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Whether it's city driving, load lugging or eco-motoring, these are the cars that excel in their roles: the best cars on sale

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Feb 16, 2017

What’s the best car? It depends what you want from a vehicle. If lots of seats are important to you, then the Ford Galaxy, which has seven of them and the load space to match, is hard to beat. If you want a nippy city car, the Renault Twingo is the one to have. Whatever your priorities, in today’s car market, there’s sure to be a model to suit you. Below, we guide you to the best cars based on their ability to do the job they were designed for.


Renault Twingo

Best car on sale for squeezing into tight places

With its engine at the back, the little Twingo’s front wheels are free to turn more tightly than most. That means it can get into tight parking spots that would defeat most other small cars, as well as execute the kind of three-point turns that would leave them gasping.

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Ford Galaxy

Best car on sale for lots of people – and their luggage

The big Galaxy is the best people carrier you can buy. It has seven seats everyone can get comfortable in rather than, like many so-called people carriers, five normal ones plus a couple of smaller seats for children at the back. All this and there’s a decent boot with all the seats in use.

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VW Golf

Best car on sale for all-round appeal

New or used, a Golf makes total sense. It’s quicker to list its shortcomings (expensive) than its virtues (classy, well built, comfortable, well equipped, economical, good to drive, easy to sell on, a strong image). It’s a car for all reasons.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

Best car on sale for active families

It’s not the cheapest SUV but it’s worth the premium for its blend of an efficient, seven-seat cabin, decent equipment level, comfort and pleasurable driving experience, with standard four-wheel drive and proven off-road ability.

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Kia Optima PHEV

Best car on sale for fuel economy

The Kia Optima is well-equipped, covered by a seven-year warranty and good value too - thanks to discounts and a government grant towards its price when new.

It's also the most economical car you can buy (leaving out electric vehicles), with an official fuel economy figure of 176.6mpg. How close you get to that will depend on the type of journeys you do. Shorter trips will only use power from this plug-in hybrid car's battery. Longer ones will require use of its petrol engine.

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VW e-up!

Best car on sale for saving the planet

Taking into the car’s environmental impact over its entire life, including fuel production and manufacture, it is claimed that the electric-powered e-up! is the greenest car. If you can live with its limited range before it needs recharging, and a high price, then you'll be motoring around with a green halo.

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Skoda Citigo

Best car on sale for new drivers

A first car should be safe, cheap to insure and good value. The Skoda Citigo is all these things, especially in SE trim which comes with Citybrake, an automatic emergency braking system, as standard.

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Suzuki Swift Sport

Best car on sale for fun

There are cars which, for not a great deal of money, bring joy to every journey. One such is the Swift Sport. This often overlooked hot hatch is terrific fun. Can’t stretch to one? Then take a look at its less sporty siblings, such as the top-value and good-to-drive 1.2 SZ-L.

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Skoda Superb estate

Best car on sale for carrying lots of stuff

The Superb estate is simply cavernous. With the rear seats up, there's 660-litres of space, which compares well with rivals. But fold them down, and you'll have an enormous 1,760 litre capacity. It's almost enough to move house.

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