What is a 3-door car?

You need doors to get into your car. But what is a 3 door car?

May 31, 2018

Academics among us will point out that windows, are kind of, also doors, because you can enter wherever you’re going (house, car,) via them.

When looking at what makes a 3-door car, it’s important to remember that not everything is what it seems when it comes to doors. This is because a 3-door car has two ‘traditional’ doors at the front, and a door at the rear. This is only true of three-door hatchbacks, as the boot of a hatchback provides a way of getting into the car. Well as long as you remove the parcel shelf.

So remember, a 3-door car is essentially one that you can get into via the front two doors, or the boot. It’s not elegant, but it is, technically, a door.

Why choose a 3-door car?

In the olden days (and by that, we mean the Seventies) 3-door cars denoted the most basic, and cheapest model.

Fast forward to the Nineties and 3-door cars became all the rage. The smaller and often neater pieces of design were favoured instead of a 5-door by young professionals without kids.

The rise of the hot-hatch helped the 3-door trend, as the fastest variants of regular runarounds were kept to just 3-doors.

Today, the 3-door hatch is in decline. Many manufacturers’ sales of 3-doors have declined so much that they no longer offer them.

What cars can I get with 3-doors?

Small cars like the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, and BMW 1 Series are available in three door styles. Although larger cars, like the Range Rover Evoque can also be specified in 3-door style.

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