Best car insurance companies 2019

With low-price policies and great customer care when you need it most, here are the best car insurance companies 2019

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Mar 26, 2019

Insurance comparison sites make it easy to find a cheap insurance quote, but it’s not so simple to work out how they might perform when you need to make a claim.

That’s why our sister publication, Auto Express, asks real policyholders how their insurer performed when it came to the crunch. Each year, the results are published as part of its Driver Power Survey.

As well as ranking the insurers from best to worst, the survey also scores companies in different areas, including staff product knowledge, speed of setting up a policy, keeping customers informed when they make a claim and value-for-money.

The results, taken from the most recent Auto Express Driver Power Survey should help you find a policy with a low premium, and a decent guarantee of good service when you need it.

You may be able to reduce your premium without compromising on service: see out guide to getting cheap car insurance for more details

Best car insurance companies 2019

1. NFU Mutual

Score 96.01%

Number one for the third year in a row, NFU Mutual remains the insurer to beat, with peerless service on the phone and 93 per cent of existing customers intending to renew their policy with the company. The firm’s local offices came in for praise too, for their assistance in making a claim. The only gripe was the insurer’s long-winded online quotation system.


2. Police Mutual

Score 93.06%
Excellent customer service for those who serve in police forces underpins the second position earned by the Police Mutual society. It's highly-rated from the ease of purchasing a policy to the speed in settling claims, with value for money also ranked strongly. Family links to a police officer can qualify you for a policy, so it's worth checking whether you're eligible.


3. Liverpool Victoria

Score 90.83%
Ranked in the top ten for every category, Liverpool Victoria put in a strong all-round performance to be placed third. The result is confirmed by the 85 per cent of policyholders who would renew with the company, which has improved from ninth position in the previous survey.



4 Privilege

Score 89.66%
Privilege is an online insurance specialist and highly-rated by customers for ease of purchase. It's really the area where the company stands out, as the rest of the ratings were average - except for value for money where customers placed it seventh. Overall satisfaction remained high, with 70 per cent of existing customers happy to renew.




Score 89.29%
If something does go wrong, then AXA is not a bad car insurer to have. Its highest score was for keeping customers well informed while their claim was being assessed, with helpfulness during the claim and the settlement speed also praised highly. This sort of service doesn't need to come at a premium either because value for money was well above average. If the company can improve the process of purchasing a policy then it could break into the top three. 



6 Sainsbury's Bank

Score 89.12%
Overall satisfaction with Sainsbury's Bank car insurance was incredibly high, with almost a quarter of respondents willing to renew their policy - a figure that beats some companies ranked higher in this survey. Negative comments are few and far between: the gap between good and excellent is what prevents Sainsbury's rising higher in the table.



7 Quote Me Happy

Score 88.96%
Aviva's online insurance brand does result in happy customers, with 73 per cent happy to renew. As well as the slick quoting process, staff are friendly and helpful when making a claim, which does include telephone contact. Claims settlement is a little slow, but it's still ranked seventh overall. 



8 Sheila's Wheels

Score 88.93%
Sheila's Wheels was banned from its female-only customer policy by EU insurance equality legislation, so it now offers insurance to both sexes. It's supposedly still aimed at women drivers, but that only seems to extend to specific cover if your handbag is stolen. Other features such as a counselling service and a vague promise to send "family-friendly" guidelines to its repair garages don't appear to be any less relevant to men. It's highly-rated for dealing with claims, but customers are frustrated by the ease of purchasing a policy. Even so, two thirds - 67 per cent - would renew.



9 Zenith

Score 88.26%
Value for money is where Zenith is particularly strong, drawing in customers from aggregator websites who are satisfied with the ease of purchasing a policy and when making a claim. However, just 56 per cent say they will renew, suggesting that price-sensitive policyholders won't hesitate to switch to a cheaper provider.



10 Nationwide

Score 88.26%
Excellent customer satisfaction puts Nationwide into the top ten, with 73 per cent of customers keen to renew. Sadly for them, the company has closed down its car insurance division, so when existing policies expire, the holders will need to look elsewhere.


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