Buy a car in time for Christmas

Time's running out if you want to secure a car deal and delivery before Christmas

BuyaCar team
Dec 17, 2018

Christmas songs always sound better through the stereo of a new car, but time's almost run out to to get your order in before the big day.

Whether it’s an early present to yourself, or a special gift, you’ll need to order as soon as possible for any chance of getting a car delivered before Christmas Day.

Cars ordered before December 13 were guaranteed to arrive before December 25 - barring any unforeseen problems, so it may not be possible to get the car you want in time for Christmas. However, you'll be sure of getting the vehile early in the New Year.

Even so, it could well be worth the effort to order a car before the end of the year; prices tend to be extremely competitive as the year comes to an end and dealers attempt to hit their sales targets.

Read on for more information on getting a good deal, buying a car as a Christmas gift and the best deals on models this Christmas

Order from BuyaCar in time for Christmas

  • Latest order date for delivery before Christmas Thursday 13 December


Buy a new car before Christmas

Order a used or nearly-new car, and it may still be possible to deliver to your door before Christmas.

New cars are often built to order, so it’s already too late to order one to be made to your specification by the factory. But you can still get hold of a brand new vehicle by choosing one that has already been built and is in stock at a dealership.

These models may be cancelled orders, or simply built to a popular specification by the manufacturer in the knowledge that they can sell to buyers who don’t want to wait. Many of these vehicles are not listed for sale, but we can normally find one that suits you. If you’re looking for a new car without the wait, Let us know your requirements.


December car savings

With the turkey to order, gifts to buy and warm mince pies on the side, it’s no surprise that December is a quiet month for car buying. But sales targets don’t just disappear, and so dealerships must put extra effort into attracting buyers. That can often mean cutting prices.

This makes December one of the best times to buy a car. Do it online and you can compare prices nationwide, apply for finance and have the vehicle delivered without ever venturing into the icy weather. BuyaCar lists cars from dealers across the country and constantly updates prices to take account of the latest deals.


Best deals on pre-Christmas cars

As car dealers are keen for sales of any sort, you should be able to find a good deal on a car that’s right for you. Check our articles on the best deals on used cars, pre-registered cars and nearly new cars, for large savings on models that are ready for delivery, or simply search the latest prices on all of the vehicles in stock.

You’ll find 19887 nearly-new cars for sale now on BuyaCar, with even recently-launched models available for immediate delivery, from the recently-launched Mercedes A-Class to the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace.


Although sales are slow at this time of year, four-wheel drive cars - particularly tall and large sport utility vehicles (SUVs) -  are in demand, as buyers look for a car that can cope with icy temperatures.

These models are still regularly discounted but you’ll need to buck the trend if you want the very biggest bargains, and convertibles are an obvious candidate. It’ll be months before you get the best from these open-topped cars but most have heating systems that will blast out enough hot air to keep you moderately warm with the roof down in chilly temperatures.

Some, such as the Mercedes SLK come with hard-top roofs, which make them ideal for winter, but most modern convertibles come with multi-layered fabric roofs, which still do a decent job of insulating the interior from the outside noise and cold.


Buying a car as a Christmas gift

Few gifts come bigger than a car and ordering online makes it simple to discreetly take delivery ahead of Christmas, so it’s still a surprise on the morning itself.

BuyaCar delivers on a weekday that’s convenient to you. If you’re buying on finance, then the car must be dropped off at the address on the finance application but cash buyers can have their new vehicle delivered elsewhere - at work, for example.

It’s the work of a few minutes to tax and insure the car, ensuring that it will be ready to hit the road as soon as you hand over the keys.


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