Longest-range electric cars

Electric cars are green, fast, and cheap to run; these are the electric cars with the longest range

Craig Hale
May 9, 2022

Electric cars are becoming more popular as they become the priority of many mainstream manufacturers, and the electrified revolution is moving faster than ever.  But one of the biggest factors for car buyers making the switch from conventional fuel to electric power is the question of range (how far an electric car can travel on a full charge). 

If you're running low on fuel in a petrol or diesel car, it's rarely a big deal, you just need to go to a fuel station and fill up. But it's not always that simple with an electric car, charging locations aren't as common as petrol stations, they aren't always working and, if they're occupied you could be in for a long wait - and that's before you factor in the charging time of your own car.

On a long-distance journey it's common for electric car drivers to worry as they continually check their remaining charge and the distances to nearby charging points - you'll hear this referred to as range anxiety. One cure for this is to get a car that doesn't need to stop very often; the best models can travel more than 300 miles on a single charge, although this depends on factors including driving style, outside temperature and use of air-conditioning or the heater.

We've ranked eight of the longest-range electric cars below, based on official WLTP figures, but it's not unusual for your range in real-world driving to be significantly lower than these. Once you're finished here, you can head over to our BuyaCar search page and kick-start your electric car journey.

Electric cars with the longest range

1. Tesla Model S

WLTP range 405 miles
Used deals from £33,989

Tesla have been around for a while now and it's somewhat hard to believe the Model S initially launched way back in 2012. A perennial class leader in terms of electric range, luggage capacity and speed, it's easy to see why this car has sold as well as it has in spite of that rather hefty price tag.

In the decade since the Model S first appeared nothing else has got anywhere close to matching its range, and it's only now that we're beginning to see other carmakers playing catchup.

It's the Long Range that performs best when it comes to out and out range capability, but the Plaid version promises an equally impressive 396-mile range. That's assuming you don't abuse its 0-62mph time, which Tesla claims is 1.99 seconds.

2. Ford Mustang Mach-E

WLTP Range 379 miles
Used deals Limited stock

While it shares its name with the classic American muscle car, the Mustang Mach-E couldn't be any more different. With a sloped roofline similar to the Porsche Cayenne Coupe, the Mach-E promises to be a whole lot more practical. It's also only available with electric motors - no V8s here.

The 75kWh battery is good for around 250 miles in its simplest form, but it's the 98kWh battery that gets this Mustang onto the list. Ford claims as many as 379 miles off a single charge, although remember that an electric car's range depends on many factors.


3. Tesla Model 3

WLTP range 374 miles
Used deals from £43,500

The next Tesla in this list, the Model 3 is the newest and smallest car in the Tesla range. Its compact dimensions and relative lightness (compared with the Model S or Model X - it’s still heavier than internal combustion-engined rivals) mean it can coax serious mileage from its batteries.

The Model 3 Long Range is again the way to go if boosting your mileage is a priority, while charging at one of Tesla’s Supercharger points get you from 0-80% (around 280 miles) charge in around 30 minutes.

It's still not at all cheap to buy compared to a petrol or diesel car, but this is another option from Tesla that really has no rivals currently.

4. Tesla Model X

WLTP range 348 miles
Used deals Limited stock

This is the final Tesla entry here, we promise. This time it's the larger Model X that brings around 350 miles of range while also offering up to seven seats. Along with battery capacity, interior space is something of a theme within the Tesla range, and the Model X makes the most of it.

It's the largest model Tesla currently offers, but it's also the most theatrical thanks to the rear "falcon-wing" rear doors that swing upwards, but if you thought the Model S and Model 3 were expensive, the Model X takes it a step further. We're talking in excess of £100,000 for a brand new model.


5. Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3 rear view

WLTP range 336 miles
Used deals from £35,991

Volkswagen's e-Golf never really caught on, but things are set to change with the ID.3 which was built from the ground up to be an electric car. As such, despite its compact Golf-like dimensions, the interior is airy and spacious - listen to VW and they'll have you believe there's as much space inside as a Passat.

So far, there have been four combinations of motor and battery available, with power ranging from 145hp to 204hp. It's the 77kWh battery that gives the best range - labelled 'Pro S', this version of the ID.3 can do around 330 miles. If that's more than enough for you, it may be worth considering the cheaper 260-mile 58kWh version or the 217-mile 52kWh model.


6. Skoda Enyaq

WLTP range 329 miles
Used deals Limited stock

Skoda has dabbled in electric cars before with the Citigo e iV, but this is the company's first dedicated electric vehicle. It's similar in size to the Kodiaq, and comes with a similar offering in terms of battery and power to the ID.3 and ID.4. Not surprising when you consider Skoda is part of the Volkswagen Group.

Standard equipment is strong, with a large touchscreen media system, LED headlights and parking sensors. The 77kWh battery makes another appearance, and Skoda expects 331 miles from a full charge of its 'iV 80' version.


7. Audi Q4 e-tron

WLTP range 315 miles
Used deals from £44,750

The Volkswagen Group seems to be onto a winner here, because that 77kWh battery makes yet another appearance, this time in a more compact crossover form. Much like the larger e-tron, the Q4 e-tron is available in a coupe-like Sportback form too, giving it a more sporty appearance. 

While the four-wheel-drive 'quattro' versions should offer improved grip on slippery surfaces and added traction for smoother acceleration, it's the two-wheel-drive Q4 e-tron '40' that delivers the best economy. Sportback models promise 323 miles, while the regular Q4 e-tron managed just 318 miles, likely due to its less aerodynamic shape.


8. Volkswagen ID.4

WLTP range 320 miles
Used deals from £38,990

Similar in size to the Volkswagen Tiguan, and yet another Volkswagen product to make use of the company's electric components, the ID.4 is a compelling SUV. Standard equipment includes a heated steering wheel, heated seats up front, a heated windscreen, adaptive cruise control and front and rear parking sensors.

The ID.4 doesn't benefit from the company's extensive range of power options - if the 77kWh battery proves too expensive, buyers will have to opt for the 52kWh battery. This is no bad thing, though: 180 miles in real-world conditions should be achievable.


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