Cars with wireless phone charging

No lead? No problem? Here are the cars with wireless phone charging pads to boost your battery whenever you drive

John Evans
Jun 30, 2018

You’re in a hurry to drive somewhere, grab your phone with barely any charge in it and halfway into the journey, realise you forgot to bring its charging lead.

In-car wireless charging promises to put an end to this frustrating scenario, as increasing numbers of cars offer a wireless charging tray to boost your phone’s battery without any leads.

Naturally, you’ll need a phone, or a case that supports wireless charging and is compatible with your car’s system. This is made simpler because most companies use a single standard, known as Qi. This includes all of the cars on this page, as well as popular phones from Samsung, Apple, LG and Sony. You’ll find a more complete list below.

Ask for the dimensions of the charger if you’re unsure whether your phone will fit: larger models may be too long or wide for some in-car charging pads.

Cars with wireless phone charging

The following manufacturers offer wireless phone charging on some, or all of their models. It’s often standard on high-specification cars but optional on less well-equipped models, and may have only been introduced recently. If you really want the technology on a used car, it’s essential to check that the vehicle you’re buying definitely has it fitted, even if you're fairly sure that it has.

Click on any manufacturer to jump to more details, or scroll down for more information on the technology.

Car brands offering in-car wireless phone charging

Phones that work with in-car wireless charging

Any phone that supports the Qi wireless charging standard should be compatible with in-car wireless charging systems and this information is usually prominent in devices’ technical information.

In high-end phones, the technology is increasingly becoming as standard as a Bluetooth or 4G connection, and it’s possible to buy wireless charging cases for those without the feature.

However, although the technology may be compatible, your phone may not physically fit on the charger. That’s particularly the case with “phablet” models, which are larger than a standard phone but smaller than a tablet. These include the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+

Some (but not all) phones with Qi wireless charging include:

  • Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
  • LG G6, G6 Plus, G7, V30
  • Nokia 8 Scirocco
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Active, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8 Active Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+
  • Sony Xperia XZ2


Wireless charging with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If you want to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which replicate your phone’s display on an in-car screen, enabling the legal use of some apps, then you’ll normally need to connect your phone with a wire.

Wireless connectivity for both software systems is being introduced but it’s not common, so if you’re likely to use either system regularly, then it’s probably not worth paying more for a wireless charger.


How does wireless charging work?

You may have a cordless appliance such as an electric toothbrush at home that sits on a charging plate without needing to be plugged directly into an electrical socket. The charging process it uses is called inductive charging whereby a magnetic field transfers the electrical energy from the charger to the motor’s battery, without any risk of electric shock.

The wireless phone charger works the same way. Chargers and phones are certified to a single standard, known as Qi, by the Wireless Power Consortium, which includes phone manufacturers and car parts companies.

The same technology is now starting to be used for much larger applications, as manufacturers are also introducing wireless charging for electric cars.


Who’s behind the technology?

It’s a company called Qi. It has set the standard for wireless charging so that it’s compatible across devices, rather like Bluetooth works with multiple devices. Products must meet safety standards, including shutting down charging if an object is detected between the phone and charger; metal objects can overheat and cause burns.


Car manufacturers offering wireless phone charging

(compatible with the Qi standard)

  • Audi Available across most of the range, except for older models, including the Q3. It’s typically optional and you’ll often need the £1,395 Technology Pack.
  • BMW Most models in the BMW range offer wireless charging as an option costing between £395 and £500.
  • Ford The new Ford Focus is available with a wireless charging pad as a £100 option on all but entry-level Style cars. An aftermarket wireless charging kit is also offered by dealers, costing around £70 for the current Ka+, Fiesta, Mondeo and Ranger.
  • Hyundai Wireless phone charging is being added to the Hyundai range as cars are replaced or updated. It’s generally offered as standard from mid-range models, including the i30, Kona and Ioniq.
  • Kia Wireless charging comes as standard on most Niro and Stinger models. It’s also fitted to KX-5 and GT Line S versions of the Sportage and KX-3 and GT Line S Sorento cars.
  • Mercedes New and upgraded Mercedes models are available with wireless charging, which is mainly optional. Prices range from £150 for the E-Class and CLS, rising to £495, as part of a smartphone tech pack on the A-Class, up to a whopping £2,795 for the C-Class, where it is part of the Premium package upgrade.
  • Mini Wireless charging is standard on special edition Exclusive Convertible, otherwise available with the optional Navigation Plus pack.
  • Peugeot Standard on 3008 and 5008 GT Line models upwards, but a £120 option on all others.
  • Seat Wireless phone charging is included on the top-of-the range Ateca Xcellence and a is £505 option with Keyless entry & Go on the remaining trims with the exception of the entry-level S.
  • Toyota Wireless charging is standard on the Prius, with the exception of entry-level Active trim.
  • Volkswagen Volkswagen’s new Touareg includes wireless charging as standard on high-specification R-Line models and the technology is expected to be made available across more of the range shortly.
  • Volvo Standard on the very first XC40s but now only offered as a £175 option.

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