Euro 6 diesel cars list: full details of compliant cars

The cheap diesel cars exempt from low emission zone charges: see the full list of Euro 6-compliant diesel cars

Dominic Tobin
Apr 8, 2019

Euro 6 has gone from a little-known industry standard to the buzzword at the front of diesel buyers' minds.

It's the name of current emissions standards, which every new car must meet. More importantly, diesel cars must be Euro 6-compliant to avoid daily charges of £12.50 in London's new ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ), which began operating on April 8.

Diesel drivers will also need a car that meets the Euro 6 standard to avoid charges in Birmingham's clean air zone (CAZ), which comes into force early next year, as well as in other low emission zones that are being considered. The rules are less strict for petrol cars: any model that's less than 13 years old will be unaffected.

  • Virtually every new car registered since September 2015 has been Euro 6-compliant. Click below to search for all diesel cars that meet Euro 6 regulations.


Some Euro 6-compliant cars were sold before September 2015. These older cars will also be exempt from low emission zone charges and are cheaper than more recent models. For example, Euro 6 diesel Vauxhall Astras have been sold since 2014 and prices start at £5,599 or £108 per month with finance

Scroll down for a full list of cars that met Euro 6 standards at least a year early, or click on a manufacturer below to jump straight to their early Euro 6-compliant models.


Early Euro 6 diesel cars: manufacturer list



Early Euro 6 diesel cars list

The cars below were available with at least one Euro 6-compliant engine in 2014 or earlier. The date next to each model shows when these cleaner engines first appeared. Stocks of earlier Euro 5 cars continued to be sold for a short period, so you should ask a car retailer to confirm a vehicle's Euro rating before you buy.

Audi Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


BMW Euro 6-compliant diesel cars

*Early cars must have been fitted with the optional BluePerformance pack to be Euro 6 compliant


Citroen Euro 6-compliant diesel cars

Citroen C4 Cactus with airbumps


Mazda Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


Mercedes Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


Mini Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


Peugeot Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


Vauxhall Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


Volkswagen Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


Volvo Euro 6-compliant diesel cars


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