Small cars with big boots

Easy to park in the supermarket, but with plenty of space for your shopping: these are the best small cars with big boots

BuyaCar team
Aug 31, 2018

The average small car has a boot that’s around 310 litres in size, but there’s no need to settle for this.

Some of the small cars with the biggest boots offer substantially more than this. Click below to search for all small car deals or scroll down for the small cars with the biggest boots

Nissan Note

Nissan no longer makes the Note, but there are plenty of used examples, each with a boot capacity of 41 litres, which is more than you’ll find in a Ford Focus. Fold the seats down and you’ll expand that to a substantial 1,495l.

Volkswagen Polo

The latest Volkswagen Polo is as big as a VW Golf from a couple of decades ago, which says a lot about how small so-called “small cars” really are, but also means that you get a decent-sized 355 litre boot that can swallow a pair of suitcases relatively easily.

Seat Ibiza

Given the Ibiza shares its mechanical parts with the Volkswagen Polo, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it has a boot that’s exactly the same size, at 355 litres. The car is arguably more stylish than the Polo and it’s cheaper too. If you;re looking on the used market, then there’s much greater choice, as it went on sale around a year before the latest Polo too.

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is the definition of practical. Its boxy design maximises interior space for both passengers and luggage, while there are clever touches inside to maximise luggage space. Most notably, this includes cinema style “magic” rear seats with bases that can be flipped up when not in use, to increase the area of the rear footwells. Alternatively, you can fold down the rear seats to create 1,314 litres of space. Even with them in place, the 354l boot offers plenty of capacity.

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