Cars with Waze

Waze has more than 100 million users. Find out how to join them thanks to these cars with Waze

Jul 24, 2018

Cars are getting bigger, roads are becoming more congested, and journeys are becoming more time consuming.

It's no wonder why the usage of Waze is so massive and widespread. It has more than 100 million users worldwide, who co-operate in order to report traffic conditions in real time, which helps Waze find users quicker alternative routes.

It does this by harvesting real-time data to see where traffic is, and how long it will hold you up. In congested areas it’s a real time saver, which is why so many people want a car with waze.

How to get Waze

The simplest way to get Waze is to download it from your app store. It’s free for iPhone and Android users, and you can simply use it in your car via your phone and a phone mount.

If you want Waze integrated into your car's dashboard screen, there are several options too.

If you’re an Android user and your car has Android Auto, Waze works via that. The Waze you get on your car’s screen is a simplified version of what you’ll find on your phone, but it’s something Waze phone users will recognise.

Waze also works for Android users who don’t have an Android Auto enabled car, because it works with the Android Auto app. You need to have both apps installed, and while the functionality isn’t that different to the Waze app by itself, the app does bring things like Google Assistant to you, even if your car doesn’t have a luxuriously large touchscreen.

Having Waze on your car’s dashboard screen is harder if you’re an iPhone user, because at the moment, Apple doesn’t allow third-party mapping software to be used in conjunction with Apple CarPlay. However, it will allow other mapping apps like Google Maps and Waze to operate when the new operating software, iOS 12, comes out later this year.

Pros and Cons of Waze

Waze: the good

✔  Saves you time: Waze’s real-time traffic software can measure how long you’ll be stuck in traffic for, and can recommend an alternative route that's faster.

✔  Alerts you to potential hazards: Because other users can report hazards, this information can be relayed back to you. For instance, Waze can let you know if there is a broken down car or pothole up ahead.

✔  Easy to use: Importantly, Waze is easy to use no matter which way you use it. It simply offers you an alternative route if it’s found a quicker option, and you choose whether you want to use it or not.

Waze: the bad

Crowds residential streets: Waze will suggest quieter, less congested routes in order to save you time. Sometimes these routes are through tight residential streets. A large stream of Waze users driving down a road can be irksome for residents.

Police don’t like it: Users can report police cars to other road users. Waze says this system makes drivers act more responsibly. Police officers say it makes them vulnerable because people know where they are.

Can be distracting: Of course, using Waze is just as distracting as any other sat nav system. But it’s still a distraction that can draw your attention away from the road.

Cars with Waze integrated


New Ford models equipped with Ford’s SYNC 3 entertainment system, like the Fiesta and Focus, will now work with Waze. This option also gives Apple users the chance to use Waze on their car’s entertainment screens.
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Fiat Panda Waze

The Fiat Panda Waze is a special edition Fiat Panda based on the Panda City Cross. The app is integrated into the car’s Uconnect entertainment system, which is controlled via your phone and a phone holder. Waze can be used in conjunction with Uconnect, meaning it can display navigation instructions as well as car information like fuel levels.
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