How does BuyaCar work?

Find the perfect car from the comfort of your home. Delivered to your door with a 14-day money-back guarantee

BuyaCar team
Sep 6, 2017

It's easy, hassle free, and you never need to go anywhere near a dealership.BuyaCar does all of the hard work to ensure that you get a great deal on a car, without any stress:


  • We negotiate the best savings from across Britain, so you could save thousands of pounds.
  • All cars are checked, tested and come with a warranty.
  • Our partner lenders offer low-rate finance tailored to suit you, including no-deposit options.
  • Every car is delivered to your door, with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don't love it.   


Thousands of customers a year find a great deal on their perfect car with BuyaCar. Here's how it works:


The hassle-free way to buy your next car


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More details on after-sales support and guarantees


What type of cars does BuyaCar sell?

Choose models from every major car manufacturer, which can be bought, financed or leased.

You can choose a brand new model from the factory, or one that's a few years old. See below for more details about the different types of car that are listed on the site

Build to order
(brand new vehicles)

  • New cars built to your specification
  • Ordered from the factory and delivered to you
  • Available with the very latest technology and options
  • Manufacturer finance available
  • Typical wait of several weeks for the car to be built
Configure a new car



New - in stock

  • Brand new car that is already built and in Britain
  • May already be registered to a dealership (pre-registered) or unregistered and waiting for its first owner
  • Manufacturer finance may be available
  • Mileage is usually low (often under 100 miles)
  • Ready for delivery



Nearly new

  • Car has normally had one previous owner and been registered in the previous year
  • Mileage varies - many nearly new cars not been driven far
  • Comes with remainder of manufacturer warranty that is transferred to the new owner
  • Low-rate finance available
  • Ready for delivery




  • Usually between one and five years old, with one or more previous owners
  • Checked and inspected, with a warranty included
  • Low-rate finance available
  • Ready for delivery
  • See more details on buying a used car with BuyaCar



Where do BuyaCar’s vehicles come from?

We travel the country to find the very best deals on new and used cars, so you don’t have to do any of the legwork. You can find the ideal car for you, at the best possible price, and we’ll deliver it to your door - no matter where it’s in stock.

New car delivery If you order a brand new car, it will be built to your specification by the factory and supplied by a manufacturer-approved franchised dealer. Depending on which car you choose, it may be the dealership or BuyaCar which delivers your car to your door.

Used car delivery Every one of our used and nearly new cars are in stock at an established dealer and go through multiple checks to ensure that they are in the very best condition possible.

We handle everything with the supplying dealer and deliver the car to your door. That means you're buying the car from us, so it's in our interests to ensure everything runs smoothly: we're responsible if it doesn't.


Can I use BuyaCar with confidence?

Ordering your next car is a big decision, so we’ve got an expert team on hand in our London office to guide you every step of the way. Whether you need help with choosing a car, finding the right finance deal, or checking the specification of the model you want, you can call on 0800 050 2333 or send us a message.

By choosing BuyaCar, you’ll also benefit from our hassle-free, secure service, including:

  • Cars sourced from established dealers. New models are built to order by manufacturers. Used and nearly-new cars come checked and with a warranty.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love your car, you can return it for a refund


What charges are involved?

There are no hidden fees and the price of the car is fixed. Used models usually include a finance contribution, as the vast majority of customers opt to take out one of our low-rate finance agreements. If you’re paying in cash, then that incentive won’t apply.

There's a fixed delivery cost that's displayed underneath the description of each car. Delivery on a transporter is available for a separate fee.

See our FAQs for more information about how BuyaCar works.


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