Best luxury seven-seater cars

When you have to shift a lot of people in comfort, these upmarket seven-seaters could fit the bill, offering luxury and plenty of room

Chris Rosamond Ben Custard
Nov 2, 2021

In the past, transporting a family of more than five people meant opting for a large people carrier that was about as exciting as watching paint dry, or finding a rare estate car with jump seats that pop up from under the boot floor - or renting a minibus.

How times have changed. Nowadays drivers with extra bodies to haul can choose from an array of different body styles with seven-seat options, but what you can’t get is a traditional big-booted estate car with boot-mounted seats from which kids can wave at following cars.

While that’s possibly a bit of a buzz-kill from the kids’ perspective, today’s drivers will certainly appreciate the additional safety inherent in vehicles designed with seven passengers in mind. You can now get a wide range of MPVs (another name for people carriers), SUVs and 4x4s, and van-derived people-carriers that all offer seven seats - sometimes more - as standard or optional equipment. Our guide to the best eight seaters shows that vans can hide very luxurious interiors for lots of people to enjoy.

In accordance with current safety regulations, while many of them still have seats that fold away into the boot space and some are of a size best suited to children, they’re all proper forward-facing chairs with full three-point seatbelts and headrests.

You can find seven-seaters at a range of price points too, with plenty of options for drivers on a budget. For the purposes of this round-up though, we’re focused on some of the more upmarket options for families or other users who feel the need to treat their VIP passengers to a bit more luxury. If you’re really keen to splash out, it’s possible to spend over £100,000 on seven-seaters like the Mercedes GLS and Tesla Model X.

But our selection of luxury seven-seaters proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to fulfil all your family transport needs in style and comfort, with some great cash deals. You can make your monthly budget go even further, however, if you opt for a popular Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deal.

Luxury 7-seaters

1. Audi Q7

Used deals from £27,991
Monthly finance from £0*

The big Audi Q7 received a facelift in 2019, but the tweaks were limited to not much more than LED headlamps, new grille and bumpers and a bit of an interior upgrade. That means that you don't lose much by going for an older version, but could save yourself many thousands in the process.

The big Audi is an impressively comfortable car to drive in, with acres of space for passengers and a superbly built cabin with a proper upmarket feel. In fact, the luxurious interior is one of the Q7’s best selling points, and it’s hard to imagine anyone complaining about the cosseting ride and hushed cabin.

While the third row of seats is designed for kids, it is possible for adults to use them for shorter trips - you can slide the middle row forward to maximise rear legroom in that case. A push button drops the third row to reveal a flat-floored boot with a substantial 865 litres of luggage space. The rear seats fold individually too for greater flexibility.


2. BMW X5

Used deals from £17,989
Monthly finance from £570*

A new BMW X5 arrived in 2019, but if you’re looking for luxury on a tighter budget, the third-generation sold from 2013 to 2018 is worth a look. As with the Audi above, going for an older version means you should get far more car for your money, meaning more luxury per pound.

While the newest X5 is a little bigger all round, the previous model still offers loads of space and the all-important seven-seat option, and as you’d expect from a big BMW, it has plenty of luxury kit and impressive build quality.

The X5’s roomy interior is littered with practical storage touches like large door bins, cubbyholes and cupholders, but the third row of seats was optional so you need to make sure you’re looking at models that have this included if you're buying second-hand.

Other advantages enjoyed by X5 owners include a split rear tailgate that gives added flexibility for loading shopping in tight spaces, and it has a great safety record too, with high Euro NCAP scores and plenty of available safety features like autonomous emergency braking. The X5 is also considered to be one of the sportiest drives in its class, as well, if you want your luxurious car to drive with a sporty feel.

2013-2018 BMW X5 BUYERS' GUIDE

3. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Used deals from £16,991
Monthly finance from £363*

Introduced in 2014, the Land Rover Freelander’s replacement - the Discovery Sport - was an instant hit. Not just because it looked great and drove well, but because none if its upmarket SUV rivals - the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC or Audi Q5 - could match the Discovery Sport’s seven-seat cabin.

The latest updated version of the Discovery Sport arrived in 2019, but that’s no reason to rule out the previous-generation car which looks almost identical to the casual observer and give you a very similar feeling of luxury.

There were other seven-seat contenders in the class at the time, for example the Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento. They both offer more space and are great value used, but they’re nowhere near Land Rover for that all-important luxury brand image and plush feeling cabin. If you do need the extra space, check out the full-size Land Rover Discovery.


