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Dec 2, 2017

Deal of the week: save 26% on a new Volkswagen Passat 

A Volkswagen Passat with more than a quarter knocked off the price is a big bargain for a large car with a roomy interior, sizeable boot and low running costs. It might not have the upmarket badge of a Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar, but its well-built interior and high equipment levels mean that it feels like a premium choice.

The latest prices certainly aren’t premium, though, with enormous savings on a petrol-powered Business SE model that comes with sat-nav and parking sensors. That brings the car to just over £17,500, whether you're paying with cash or taking out finance. You'll find similar savings on diesel models and other specifications.
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More new car deals

As the year comes to an end, car dealers are still looking to hit their end-of-year targets, which means that there are bargains galore on new cars, whether you're in the market for a supermini or large SUV. The savings stretch from brands such as Ford and Volkswagen to premium manufacturers, such as Mercedes and Audi, with thousands of pounds off some models if you look in the right place.

Handily, that place is here: we've rounded up some of the best new car deals on offer at the moment, which are all available through BuyaCar. Click to jump to a particular type of vehicle or scroll down to look through all of the featured cars.

Small cars save up to 29%
SUVs and crossovers save up to 20%
Other family cars save up to 27%
Sports cars save up to 23%

These are just a handful of the deaks available. If you can't find what you're looking for, then you can search for all new and used car deals from all manufacturers on BuyaCar.

You may be able to pile discount onto discount by buying on finance, with deposit contributions and low interest rates coming on top of the deals offered to cash buyers. For low monthly payments, then it’s also worth looking at lease deals.



Best new small car deals

Ford Fiesta new car deal: save 14%

There's a new version of Britain's best-selling car on sale, which has launched to excellent reviews, praising its comfortable ride, agile cornering and much-improved interior.

Despite its recent launch, you can still benefit from large savings, including more than £2,000 off the popular Zetec model, with sat-nav, shown above. 

Alternatively, you could upgrade to the Zetec B&O Play specification to add a larger 8in touchscreen, as well as an eight-speaker B&O stereo. The extra tech doesn't add a huge premium to the price, which starts at £13,500.

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Seat Mii new car deal: save 19%

Big discounts on small cars are rare because they are already priced cheaply, so the current Seat Mii deals are a great opportunity to make enormous savings. You’ll get around 20% off most Mii models, starting with the three-door Mii SE, which is less than £8,000, whether you're buying in cash or on finance. The more practical five-door version is £8,214.

At the top of the range, the high-specification Mii by Cosmopolitan, which was designed in partnership with the fashion magazine has soft leather and alcantara seats for less than £10,000. But the pick of the Miis may be the value-for-money Design Mii, which has alloy wheels, electrically adjustable mirrors, Bluetooth for connecting your phone wirelessly, and a smartphone holder which makes it easy to use your device as a sat-nav. It's just £8,163 whether you're buying on finance or with cash.
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Hyundai i10 new car deal: save 13%

The Hyundai i10 is a small but mighty city car, that could offer everything you need - as long as you don't do too much motorway driving.

The five-door hatchback is spacious, economical, and comes with a five-year warranty. It's also extremely cheap to start off with, before you add the 13% discounts available on brand new models that are built to your specification
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Seat Ibiza new car deal: save 18% 

Seat launched its new Ibiza earlier this year and the car went straight to the top of the class, with excellent performance in almost every respect. It's nippy, fun to drive, comfortable and surprisingly spacious. The only major criticism are the feeble engines in entry-level cars.

That's not a problem if you pick the 1-litre, 115 horsepower FR version, though. It's a zippy model that offers smooth performance from the city to the motorway, and you can save almost £3,000 on a car that's only been on sale for a few months.

The FR is the sporty one in the line-up but don't think that means a teeth-loosening ride. Even with its sports suspension and larger alloy wheels, the Ibiza is comfortable. This trim also brings a larger touchscreen with sat-nav and simple mobile phone connectivity.
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Best new SUV and crossover deals

Mazda CX-3 new car deal: save 18%

Mazda's small crossover combines the nimbleness of the Mazda 2 supermini with the higher driving position of an off-roader to make one of the best cars of its type that you can buy.

