Best cars with Android Auto

Android Auto is a simple, safe, and legal way of using your phone in your car. These are the cars with Android Auto

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Aug 30, 2019

The software behind entertainment systems in cars has come a long way in recent years, but let’s face it, no marque is ever going to be able to match the user friendliness of a modern smartphone. Which is exactly where Android Auto comes in.

Projecting your phone’s apps onto your vehicle’s entertainment screen is proving to be very much in demand, so much so that the number of makes and models with Android Auto has surpassed the 400 mark worldwide.

Best of all, it’s ever improving. New cars fitted with the latest Android Auto system have an ace up their sleeves - a new voice activated driving mode. Drivers can simply say the phrase “Hey Google, let’s drive”, and Android Auto will respond by opening up mapping software and your favourite apps on to your car's entertainment screen.

To help you see the wood from the trees we have highlighted some of the best cars with Android Auto, along with a full list of models on sale with the technology.


Best cars with Android Auto

1. Volkswagen Golf

Latest Volkswagen Golf deals from £7,650
Monthly finance from £124

When you think about family hatchbacks, you probably visualise the Volkswagen Golf. This stalwart of the family car market offers exceptional build quality and an exciting driving experience in it's more powerful guises.

Aside from it's mechanical prowess, the Golf also comes with a whole load of tech, with an eight-inch touchscreen, bluetooth, DAB radio and of course Android Auto.

Volkswagen Golf buyers' guide

2. Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Latest Mercedes-Benz A-Class deals from £10,199
Monthly finance from £141

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class however does not have the same level of quality you'll find in the Golf. It instead relies on a magnificent amount of technology to win you over. Top-spec cars get twin 10.3-inch screens, positioned side-by-side to create something of a wide-screen display.

The user interface is very well thought-out and includes Android Auto compaitibility. If a snazzy interior experience if right up your street then the A-Class might be the one for you.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class buyers' guides

3. Volvo XC90

Latest Volvo XC90 deals from £25,000
Monthly finance from £354

The XC90 has long held the status as the best large SUV you can buy. Not only does it dominate rivals in terms of space and practicality, it also looks fantastic and offers huge amount of cutting-edge tech, in terms of entertainment and safety.

Its intuitive and easy to use nine-inch display comes with that all-important Android Auto capability, but there is a whole lot more the XC90 than that.

Volvo XC90 buyers' guide

4. Ford Mondeo

Mondeo Exterior

Latest Ford Mondeo deals from £7,995
Monthly finance from £132

Although the Mondeo is no longer available to buy new, it's still a very capable saloon that also offers a huge amount of on-board tech. Sync 3, Ford’s connectivity system which includes Andoid Auto, is a standard option on all Mondeos so it doesn't matter which model you plump for.

The Mondeo is a very sensible and comfrortable alternative to the likes of the Vauxhall Insignia or Skoda Superb, although if you're looking to buy a brand new car they both represent valid alternatives.

Ford Mondeo buyers' guide

5. Honda NSX

Something of a joker card on this list, the Honda NSX is certainly not your every-day run-around. But it is definitely one of the fastest cars on the market with Android Auto capabilties.

Aside from that, the NSX is supercar simply crammed with technology - the interior is something comparable to a space ship. You will be sacrificing practicality though.

Honda NSX buyers' guide


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