2020 Car scrappage schemes: the best deals

Get up to £5,500 for trading in an old motor: the details and deals of current scrappage schemes

BuyaCar team
Oct 20, 2020

Scrappage schemes are proving so popular at the moment that manufacturers keep extending their offers. That means there’s still time to save us much as £5,000 on a brand new car by swapping in your old motor with a manufacturer-backed scrappage scheme.

The savings available with a scrappage scheme can be tempting, but they don't always represent the best deal, not least because they are only available with brand new cars. It's worth considering some key points:

  • Other new car offers (such as finance incentives) are not always available in combination with scrappage schemes
  • You may pay less by part-exchanging your current car - especially if it's worth more than £2,000
  • Buying a nearly-new car may be cheaper than a scrappage deal

Scrappage schemes offer a way for owners of older diesel cars to escape future diesel charges, as you'll be trading in a vehicle that would be subject to emission zone charges in London, Birmingham and potentially other cities, for a car that is exempt.

The discounts can be used to reduce the overall price of a brand new car that you pay for in cash, or as a deposit on a finance agreement for a brand new car. Read on for our guide to the best-value schemes or click on any manufacturer's name below to jump to the details of each scrappage scheme and the best deals.

2020 scrappage deals

Is my car eligible for a scrappage scheme?

Every manufacturer has different scrappage scheme rules, but most schemes require you to own a car that's at least seven years old (nine in some cases). You'll need to have owned your car for a certain amount of time (typically 90 days) to take advantage of most scrappage schemes, although some require six months of ownership.

You can read more about each manufacturer's scrappage scheme below. It’s worth moving quickly: most schemes are due to end by the summer. If your car's not eligible, or you're likely to miss the deadlines, then you can always part-exchange it for a new or used car at any time.

What are the best scrappage scheme deals?

There are big differences in the savings offered by scrappage schemes: some are poor value for certain buyers but a great deal for others. For example, most schemes simply offer a fixed discount towards a new car. If your current vehicle is worth more than the scrappage savings, then you will be better off part-exchanging it. Compare quotes, with discounted prices of new cars and a valuation calculator for your existing vehicle.

We've highlighted some of the best deals below, or you can jump to the details of each manufacturer's scheme. If you need a cheaper option, then search for deals on used and nearly-new cars.

Hyundai scrappage scheme

Discount available £900-£5,000
Cars accepted for trade-in Any car registered before July 1 2012 that you have owned for at least 90 days.
Registration deadline December 31 2020

Available models

There's a big selection of Hyundai models available here, and with decent savings of up to £5,000 on offer, a scrappage deal might well be your best option.

It's important to note that electric versions of the Kona and Ioniq are not included in these deals, although anyone after an electric car can make the most of the government electric car grant instead.


Kia scrappage scheme

Discount available £2,000-£2,500
Cars accepted for trade-in Any car registered on or before December 31 2013 that you have owned for at least three months.
Registration deadline December 31 2020

Available models

Another strong selection of models available here, including by far the most popular car in the Kia range - the Sportage.

Once again, electric versions of the Niro are not included here, but you could find yourself purchasing a Picanto for less than £10,000. New cars rarely get below that magic number nowadays, so it looks to be an enticing proposition.


Mazda scrappage scheme

MX-5 Exterior

Discount available £3,000-£4,000 on cars producing less than 161g/km CO2.
Cars accepted for trade-in All cars registered before December 31 2011.
Registration deadline December 31 2020

Available models

Mazda is offering scrappage deals on all its new cars that produce less than 161g/km of CO2 emissions. So while you won't be able to bag a discount on the most powerful engines for the likes of the MX-5, there are still some excellent models on offer here from Mazda's latest-generation range.


Renault scrappage scheme

Discount available £750-£3,000
Cars accepted for trade-in Cars that you have owned for at least 90 days.
Registration deadline Order by December 15 2020, register by March 31, 2021.

Available models

Renault offers one of the larger catalogues of new cars under its scrappage scheme, including offers on the new Zoe and several new plug-in hybrid options including the Clio and Captur E-TECH models.

It's worth considering what other deals Renault might offer, as you may well be able to bag better savings by opting for finance deals instead, so keep an eye out for alternative offers.


Toyota scrappage scheme

Discount available £1,500-£4,000
Cars accepted for trade-in All cars registered on or before September 30 2012 that you have owned for at least six months.
Registration deadline Order by December 31 2020, register by March 31 2021.

Available models

Toyota have also made it possible for you to swap your car for a small van or pick-up and vice-versa, so there's more scope for flexibility than you get with other manufacturers.

The savings are good, too, £2,000 off the price of a Aygo could see you spending just £10,000 for a brand new car, which is a rare concept in 2020. The breadth of models on offer is also strong, with efficient hybrids and practical SUVs, while you could instead opt to save on the all-new Supra. 



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