Best discounted new cars in stock

Looking for a massive discount on a virtually new 'pre-registered' car? Here are the best value options available on BuyaCar right now

Simon Ostler
Sep 11, 2020

Thinking about treating yourself to a new car? Don't worry about having to pay extortionate new car prices, as we've rounded up some of the best value pre-registered cars in stock right now with vastly reduced price tags.

The good thing about opting for a pre-reg car is you get all the benefits of a new car, but you can make huge savings of up to 30% on a car that may have travelled as little as five miles in many cases. Going for a pre-reg car means you're not technically the first owner, but no one will know and with most models having just a handful of miles on the clock, it shouldn't make any difference to you either.

At BuyaCar we work around the clock to find you the best deals around, and with our ever evolving stock of  pre-reg models, we can help you save money on a range of practically new cars from the small and stylish Skoda Citigo to the comfy and upmarket Audi A5.

We've picked out seven such deals that get you the keys to some very popular cars with enormous savings, but there are thousands of similarly great value deals just waiting to pounced on. Read on to find out more about the great discounts on new cars in stock right now.

Best discounted new cars in stock

Pre-registered Renault Clio deals

The Renault Clio is a stylish, competent and pleasant-to-drive little car, now made even better by the fact you can save more than £3,800 on the list price with BuyaCar.

Yes, this version is due to be ousted by a brand new model, but that doesn't mean this outgoing Clio is outdated or low-tech. There is plenty here to keep you interested and the 0.9-litre petrol engine is refined and economical. You won't find savings like this on the new model either.

In-car tech for Play trim models includes all the basics, from Bluetooth and DAB radio through to air-conditioning and cruise control. Consider the low prices and you'll be getting a lot of car for your money.


Pre-registered Nissan Qashqai deals

One of the most popular SUVs since this second generation model was launched in 2014, the Nissan Qashqai is a very well-rounded machine, with economical engines, plenty of standard equipment and enough space for small families. Add in the pre-reg discounts available on BuyaCar into the mix and it becomes a very tempting prospect.

These models are available with a slick automatic gearbox, while N-Connecta trim comes with tonnes of standard kit, which makes for a comfortable cabin and an upmarket feel. Included are a touchscreen media system with sat-nav and a 360-degree parking camera plus features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and air-conditioning.


Pre-registered Dacia Sandero deals

Even at the lowest end of the price scale, there is still room for big savings, thanks to these excellent pre-reg deals on BuyaCar. The Dacia Sandero is one of the few new cars still available for less than £10,000, but a hefty discount slashes the price even lower to less than £8,000.

The 0.9-litre engine it shares with the Renault Clio is by far the best part of the Sandero, proving refined and surprisingly punchy considering how small and economical it is. If you're after a spacious and comfortable car and don't need much in the way of luxury, you can get more nearly-new car for the money. Better still, air-conditioning is standard, too.


Pre-registered Nissan Juke deals

So named due to the inclusion of a bespoke Bose sound system and the huge amount of personalisation available, the Nissan Juke Bose Personal Edition expanded on the original model's ethos for wacky looks and the ability to tailor the car to your individual style.

With a choice of 10 colour schemes and a whole number of customisable elements inside and out, the scope for building a unique Nissan Juke is broad. Although these pre-reg examples will have been built according to someone else's style guide - so those with zanier tastes may not be able to find one with yellow trim inside and blue trim outside - you should be able to find one in a colour scheme that suits, as there are plenty of Jukes to choose from, making for a well-equipped, well-priced car for the money.


Pre-registered Renault Captur deals

Fancy a high-riding Clio alternative, but for a surprisingly low cost? The Renault Captur takes many design cues from the Clio in terms of styling inside and out, but offers a far higher driving position and greater practicality, too. If you're after a crossover that provides plenty of car for the money, the Captur represents a very good value option.

You get some decent kit for your money, too; DAB radio, sat-nav, Android Auto, AppleCarPlay and automatic climate control are all included as standard with this version, and although the 0.9-litre petrol engine is hardly powerful, it's very smooth and refined and more than fast enough for most drivers.


Pre-registered Nissan Micra deals

As a small and reliable hatchback, the Nissan Micra has always been popular, but a steady increase in price has made it much less appealing alongside the likes of the Renault Clio or Vauxhall Corsa.

Thankfully we've tracked down some enormous pre-reg discounts that make the Micra fantastic value for money. While the 1.5-litre diesel is by no means the most powerful choice, even within the Micra range, it does offer very high economy figures and enough power for general use. Want a great value, cheap-to-run and reliable supermini? This could be your next car.

Acenta specification is far from luxurious, but you still get plenty for the money including Bluetooth, a seven-inch touchscreen media system and air-conditioning.


Pre-registered Nissan Navara deals

If you need something with a bit more muscle, the Nissan Navara should deliver. Capable of hauling 3.5 tonnes, Nissan's lone pick-up is a very sturdy beast. Add a monumental BuyaCar discount of almost 30% into the mix and the this Double Cab Navara in high-spec Tekna trim is a pretty appealing machine.

While it doesn't quite match up to the refinement and comfort of similarly priced SUVs, the Navara is an altogether different specimen proving far larger and more capable. The ride is surprisingly good, while the level of interior tech offered with Tekna trim makes it feel much more civilised than you might expect from a pick-up - heated seats, you say?



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