Cheapest Euro 6 diesel cars

Get an emission zone-exempt car early: these are the cheapest Euro 6 diesel cars

John Evans
Oct 2, 2018

If you're thinking of buying a diesel car, then you would be wise to choose one that meets the latest emissions standard, known as Euro 6.

From next year, cities including London and Birmingham will start to bring clean air zones into force. Anyone driving a diesel car that isn't Euro 6-compliant will be charged up to £12.50 a day to drive in city centres. Over the coming years, 17 councils may introduce similar charges.

Fortunately, it's easy to find a Euro 6 car and it needn't be expensive. Prices for diesel cars start at £5,700 or from £95 per month on finance. Every car sold new since September 2015 has had to meet the emissions standard, so any vehicle that's three years old or less should comply - it's always wise to double-check.

In addition, several cars met the Euro 6 regulations early and we've compiled them in a separate Euro 6 diesel cars list. Alternatively, you could opt for a petrol car that's less than 12 years old, which are also exempt from charges under current plans.

Scroll down to find some of the cheapest Euro 6-compliant cars on the market now, or click below to search for all deals on Euro 6 models.

Cheapest Euro 6 diesel cars 

1. Dacia Sandero

Latest Euro 6 Dacia Sandero diesel deals from £6,480
Finance from £107 per month

With a reputation as the UK’s cheapest new car, the Sandero was always going to be a Euro 6 bargain. A diesel Sandero is more expensive than a petrol-powered one but if your mileage is higher than average or you regularly travel with a full load, it’s a price worth paying.

Even then, less then £110 per month for a two-year-old diesel Sandero in decently equipped Laureate trim looks like value for money. The Renault-sourced diesel engine is smooth, reasonably powerful and capable of up to 80mpg, although 60mpg is more likely in the real world.
Dacia Sandero buying guide


2. Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Exterior

The little Fiat is a city car at heart, at its best with the 1.2 or 0.9 TwinAir petrol engines. However, if you want to stretch its legs out of the city on longer trips, then the 1.3 diesel engine is the better choice.

It’s no ball of fire but it will cruise quietly and comfortably all day long. You can expect real-world fuel economy of around 60mpg, which is reasonable, if some way off the official figure of 83mpg. There aren't many around to choose from, so prices can vary considerably.
Fiat 500 buying guide


3. Renault Clio

Latest Euro 6 Renault Clio diesel deals from £7,763
Finance from £123 per month

Renault owns Dacia, and so it uses the same engine as the Dacia Sandero at the top of the list, wrapping it in a more stylish and contemporary design. It’s more expensive but you can see where your money's gone, thanks to an interior that feels more upmarket than the Sandero, even if it doesn't match more modern alternatives, such as the VW Polo and Seat Ibiza.

The performance of the Clio and Sandero is largely the same, with official fuel economy of 85mpg, which is more more 55mpg in normal driving.
Renault Clio buying guide


4. Nissan Note

Nissan is another company that's linked to Dacia and Renault, so the Note uses the same diesel engine you'll find elsewhere on this page in the Sandero and Clio. It’s noisier in the Nissan than it is in the other two cars but just as strong when accelerating.

In fact, more than the other cars, the engine is perfect for the Note which is an impressively roomy car easily capable of carrying five adults in comfort. The Note is no longer made, but there is usually a good choice of relatively recent models available.
Nissan Note buying guide


5. Skoda Fabia

This is not the most smoothest or quietest small diesel engine on the market but it is pleasingly powerful from very low revs, so there’s rarely any need to strain it.

You can expect fuel economy of around 53mpg in real-world driving, making the engine a a good partner for the value-for-money Fabia which, in SE trim, nevertheless features a digital radio, parking sensors, alloy wheels and body coloured exterior trims.
Skoda Fabia buying guide


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