Small cars with big boots

Easy to park in the supermarket, but with plenty of space for your shopping: these are the best small cars with big boots

BuyaCar team
Mar 5, 2019

Small is relative in the world of cars. These vehicles might be among the shortest and narrowest on the road, but most pack enough space to function comfortably as a family car - if you've got young children, at least.

Key to this is the growing luggage capacity in the back of these small hatchbacks. The average small car on sale today has a 310-litre capacity boot, but the most cavernous offer considerably more.

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Small cars with the biggest boots

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1. Nissan Note

Latest Nissan Note deals from £4,896
Finance from £104 per month
Boot capacity 411l  Seats down 1495l

Nissan no longer makes the Note, but there are plenty of used examples, each with a boot capacity of 411 litres, which is more than you’ll find in the latest Ford Focus. High-specification versions have rear seats that slide forward and backwards so you can adjust rear legroom and boot capacity. Most Notes also include a divider, called Flexiboard, enabling you to divide the boot into compartments.

Fold the seats down and you’ll expand that to a substantial 1,495 litres, which should mean that you can appraoch Ikea in confidence. Just remember that it is short, so you'll struggle to cram in a flat-pack ceiling-height bookcase.
Nissan Note buying guide


2. Volkswagen Polo

Current-generation VW Polo deals from £8,995
Finance from £153 per month
Boot capacity 355l  Seats down 1125l

The latest Volkswagen Polo is as big as a Volkswagen Golf from a couple of decades ago, which says a lot about how small so-called “small cars” really are. The growing size of these models does mean that you can use them as comfortable family cars; the decent-sized 355 litre boot that can swallow a pair of suitcases relatively easily.

The current Polo went on sale in early 2018, so earlier and cheaper versions are almost certainly previous-generation cars with smaller 280-litre boots.
Volkswagen Polo buying guide


3. Seat Ibiza

Current-generation Seat Ibiza deals from £5,995
Finance from £114 per month
Boot capacity 355l  Seats down 823l

Given the Ibiza shares its mechanical parts with the Volkswagen Polo, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it has a boot that’s exactly the same size, at 355 litres. The car is arguably more stylish than the Polo and it’s cheaper too. If you're looking on the used market, then there’s much greater choice, as it went on sale around a year before the latest Polo. The downside? There's much less space when the seats are folded.

Cars fitted with the optional Storage Pack gain an extra compartment under the boot floor.
Seat Ibiza buying guide


4. Honda Jazz

Latest Honda Jazz deals from £6,098
Finance from £109 per month
Boot capacity 354l  Seats down 1314l

The Honda Jazz is the definition of practical. Its boxy design maximises interior space for both passengers and luggage, while there are clever touches inside to maximise luggage space.

Most notably, this includes cinema style “magic” rear seats with bases that can be flipped up when not in use, to increase the area of the rear footwells. Alternatively, you can fold down the rear seats to create 1,314 litres of space. Even with them in place, the 354-litre boot offers plenty of capacity.
Honda Jazz buying guide


5. Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe front

Latest Renault Zoe deals from £5,995
Finance from £118 per month
Boot capacity 338l  Seats down 1225l

Renault's electric Zoe was designed from the ground up as an electric car, which means that the batteries are packed snugly underneath the car, maximising space inside for passengers and luggage. The 338-litre boot is big for a car of this size, as is the loading area when the seats are folded.

The car has evolved during its life, with updates to its batteries and motors that increase its power and the range on each charge, so check the buying guide to ensure you know which version you're getting. Also ensure you know whether the batteries are included in the price. They aren't for many cheaper Zoes, so you'll then need to rent them from around £50 per month, depending on your mileage.
Renault Zoe buying guide


6. Audi A1

 Current-generation Audi A1 deals from £15,790
Finance from £203 per month
Boot capacity 335l  Seats down 1090l

Audi's new A1 is easily spacious enough to be a family car, with a well-sized square-shaped boot that should manage most tasks up to going on holiday.  Prices for the previous-generation car are considerably cheaper, starting at £7,490 from BuyaCar, or from £143 per month with finance . You won't be impressed if you really need a spacious boot, though: the capacity of the older car is just 270 litres.
Audi A1 buying guide


7. Hyundai i20

Latest Hyundai i20 deals from £4,490
Finance from £107 per month
Boot capacity 326l  Seats down 1024l

The large boot in the Hyundai i20 is made more practical on higher-specification SE, Premium and Premium SE cars thanks to a standard variable-height boot floor, which can divide the space into two compartments, or be folded and stored inside the vehicle.

There's only a small lip on the boot opening, so sliding objects in is relatievly easy.
Hyundai i20 buying guide


8. Kia Rio

Latest Kia Rio deals from £7,360
Finance from £134 per month
Boot capacity 325l  Seats down 1103l

Despite appearing low down the list, the Kia Rio's 325-litre boot should be big enough for most small car buyers. Most 2017 cars are from the current generation, which went on sale early that year, but a few previous-generation cars were also registered in 2017 and these have a much smaller luggage capacity. You can identify them by their curvier front, with protruding horizontal plastic strips underneath each headlight.
Kia Rio buying guide


9. Dacia Sandero

Latest Dacia Sandero deals from £4,395
Finance from £82 per month
Boot capacity 320l  Seats down 1200l

The Dacia Sandero's boot capacity isn't bad, but it's the amount of space that you get when you fold the seats down that's truly impressive. The 1,200 litres are more than you find in most small cars, so it's a worthwhile option if you regularly carry large loads and don't need the back seats too frequently. It's also very cheap.
Dacia Sandero buying guide


10. Suzuki Baleno

Latest Suzuki Baleno deals from £6,136
Finance from £111 per month
Boot capacity 320l  Seats down 756l

As well as the 320 litres of space in the boot, the Suzuki Baleno has an additional storage compartment underneath the floor. Folding the rear seats doesn't open up a great deal of space, and the boot lip is high, making it harder to slide in heavy loads, so this isn't the ideal car for bulky and heacy objects.


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