Unfortunately, it's also one of the more expensive small crossovers - or it was before the latest discounts. Almost a fifth off the price of a petrol-powered CX-3 brings the price close to £15,000, with low-rate finance available too.
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Volkswagen Tiguan new car deal: save 18%

Volkswagen’s latest Tiguan takes the best bits of the Golf and lifts them higher off the ground, giving the driver and passengers a better view of the road, as well as adding interior space. It’s one of the most comfortable and well-made crossovers on the market.

Discounts of up to 17%, mean that the price of a brand new petrol Tiguan, in basic S specification, starts at less than £20,000 if you're taking out manufacturer finance. More powerful and better-equipped SE Nav petrol cars are just under £22,000, 17% off the price with finance.

There are savings of 18% on diesel Tiguan models too, with the cheapest starting at just over £20,000 when you take out finance.
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Hyundai Tucson new car deal: save 22%

The Hyundai Tucson makes an ideal family car, designed to offer space, comfort and low running costs. And when savings are as high as 22%, then some of the pricier models in the range start to look affordable. That’s the case with the latest Hyundai Tucson deals, which cut the cost of a well-equipped automatic model by almost £6,000.

The diesel-powered Blue Drive SE Nav model comes with heated seats, dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors and touchscreen sat-nav for just over £20,000. Its automatic gearbox (badged DCT) makes smooth, fast changes.

The discounts lower down the range are almost as generous; if you prefer a petrol-powered Tucson and can make do with less equipment, then prices for the 1.6 GDi Blue Drive S start at under £15,500.
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Ford Kuga new car deal: save 21%

It's got rugged looks, updated technology and is comfortable on long journeys, but more importantly, the Kuga comes wih enormous savings.

Ford's medium-size crossover car is as easy to drive as a Ford Focus, and almost as comfortable, but also offers extra height and more interior space.

Opt for a well-equipped diesel-powered Titanium X car and you'll have sat-nav, panoramic sunroof. leather seats and a powered bootlid for more than £6,000 off the price. Manufacturer finance is available from 0%.

Much cheaper still are entry-level petrol Kugas, which start at less than £19,000.
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Best new deals on other family cars

Mercedes C-Class new car deal: save 25%

The Mercedes C-Class comes with a quarter off the price, which brings the price of a diesel-powered automatic saloon to less than £25,000 when you take out a finance package on a new car.

That's for the most popular C220d version with reversing camera, 7in touchscreen with digital radio and convincing imitation Artico leather. It costs around £1,000 more to upgrade to a C220d SE Executive Edition, which adds sat-nav and heated front seats.

If that's not enough, then then you may be able to save even more on Mercedes C-Class cars, which have already been built but are not yet been registered to their first owner. Finance offers can be combined with their discounted prices. You can request a quote for the model you're looking for.
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Vauxhall Astra new car deal: save 26%

The Vauxhall Astra is often underrated: it's an excellent all-round family hatchback that delivers build quality that's not far off a Golf, plenty of interior space and nimble cornering that makes it fun to drive. It's economical too and currently extremely cheap.

Large discounts bring a mid-range petrol-powered Astra SE down to little more than £15,000, whjich inlcues incentives for taking out finance. Equipment includes heated front seats and climate control - but not sat-nav, which is an optional extra. However, standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software makes it simple to connect your phone to the car and use your mapping app for navigation - with clear directions displayed on the in-car screen.

There are similar savings across the range on petrol and diesel Astras, with more than £4,000 off most cars.
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Skoda Octavia new car deal: save 21%

It's bigger than most family cars, with a giant boot and spacious interior legroom, and the Skoda Octavia has also recently been updated with a new quadruple-headlight front and an improved interior with updated technology.

This means that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on the Octavia SE model above, making it simple to use your phone's mapping app as a sat-nav. You'll also be paying the cost of a supermini, thanks to a discount of almost £4,000.
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Best new sports car deals

Audi A5 new car deal: save 19%

Recently updated, Audi's A5 combines chiselled looks with a sporty shape; a design that has helped to make it one of the most popular coupes in the country.

There are large savings across the range, from the relatively modest petrol model above to the high-performance Audi S5. With petrol, diesel and four-wheel drive options, there's plenty of choice too.

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Fiat 124 Spider new car deal

If you like to be prepared, then the Fiat 124 Spider is the ideal car for summer, which is just seven months away and the discount on offer is proof that winter really is the best time of year to buy an open-topped convertible car if you want the lowest price.

Sharing its mechanical parts (and interior components) with the Mazda MX-5, this Fiat is nimble and fun to drive. It also has a decent heating system to tide you over before summer.

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