Cars that cost less than an iPhone contract

Get on the road for the same monthly cost as a new phone: ten cars that cost less than an iPhone X

BuyaCar team
Feb 21, 2020

Used car finance has made it possible for you to get the keys to a perfectly suitable and usable car for less money per month than you can spend on an iPhone.

Monthly contracts on the latest iPhone reach as high as £91 per month, which is astonishing in itself, but the fact you could be driving around in an actual car with wheels and an engine in it for less is practically mind blowing.

We're not talking about 20-year-old rust buckets here either, in fact we currently have  used cars available on BuyaCar for less than £100 per month, and we've picked out 10 of the best right here.

For this comparison, we've taken Vodafone's offer on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256gb with unlimited calls and data, and a £49 upfront payment, and picked used cars avialable with a PCP finance agreement and a 10% deposit. Read on to see which used cars you could be driving for less than the cost of an iPhone.

Used cars for less than an iPhone

1. Peugeot 108

Used deals Limited stock

There are plenty of Peugeot 108 city cars for less than £80 a month, and you get some decent tech included too including a seven-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability as well as air-conditioning.

You could also upgrade to the larger Peugeot 208 within this budget too, but there are decidedly less of them to choose from.


2. Fiat 500

Used deals Limited stock

The classic design of the Fiat 500 has barely aged, so you could buy one that's a decade old and still looks new - let alone one that's only three years old.

Entry-level Pop versions of the ever-popular city car start from just over £75 per month, with all of the Fiat's charm, if a little lacking in basic equipment (such as air conditioning). But you will find that older Lounge trim models are beginning to creep below budget here, so it's worth seeing what's available.


3. Vauxhall Corsa

Used deals Limited stock

If you’re looking for a low-price, practical car, then the Vauxhall Corsa should always been an option on your list. There’s so much choice, prices are among the lowest for a supermini of its size, and there are no major downsides to the car.

For this budget, you’ll be looking at the cars that are around six years old, a model that has since been replaced by a Corsa that definitely does not sit within this price range.


4. Volkswagen Up

Used deals Limited stock

It’s the size of a small city car, but can accommodate four average-size adults, making the VW Up manoeuvrable and practical. It just barely sneaks below £91 per month, but you are getting a lot of quality courtesy of its VW badge.

Again, you'll be looking towards five or six-year-old models at this price, but there's no question you'll be getting a car that is a class leader in many aspects.


5. Toyota Aygo

Used deals Limited stock

While the Toyota Aygo does technically come in for less than an iPhone, you won't be getting any of the usual benefits of owning a used one. Mainly because you'll be looking at cars that are five or six years old, which means that useful five-year warranty Toyota offers will have all but expired.

It's also outdated now too in comparison to other options on this list, but if you like the styling, the Augo is still an enjoyable car to drive, so it certainly earns its place.



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