Best used cars for under £150 per month

Find a car you want at a price you can afford: from superminis to SUVs among the best used cars for under £150 a month

John Evans
Jan 29, 2019

If you have £150 a month to spend and a deposit of around £1,000, then the car world is your oyster.

That sort of budget can buy almost any type of second hand car, whether you’re looking for a tall and spacious sport-utility vehicle (SUV, an ultra-practical seven-seater, a family car with character or something with a posh badge.

All of the prices below are based on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deal, which is one of the most affordable ways of financing because the repayments only cover part of its cost.

At the end of the agreement, you either hand back the car to the dealer or make a final lump sum to own the car which is pre-agreed at the beginning of the PCP. Alternatively, you can op for higher repayments with Hire Purchase finance and end up owning the car.

Scroll down to see our pick of the best cars for under £150 per month or click below to search for all deals currently on BuyaCar.

Best used cars under £150 per month

1. Skoda Octavia Hatchback

Latest Skoda Octavia deals from £7,820
Finance from £133 per month

The Skoda Octavia as a hatchback is a truly impressive car, and in estate guise things are taken to a whole new level. Which makes the fact you can pick up second hand model for less than £150 a month incredible.

With enough space for five and a colossal 610-litre boot, you can transport your passengers and their luggage in relative comfort. The Octavia won’t cost the earth to run either, especially if you opt for a frugal diesel engine.

One final bonus is that standard equipment across the range is generous and includes alloy wheels, Bluetooth for connecting your phone and climate control to keep the interior at just the right temperature.
Skoda Octavia buying guide

2. Volkswagen Golf

Latest Volkswagen Golf deals from £7,949
Finance from £123 per month

For less than £150 a month, you can be the owner of a Volkswagen Golf - a car that looks as if it might cost twice as much. Even if you opt for the cheapest S specification, you'll still have air conditioning, a dashboard screen with Bluetooth for connecting your phone wirelessly and digital radio. A quiet, comfortable ride and excellent build quality are standard too.

It's most practical as a five-door car, but the cheapest models tend to have three doors (two side doors and a hatchback boot). Low-priced cars often have the 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine, which offers decent, if not terribly sporty, performance.
Volkswagen Golf buying guide

3. Dacia Duster

Latest Dacia Duster deals from £6,995
Finance from £121 per month

No brand quite captures the essence of no frills practicality like Dacia, and customers love it, even though few opt for the back-to-basics Access models which don’t even include a radio.

Higher-specification versions of the Duster have been incredibly popular with motorists looking for a cheap SUV. Comfort and Laureate models include air conditioning, alloy wheels and, yes, a radio. The cars in this price range also don’t look too different to the new Duster which went on sale in 2018.

From behind the wheel, the Duster is comfortable enough, but does lean noticeably in corners. It offers a decent a maximum towing weight of 1,500kg should you have a trailer to pull.
Dacia Duster buying guide

4. Audi A1

Latest Audi A1 deals from £8,489
Finance from £122 per month

It might be the smallest Audi, but the A1 still feels solidly screwed together - just like the larger cars in the range. This means that an approved used Audi should be almost as fresh as the day it left the factory, even with several thousand miles on the clock.

The A1 is a sporty model so the ride is a little firm over bumps, but it's still comfortable and quiet. For pure driving fun, you'd be better off with a Mini, but the A1 shines thanks to its powerful and economical engines, upmarket interior, ageless design and that deep quality.
Audi A1 buying guide

5. Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

Latest Vauxhall Zafira Tourer deals from £5,899
Finance from £101 per month

Without venturing in to much larger van-based minibuses, the venerable seven-seat car is the best way to transport a large family. Fortunately, there are a selection of models available for under £150 per month including the impressive Vauxhall Zafira Tourer.

Driving a Zafira Tourer isn’t the most exhilarating experience, but inside there is enough tech to keep the whole family happy, including a touchscreen entertainment system, USB connectivity for your devices and air conditioning.

It is worth noting that with all seven seats in the upright position you are limited to just 152 litres of cargo space (710 with the rearmost seats down), so a roof box maybe required if you are taking a large amount of luggage to accompany a large number of passengers.
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer buying guide

6. Mini Cooper

Latest Mini Cooper deals from £6,320
Finance from £94 per month

A zippy engine, fast, responsive steering, and plenty of grip, makes the Mini Cooper enormous fun to drive. For less than £150 a month, you're getting plenty for your money.

It stands out a mile from most of its supermini competition, despite costing little more to own. Inside, the car is just as distinctive. A circular screen surround dominates the dashboard, just above retro toggle switches and high-quality plastics.

This version of the Mini is best for two people, as the rear seats are cramped and boot space is limited.
Mini Cooper buying guide

7. Kia Sportage

Latest Kia Sportage deals from £9,999
Finance from £139 per month

The previous-generation Kia Sportage, which was sold up to 2016, was a best-selling family car, thanks to its spacious interior and industry-leading seven-year warranty.

These cars look exceptionally good value now, with used cars still being covered by that mammoth warranty. As with other crossover cars, such as the Nissan Qashqai and Peugeot 3008, the Sportage combines the comfort and low running costs of a hatchback with the extra height of an off-roader.

8. Renault Zoe 

Latest Renault Zoe deals from £7,500
Finance from £143 per month

Electric cars have acquired a reputation for being deliberately eccentric looking (think Nissan Leaf), but not so the Renault Zoe. It looks like any conventionally powered hatchback, but will travel about 100 miles between charges, so would suit someone with an average commute able to charge at both ends of their journey.

Examples can come well equipped with tech such as parking sensors and sat nav, but you will need to budget for battery rental as almost all Zoes come with batteries that you hire from Renault. The select few that don’t are badged as ‘i’ models.
Renault Zoe buying guide

9. Mini Countryman 

Latest Mini Countryman deals from £8,597
Finance from £129 per month

Minis are no longer mini in size, and the Countryman is most definitely not a tiddler. In fact, it was the first car to be offered by Mini with five doors or four-wheel drive. As buyers have come to expect from Mini, the Countryman offers good build quality, great visibility for drivers and fun design features such as the round central display.

Unlike many of its rivals, there isn’t really a bad choice in the range (automatics will use more fuel though) so you just need to select the model best suited to your driving needs.

10. Volkswagen up!

Latest Volkswagen up! deals from £4,795
Finance from £75 per month

The Volkswagen up! is a great small car. Equipment is sparse on the entry level Take up!, but if you would rather have more creature comforts, the range-topping High up! boasts alloy wheels and heated front seats. A slight drawback is that all VW up!s are four seaters.

Both Skoda and Seat offer models which are basically the same car as the up! just with different names – they are called the Citigo and Mii respectively – so be sure to take a look at both alternatives as well.

Due to its small size and large windows, manoeuvring the up! is a doddle and light steering ensures town driving is a breeze too. There are only petrol engines available but irrespective of which one you choose, the economy will be good.
Volkswagen up! buying guide


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