Best jobs for cheap car insurance

Tearing your hair out trying to find affordable car insurance? Maybe describing your job in a different way could make all the difference...

James Wilson
Sep 17, 2021

Insurance can be one of the biggest expenses when it comes to running a car, and finding a premium that isn’t expensive but won’t leave you high and dry is often a tough challenge. Insurers crunch all the personal data you give them to work out how much to charge you, and that includes the job that you do.

You could have completed extra driver training like Pass Plus, or limited yourself to an underpowered car and racked up a few years’ no claims in it, or lived in a low-risk area. But if your premiums are still higher than you’d like, it’s time to consider how your job affects how insurance providers see you.

While you might be tempted to up sticks and change careers to one that will give you lower insurance costs, it doesn’t need to be that drastic. Simply describing your occupation one way rather than another could save you hundreds. One example: if you're a GP, describing your profession as 'general practitioner' rather than 'doctor' could save you £141 with our example quote.

Just make sure the phrase you end up using accurately describes what you do, otherwise you may find the insurance company refusing to pay out if you need to make a claim. Insurers won’t look kindly on you if you’re a plumber pretending to be a chef, for instance.

So, think about how best to describe your job and you too can make savings. First, we will take a look at some of the best jobs for low car insurance before moving on to how subtly changing the way you describe this profession can increase or decrease premiums.

Finally, to round things off, there is a handy summary for finding the lowest insurance quotes for your profession. And, if you are wondering which professions get the lowest car insurance premiums, keep reading to find out whether it's better to be a matron or an apprentice.

Best jobs for low car insurance: most popular professions

A driver’s vocation is one of the factors that makes them statistically more or less likely to have a crash, and it's these statistics that can increase or decrease their insurance premiums. This makes some semblance of sense when comparing a stunt driver to a nun, but when looking at a project leader next to a project manager surely there should be no difference at all? That’s not the case for UK car insurance, as one will result in higher premiums than the other.

Below are nine of the best jobs for cheap car insurance in the UK. As you will notice, they vary from the brilliantly vague to the super specific, but if you are wanting a career change that could also cut your insurance premiums then they are worth a look.

  • Chartered Engineer
  • Van Salesman
  • General Practitioner
  • Assessor
  • Accounts Manager
  • Cook
  • Brewery Worker
  • Entomologist (person who studies insects)
  • Matron

Best jobs for low car insurance: the job title effect

Choosing the right job title for a vocation can save or cost motorists hundreds of pounds. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules. With some professions, it pays to be more specific, but on the flip side, someone who states they are an exotic dancer rather than just a dancer will likely pay substantially more.

Fortunately, there are tools online which allow people to generate alternative job titles and show their relative cost in comparison to a given job and its associated insurance premium (the one we used was on It sounds more complicated than it really is but put simply it allows people to compare what their insurance premium would look like should they slightly change the name of their job.

As an example, were an apprentice fitter (whether that be carpet, bathrooms, wallpaper etc.) to enter that they are a 'fitter' and be quoted £500 per year for car insurance it would show that if they changed their title to 'handyperson' they would save nearly £100. Meanwhile, if they changed it to 'apprentice' their premium would more than double.

Now, obviously, you can’t go around telling insurance companies that you are one thing when you are not. After all, unscrupulous insurers need very little excuse to not pay out. So whatever you do, make sure you are truthful. However, there are many accurate ways to describe the same jobs.

In the table below there are some examples of the UK’s most popular jobs plus an example insurance premium. Alongside these are alternative job names and the impact they have on the premium. As you will see, some alternatives cannot be applied across all disciplines of a profession, whereas some can.

Job titleRepresentative annual premiumLower alternativeRepresentative annual premiumHigher alternativeRepresentative annual premium
Engineer£500Chartered engineer£312Construction engineer£678
Tax advisor£500Accounts manager£389Tax analyst£649
Assistant cook£500Cook£391Chef£647
Bar steward£500Brewery worker£399Bar staff£997
Sales representative£500Van salesman£320Motortrader£718
Doctor£500General practitioner£359Locum doctor£569
Administrator£500Adminitration officer£455Receptionist£556
Auditor£500Assessor£343Crash assessor£569
Journalist£500Editorial staff£393Reporter£511

Best jobs for low car insurance: top tips

Like many things in life, finding the best job title for low car insurance premiums can be boiled down to a number of bullet points. So here goes:

  • Get your official job title. If you don’t have one, describe your job to a couple of people who don’t know what you do and ask them to give it a title. Then use the most common answer as a starting point
  • Use online tools to generate alternative job titles which can then be used to generate lower insurance premiums
  • Pick the top three or four titles which accurately describe your job. 'Accurately' being the keyword here
  • Use a car insurance comparison website to quickly generate insurance quotes for each job title and make a note of the best deal(s) (keep all the details the same other than the job title, so you can be sure the change is down to the occupation alone)
  • Contact insurance companies not on comparison websites - they may well have a better deal to offer you and are worth checking before you get cover from an insurer from a comparison site
  • Sit back and pick from the rock-bottom car insurance quotes you have been offered

Simples… Now, where have we heard that before?


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