What is MirrorLink?

Operate phone apps safely through your car's screen: find out which cars and phones work with MirrorLink

BuyaCar team
Mar 9, 2017

Just like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, MirrorLink is a system that allows your car to communicate with your smartphone in an advanced way. This makes it easy to control some apps on your phone through a screen in the car, reducing the risk of being distracted while driving.


How does Mirrorlink work?

You’ll need a MirrorLink-enabled smartphone and, a Mirror-Link-enabled car, to use the system. Assuming you have both, you connect your phone to the car, either by a USB lead or wirelessly with Bluetooth, and watch as music, map and phone apps are displayed as large images in the middle of your car’s dashboard.

You can then control these apps by using the screen, as well as with any steering wheel buttons or voice control system in the car.

The apps continue to run on your smartphone, but the display in your car mirrors that of your phone (below).

MirrorLink knows whether you’re stationary or moving, too, so can restrict features that might be a distraction.


Are iPhones compatible with MirrorLink?

Most Android phones are compatible. However, iPhones aren’t. You’ll need to use Apple CarPlay if you want a similar experience.

Which cars are compatible with MirrorLink?

Most Citroens and Peugeots, VW Group cars (Skodas, Seats and Volkswagens), Hondas, Toyotas and some Mercedes are compatible. MirrorLink imay only come as standard on some higher-specification cars, so it's always worth checking whather a particular model that you're interested in has it installed.

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What else can MirrorLink do?

Depending on the ingenuity of app developers, there’s no limit. For example, Skoda has a compatible app called MFA Pro that can tell you how efficiently you’re driving.


How else can I get MirrorLink?

Some aftermarket car stereo systems, most notably those by Pioneer, have MirrorLink.


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