,000 more than Touch models when new, but the difference is far smaller when taking PCP finance and spreading your payment of the car, it’s a tiny monthly cost to pay for the kind of styling and equipment gains that bring out the Citroen C1’s charm and personality.

Larger wheels, although still steel wheels with plastic covers rather than more stylish alloy wheels, along with body-coloured door handles and mirrors are a distinct improvement on Touch trim, while inside there’s air-conditioning and a touchscreen media display with a digital radio and smartphone connectivity. A five-door version is available but this has hinged rear windows rather than wind-down affairs, which aren't to everyone's taste.

Options include the Airscape fabric roof (£930) and a safety pack featuring such things as lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition (£480).

Citroen C1
Nearly new Citroen C1 Feel

Buyacar prices from £8,483
Monthly finance from £139

Citroen C1
Used Citroen C1 Feel

Buyacar prices from £4,595
Monthly finance from £93

Citroen C1 Flair offers

Top-level Flair trim is the luxury version in the range thanks to features such as alloy wheels, chrome door handles, mirrors and window surrounds, and dark-tinted rear windows. The steering wheel and gearknob are wrapped in leather and there’s a rev counter, too, so you can see for yourself how fast the engine is spinning away.

Options include sat-nav and a so-called automatic pack comprising automatic air-conditioning and headlights, and keyless entry and start. The Airscape fabric roof is also an option on five-door versions, airscape Feel and Flair models are also offered with the option of colour-coded air vent surrounds, gear lever and steering wheel centre for £100, which make for a bright, colourful interior.

Nearly new Citroen C1 Flair
Used Citroen C1 Flair

Used Citroen C1 Special Edition offers

Look out for attractive special edition Citroen C1 models offering additional colour and styling options. At the time of writing they include the Urban Ride, and Origins Edition - which celebrates Citroen’s 100th anniversary. Meanwhile, it’s possible to personalise your special edition C1 with a range of roof graphics.

Used Citroen C1 Urban Ride
Nearly new Citroen C1 Origins Edition

Buyacar prices Limited stock


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