Transfer a personalised number plate

How to transfer a personalised number plate from your old car to your new car

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May 18, 2018

A personalised number plate is a sure-fire way of making your car unique, without having to resort to aftermarket bits that look at home in your local Halfords.

Personalised plates, otherwise known as cherished number plates, may be an unused number you've bought, or one that may be on an existing vehicle, like your old car.

Some people like a personalised plate because it makes them easily identifiable, while others do it so people don't know how old their car is.

A word of warning though: it is illegal to make a vehicle look newer than it is by giving it a registration number that is younger than the vehicle itself. For example, you can’t put an 07 plate on a car registered in 2003. Just as important, don’t forget to tell your insurance company about the change of number.

Where to get a personalised registration number

You can buy a personalised registration from an individual, from the DVLA’s Personalised Registrations department or from one of the many independent sellers of personal numbers. Depending on the number’s appeal, prices range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands.

Alternatively, you may already possess the number, in which case you only need to worry about how to transfer it to another vehicle.

How to transfer a registration number

You need to download DVLA form V317. On it you’ll need to give the details of the vehicle you’re transferring the number from, and the vehicle you wish to transfer it to. This form also allows you to retain the number without transferring it to another vehicle.

Both vehicles must be registered with the DVLA, available for inspection if the DVLA requires, and of a type that needs an MOT test certificate. Both vehicles should also be taxed. However, if the vehicle that currently has the registration number is not taxed, you can still apply as long as its vehicle tax ran out in the past 12 months and there was no break between the date the vehicle tax ran out and the start of the SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

Complete the form and send it with the vehicles’ registration documents (V5C) or new keeper supplement (V62) or, if it’s a new, unregistered vehicle, with form V55, and the fee of £80.

All being well, the registration number will be transferred from the old vehicle and a new registration number assigned to it. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet chosen a vehicle to assign the number to, it will be held in your name on V778 certificate of retention until you’re ready. This lasts for 10 years but can be extended for a further 10.

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