Best used cars for under £100 per month

You'll be surprised at how much car you can get for under £100 per month - these are the best examples on the market

BuyaCar team
Aug 11, 2020

If you're desperate to get yourself a new car, you may be thinking you'll need to take out a loan, or perhaps re-mortgage your house. Well you could do that, but a less extreme approach might be just to save that £3.30 you spend on coffee each day.

For such a manageable daily amount, you could end up with a genuinely desirable car, with low mileage and reasonable running costs, that would be out reach for cash buyer. We have 10 such examples of great value used cars available for just £3.30 per day - or £100 per month - with only a small initial deposit.

In fact, as you’ll see from the list below, you could get the keys to a nearly-new city car, or even a slightly older estate car on PCP Finance, based on a four-year contract with an 8,000-mile-per-year limit. Bear in mind that the size of your monthly payments can vary according to your credit profile.

Our guides to PCP and Hire Purchase will give you all the details on the ins and outs of car finance, or if you're keen to take a look at what's on offer, read on for our take on the best used cars available for less than £100 per month.

Best used cars for under £100 per month

1. Ford Fiesta

Best used car under £100 per month for big car abilty

Used Ford Fiesta deals from £4,999
Monthly finance from £101

If, at this budget, you thought the best cars would be out reach, you were wrong. The class leading Ford Fiesta was replaced with a new model last year, but you wouldn't believe that the previous car was past its sell-by-date when you get behind the wheel. It still feels nimble and precise, and it's incredibly fun to drive.

A £100 budget does restrict you to the entry-level of the Fiesta range, but the 1.25-litre petrol engine is zippy enough in town and can cope with motorway speeds if you don't mind giving it some revs under acceleration. If you increase your monthly budget by a fiver or so, you can get a Fiesta with Ford's excellent 1.0-litre turbo engine. This is faster, and more economical than the 1.25-litre engine, so you may find that you're able to make up the difference in monthly payments by paying less for your fuel bill.

The cheapest cars often only have three doors, with two at the front and a hatchback boot, but there are usually a handful of five-door versions (pictured above) available, which are more practical if you'll be filling the rear seats regularly. With air-conditioning, a split-fold rear seat alloy wheels, and attractive styling details, Zetec is a popular trim level.


2. Volkswagen Up

Best used car under £100 per month for city car value

Used Volkswagen Up deals from £4,250
Monthly finance from £87

If owning a car that feels like it will last is important to you, then the VW Up would be a solid choice. It proves small city cars don't have to be tinny and cheap-feeling. Even within this budget, the Volkswagen build quality remains, making it feel like you're driving something much more substantial in terms of size and price. Its doors close with a satisfying thunk and its trim feels anchored for life. It’s good to drive, with light and accurate steering, and it also copes well with our pockmarked city streets.

The example above is nippy around town although you might want to consider the more powerful engine (badged 75PS), if you can find one, which will be that much more refined over longer journeys. The 'Take Up' trim is a little basic (the next level up, albeit costing more than the £100 per month budget, 'Move Up' brings air conditioning and a split-fold rear seat) but with low monthly payments this low it’s hard to complain.


3. Fiat 500

Best used car under £100 per month for retro design

Used Fiat 500 deals from £4,390
Monthly finance from £69

A three-year-old Fiat 500 costing less than £100 per month is astounding value - particularly as the car's retro design still looks fresh and up-to-date.

That style does have its downsides. The boot is tiny, as are the rear seats, it really is not much use for anything other than a quick trip into town for you and a friend. Still, if you generally travel no more than two-up and are a wizard at packing the weekly shop, you should get one.

Examples at this price are typically fitted with the 1.2-litre petrol engine, but there's plenty of choice when it comes to equipment levels. Most 2016 cars within this budget are entry-level 'Pop' versions, which do have a basic specification, but there are 'Pop Star' trims from 2015 which come with air conditioning.


4. DS 3

Best used car under £100 per month for sophistication

Used DS 3 deals from £5,495
Monthly finance from £92

Sometimes looking good is the most important thing, and even at this low-end budget, you can get a car to help you do just that.

This bijou car is aimed at the fashion conscious, and it certainly looks the part, and with plenty of personalisation available from new, you're bound to find some pretty unique examples buried among the classifieds. Despite being more than five years old, it still looks and feels modern.

Over the years thousands of DS 3s have been sold, so you ought to be able to find one without too much trouble. If you like the idea of a chic, three-door hatchback, but can’t afford a Mini, we’d recommend going for one of these.


