Cheap used Audis

Opt for an upmarket car without breaking the bank: cheap used Audis

John Evans
May 14, 2018

Audi’s had great success in selling luxury at (relatively) low prices, thanks to its Ford Fiesta-size A1, and the A3 family hatchback.

On the used market, these cars are even better value. Even after many thousands of miles, their solid interiors still feel fresh and well made, while comfort and quietness tends to be a cut above mainstream alternatives.

Prices for cheap Audis in good condition start at less than £10,000, or £130 per month with a representative finance agreement, and if you can stretch to £12,000, you can get a car from higher up the range.

Audi A1

Our pick Audi A1 1.0 TFSI Sport (2016, 12,000) miles
Typical price £11,999  Representative finance £164 per month

Offering premium quality in a pint-sized car since 2010, the Audi A1 is the brand’s cheapest model, which means that you can buy a fairly recent car for a reasonable price.

Petrol-powered 2016 models cost less than £12,000, or around £160 a month on finance. You can cut the price to £9,000, or around £135 a month by opting for a higher-mileage 2013 model.

It’s designed as a mini Audi, with a grille and lights shaped to resemble those on the brand’s larger cars. Inside the switches are just like those on more expensive models, and there’s also a simplified version of Audi’s intuitive software on the pop-up dashboard screen.

The A1 is due to be replaced this year and it is starting to feel a little old, without the large touchscreen seen in cheaper competitors such as the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo. It’s also cramped for adults in the back, even if you opt for the more practical five-door Sportback version.

The quality of plastics used still make it an upmarket choice, though, and the high-tech 1-litre petrol engine available since 2014 provides excellent power and fuel economy.
Audi A1 buying guide

Buying a cheap Audi A1 for under £12,000
You've got a great deal of choice. Many cars registered between 2013 and 2016 are within budget. Mileage ranges from 10,000 to 40,000.

Audi A3

Our pick Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Sport, (2014, 28,000 miles)
Typical price £11,880  Representative finance £171 per month

Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, and so the Audi A3 shares many of its mechanical parts with the Volkswagen Golf. But when it comes to the bits that you can see, the car feels noticeably more upmarket, thanks to high-quality plastics and excellent dashboard display that’s operated with a rotary controller, making it simple to use while on the move.

A budget of around £10,000, or around £150 a month with finance, will buy a current-generation car from 2014, which has a colour screen that pops up from the dashboard.

There are plenty of diesels available but these don’t meet the latest emissions standards, known as Euro 6, and so will be liable for some inner city emissions charges, including London’s ultra low emissions zone. You should also find some petrol-powered models in this price bracket.

For £12,000, or around £170 a month, you’ll be able to afford more powerful petrol and diesel cars that are better equipped, with sat-nav, for example.

Entry-level Audi A3 SE models come with alloy wheels, air conditioning and Bluetooth for connecting your phone wirelessly, as standard. Sport models add climate control and driving modes, including one to make the car feel sportier. S line cars have 18in alloy wheels and part-leather seats.

Like other Audis, it’s solidly built and should go on feeling that way for many years. Few similar cars of the same age can match its quietness and smoothness over rough roads, both in town and on the motorway.

Buying a cheap Audi A3 for under £12,000
Most specifications and engines are available, but you'll have the greatest choice with 1.6 and 2.0 TDI diesel cars with around 35,000 miles on the clock, and registered mainly in 2014.

Audi A4

Our pick Audi A4 2.0 TDI Ultra SE Technik (2014, 50,000 miles)
Typical price £11,890  Representative finance £169 per month

If you’re looking for comfort and luxury at less than £12,000, then a 2014 Audi A4 may just be within your price range. Representative finance repayments start at around £170 per month.

These cars were among the last of the previous-generation A4, which was replaced in 2015. As such, they often come with leather seats, sat-nav, climate control and larger alloy wheels. There’s often a choice of saloon or the Avant estate.

The vast majority of A4s in the price bracket are diesel powered and it’s worth opting for a 2014 or 2015 car with the 2.0 TDI Ultra engine. This used advanced technology to improve fuel economy and cut emissions. It was effective enough to ensure that the car meets the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations, making it exempt from some future diesel charges.

The engine is extremely quiet when cruising at a steady speed and that’s where this generation of the A4 excels: ensuring high levels of comfort over long distances. It’s not as nimble or responsive as a BMW 3 Series in corners, but that’ll suit many families.

Buying a cheap Audi A4 for under £12,000
Search for 2.0 TDI diesel cars in SE Technik trim with around 50,000 miles, and registered in 2014.

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