2021 BMW iX: electric range, performance and charging times

New BMW iX revealed as a flagship electric SUV with a high-tech interior, quick charging times and a substantial range of up to 373 miles

James Allen
Dec 5, 2020

The new BMW iX is the company's first high-end electric SUV and it will be unlike any electric BMW that’s come before. Rather than a small supermini like the i3 or a mid-size SUV such as the iX3, the iX will be a technologically-advanced range topper that will act as BMW’s electric halo model.

It will also, if BMW’s estimates are accurate, have a very impressive electric range - the company claims the iX will be able to cover up to 373 miles between charges, which is very impressive for an electric car as big and as heavy as this. Because the car is also compatible with very powerful 200kW charging points, BMW says it’ll be possible to recharge the car’s batteries up to 80% in around as little as 40 minutes.

While full specs will be revealed closer to the car's launch, BMW has confirmed that the iX will be fitted with an array of advanced tech - ranging from a huge curved digital display on the dashboard, to a selection of partially-autonomous driver safety assists. Practicality should also be fairly good on the iX, too, as BMW has stated that the car is in a similar ballpark size-wise to the current BMW X5, which is a pretty sizeable machine.

However, as the iX is being billed as BMW’s electric flagship model, expect it to cost considerably more than a typical X5 when it goes on sale towards the tail end of 2021. Considering that new X5s cost from £60,000 upwards, it's possible that the iX could cost nearer to six figures and above.

Quick facts

  • Claimed range of up to 373 miles
  • Up to 80% charge in 40 minutes
  • High-tech interior
  • Roughly same size as BMW X5
  • Prices yet to be confirmed
  • On sale from late 2021

2021 BMW iX range and charging times

When the BMW iX goes on sale in late 2021, it’s expected to have one of the highest single charge ranges of any electric SUV. BMW says it’s targeting a maximum range of 373 miles for the car, which is more than what rivals like the Tesla Model X (up to 348 miles) and Audi e-tron (up to 252 miles) can manage. Do bear in mind, though, that this could change once the production-ready car arrives.

As the car will be compatible with very powerful charging points, the iX can be recharged very quickly, considering the large size of its battery pack. According to BMW, a 200kW charger can recharge the battery from 10% to 80% in roughly 40 minutes - or, if you only need a quick top-up, you could get the equivalent of around 75 miles worth of range from a 10-minute charge.

Of course, charging times do get longer if you aren’t able to plug the iX into such a powerful charging point. For instance, it will take just under 11 hours to fully recharge the car’s batteries if you use a typical 11kW public charger or a similarly-powerful wall box unit that you could have fitted at home.

2021 BMW iX power and performance

BMW will reveal full performance figures closer to the car’s launch, though it has given a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming electric SUV. The car’s two electric motors are able to produce a combined output in excess of 500hp - which, it’s claimed, allows this large and heavy car to accelerate to 62mph from a standing start in under five seconds. That makes the iX a pretty speedy machine considering its size.

A top speed hasn’t been confirmed at the time of writing, though - as is the case with many electric cars - it will likely be limited to a lower speed than the car is capable of, in order to preserve the range and battery life. However, as the smaller and less powerful BMW iX3 electric SUV can reach speeds of up to 112mph, the BMW iX will almost certainly be more than fast enough for the public road.

2021 BMW iX dimensions and technology

While the iX is being pitched as a range-topping model, it’ll be some way from being BMW’s biggest car. Exact measurements haven’t been disclosed yet, though it has been confirmed the iX is about the same size as the current BMW X5.

BMW has suggested the iX will be at least a little bit more spacious than the X5, though, claiming that the iX should have a bit more legroom and interior storage space than the similarly-sized X5. However, we won’t find out exactly how much room is in the iX until full details are revealed closer to the car's launch date.

Likewise, BMW is keeping a lot of the iX’s tech features under wraps for now. That said, it has revealed some of the gadgets that will be available on the car, such as the huge curved screen on the dashboard that doubles as the driver’s instrument display and the main touchscreen interface. BMW says that some of the car’s other high-end tech features include a Harman and Kardon sound system and an as-yet unspecified array of advanced driver safety assists.

2021 BMW iX prices and release date

The BMW iX is due to go on sale at some point in late 2021. Prices will be revealed closer to the car’s launch - though, as BMW is pitching the iX as its all-electric flagship model, expect it to be one of the most expensive cars in BMW’s range when it does go on sale. Its possible that the more expensive versions could cost well over £100,000.


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