5. Vauxhall Corsa

Best used car under £100 per month for young drivers

Used Vauxhall Corsa deals from £4,190
Monthly finance from £73

Sometimes, all you need is a car that will get you from A-B with minimal fuss. The Vauxhall Corsa, designed to appeal to young drivers, with its cheap price, low insurance group ranking, is that car.

There is perhaps no other car that represents the entry level to car ownership more than a Corsa. It's cheap to run, easy to maintain and easy to drive.

For now, the starting price is still low, which means that you can pick up a model that’s barely three years old for under £100 per month, offering the safety benefits of a more modern car alongside cheap finance and insurance costs. You’ll have to look out for specific models with air conditioning, as it was an optional extra from new, but Bluetooth is included in every model for connecting your phone wirelessly.

More good news is that there's an all-new Corsa due to release later this year, which will drag down the price of the outgoing car further still.


6. Hyundai i10

Best used car under £100 per month for compact dimensions and a spacious interior

Used Hyundai i10 deals from £4,459
Monthly finance from £72

The best city cars manage to offer space, comfort, nimbleness, as well as making some effort to look stylish. The Hyundai i10 ticks every one of those boxes, so getting one for just £100 per month is a bargain.

There are some decent models within budget too: SE specification includes air conditioning and alloy wheels, while the small 1-litre engine is smooth and efficient. All i10s have five doors too, so getting into the back is simple.
Examples at the very top end of this budget will just about squeeze you into a 2017 model car, which has a five year warranty, meaning it could have up to three-years left on it.


7. Renault Twingo

Best used car under £100 per month for manoeuvrability

Used Renault Twingo deals from £4,495
Monthly finance from £91

If you're after something truly unique, your best bet would probably be the Renault Twingo. For one thing, its engine is fitted in the back, rather than the front, which is, first and foremost, an excellent point of conversation. It also creates more interior space than rivals, meaning you can actually fit four people inside with relative comfort, while allowing the steering system more space to work, giving the car a very tight turning circle.

You’ll feel this in the way the little Twingo is able to get out of tight spots that would leave other cars floundering. Some Twingos in this price range are entry-level 'Expression' versions, but we say it's worth looking for a 'Play' model where possible, which comes with air conditioning and height adjustment for the driver's seat.


8. Peugeot 208

Best used car under £100 per month for sophistication

Used Peugeot 208 deals from £4,490
Monthly finance from £91

With a design that flows together more smoothly than many other superminis, a fairly spacious interior and economical engines, the Peugeot 208 is a sophisticated choice for less than £100 per month.

At this price, you can pick up a petrol-powered car in Active trim, with a touchscreen, DAB radio, Bluetooth for connecting your phone wirelessly and alloy wheels. Diesel versions are cheaper, meaning higher-specification Allure models are also within budget, offering climate control, sports seats, plus automatic headlights and windscreen wipers.

This is a substantial amount of tech for the price-point, which blows almost everything else out of the water. We see this as one of the better value deals on this list - it's not bad to drive either.

There's an all-new 208 en route as well, which should drag the prices of these ones down further still.


9. Suzuki Swift

Best used car under £100 per month for headroom

Used Suzuki Swift deals Limited stock

The Suzuki Swift is not the most obvious supermini choice but, like many underdogs, it rewards a closer look. If you’re on the tall side you’ll certainly appreciate its generous headroom, front and rear.

If you like driving, you’ll enjoy its quick and accurate steering, and stability in corners. If all that matters less to you, you’ll be more likely to appreciate its smooth ride and comfortable interior.

SZ2 trim packs a few creature comforts including a USB connection, steering wheel controls and a split-fold rear seat. You'll need to be keen eyed to spot a Swift within this budget, as it will definitely be pushing the upper limits in terms of price.


10. Dacia Logan

Best used car under £100 per month for practicality

Used Dacia Logan deals Limited stock

It's impossible to overlook Dacia when compiling a list of low-budget cars. For sheer practicality at a rock-bottom price, it’s nigh-on impossible to beat the Dacia Logan. It already has a generous 573-litre boot with the back seats in place, but fold them down and you’re looking at 1,518 litres of load space.

Driving the Logan isn't exactly a chore either, you'll definitely be able to have some fun behind the wheel.

The Logan is comfortable at reasonable speeds and body lean in corners is well controlled. There’s a frugal diesel engine and a choice of two petrols, our favourite being the economical but still punchy 0.9-litre turbo petrol sourced from parent company, Renault. Mid-range Ambiance trim gives the Logan’s Spartan interior a lift but don’t go looking for air conditioning. You’ll need to move up to Laureate trim for that.



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