Best car insurance companies 2017

With low-price policies and great customer care when you need it most, here are the best car insurance companies 2017

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Mar 9, 2017

Insurance comparison sites make it easy to find a cheap insurance quote, but it’s not so simple to work out how they might perform when you need to make a claim.

That’s why our sister publication, Auto Express, asks real policyholders how their insurer performed when it came to the crunch. Each year, the results are published as part of its Driver Power Survey.

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As well as ranking the insurers from best to worst, the survey also scores companies in different areas, including staff product knowledge, speed of setting up a policy, keeping customers informed when they make a claim and value-for-money.

The results, taken from the most recent Auto Express Driver Power Survey in 2016, should help you find a policy with a low premium, and a decent guarantee of good service when you need it.

You may be able to reduce your premium without compromising on service: see out guide to getting cheap car insurance for more details

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Best car insurance companies 2017

1 NFU Mutual

Best car insurer for customer satisfaction

Score 95.94%
Customers couldn’t be any happier with NFU Mutual because the scale doesn’t get any bigger. Every single policyholder - all 100% - said that they would renew their current policy and many praised the local offices, which made it easy to make a claim.


2 Swinton

Best car insurer for value-for-money

Score 93.40%
Despite being another insurer with local offices, it doesn’t seem to add more to premiums because Swinton’s customers rated it the best company for value. Communication during a claim was also praised highly.


3 Royal & Sun Alliance

Best car insurer for improved customer information

Score 91.83%
Royal & Sun Alliance may not have been the top-ranked insurer in any category, but it was highly-rated in almost every area, with a marked improvement in the clarity of information provided.



4 LV

Score 90.42%
Nine out of ten LV customers said that they would renew their policy with the insurer, thanks to high levels of satisfaction with their overall experience. They particularly praised the speed at which policies could be set up and the value-for-money.



5 Lloyds

Score 90.19%
Staff product knowledge at Lloyds came in for high praise from customers, who also liked the company’s efficiency in getting a policy started, as well as arranging a courtesy car during a claim.



6 Ageas

Score 89.82%
Consistently good scores in most areas, meant the overall score for customer experience is high for Ageas. Policyholders particularly liked the clear and comprehensive information that they were given when they made a claim.



7 Marks & Spencer

Score 89.05%
Policyholders gave M&S high scores for the speed and efficiency of processing claims, and also ranked the insurer highly for its policies’ value-for-money. However, staff product knowledge was a weak point.



8 Saga

Score 87.90%
Four in five Saga customers said that they would renew their policy, even though the company’s scores were fairly average when compared with other insurers. It suggests that standards have risen across the board.



9 More Than

Score 87.09%
If you were only looking at insurers’ value-for-money and their effectiveness at keeping policyholders informed when they made a claim, then More Than would be very close to the top of this table. However, it’s let down with poor scores in other areas.



10 Direct Line

Score 86.25%
Although customer satisfaction is so high that almost nine in ten policyholders would renew, the score breakdown shows that Direct Line could do more to improve its service: it didn’t rank highly in any category.

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