4. Lexus RX L

Used deals Limited stock

The Lexus RX is a big and sharp-looking SUV that’s been around for a while now, with the latest-generation being introduced in 2015. Despite that, it's still a very striking machine.

The RX is notable for its stylish origami-style exterior design, a truly luxurious and impeccably finished cabin, and a smooth and comfortable ride. In spite of its somewhat racy looks, it’s not as thrilling to drive as some of its European rivals from Audi, BMW and Land Rover, but for enlightened seekers of comfort, that’s not the point.

If you want a seven-seater version, you’ll need to look at post-2018 cars. That’s when the slightly stretched RX L variant was introduced, which has a 10cm ‘stretch’ behind the rear doors to accommodate a bigger boot and an extra row of folding seats.

The swoopy lines of the RX mean the third row is somewhat cramped and not much fun for adults, but kids will enjoy being cocooned in the back.


5. Mercedes V-Class

Used deals Limited stock

There are quite a few van-based people carriers available, each offering varying degrees of luxury or the lack of it. Relatively basic ‘combi’ style vans offer cheap and cheerful seven-seat (or more) options without attempting to mask their commercial vehicle roots, but others take comfort more seriously.

Van derivatives such as the Ford Tourneo Custom look slick, are well fitted out internally, and can ferry up to nine passengers in comfort. Others van based MPVs (people carriers to you and I) like the Peugeot Rifter and Traveller models have seven and eight seats respectively, while the Volkswagen Transporter and Caravelle carry up to nine.

If you really want to make an impression with a van-based people-carrier though, it’s hard to beat the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. It’s the luxurious passenger-carrying variant of the Vito van, and as you would expect from Mercedes, it’s blessed with a very upmarket interior. With a variety of seating configurations catering for six to eight, the V-Class is one of the best ways to haul people in luxurious comfort. Rather than the stretched limousines you see in movies, a V-Class is often the car used to transport celebrities and high-standing politicians.

If you want to make a real impression, or are particularly concerned about your environmental impact, an electric EQV variant is available. It costs over £70,000 new, but there are already good deals to be had on BuyaCar.


6. Peugeot 5008

Used deals from £19,500
Monthly finance from £413*

The Peugeot 5008 used to be a boring old people-carrier, that was comfy and economical but dull as dishwater, and if it had any image at all it was as a station taxi.

Then in 2018 a brand new model arrived that wiped out memories of the old car at a stroke. Designed as a larger version of the fantastically popular Peugeot 3008 medium SUV, the 5008 instantly became one of the most on-trend seven-seaters around.

With cool, edgy styling the 5008 looks like an expensive machine, and that impression is reinforced inside the cabin where its unique design and excellent build quality are real crowd-pleasers.

It may not be a thriller to drive, but Peugeot has focused its attention very obviously on making the 5008 a comfortable way to travel. The suspension makes light work of the UK’s potholes, while the plush interior furnishings and quiet cabin mean long journeys can be truly relaxed affairs. At least for five adults - the two extra seats in the rear are really only suitable for smaller children, unless it’s just for occasional use.


7. Skoda Kodiaq

Used deals from £19,641
Monthly finance from £283*

Another large SUV, this time from VW-owned Czech firm Skoda, and offering a suitably luxurious feel in spite of its less upmarket badge. The Kodiaq’s third row of seats is optional on the entry-level SE trim, so when scouting the classifieds for a used bargain you need to make sure you’re looking at a car with the right spec.

But the Kodiaq gains its place on this list because of its higher-spec models, such as SE L, Edition and the range-topping L&K. The latter is truly luxurious, with leather seats, a Canton sound system and, on newer models, a digital instrument cluster. Other standard equipment includes a powered tailgate, to open the boot automatically when you have your hands full, and bright LED headlights.

There’s a lot to like about the Kodiaq aside from the seating plan, and it’s actually one of the nicest cars to drive in its class. Precise steering, supple suspension and a lofty driving position make it a more rewarding choice than the Nissan X-Trail, for example. It's also far more practical than the X-Trail, with much greater passenger space.

The conservative but classy exterior isn’t as strikingly designed as the Peugeot 5008's, and that theme continues inside but the build quality and material choices all combine to give the car an upmarket feel. The car is well-equipped and comfortable, while a very hushed cabin at speed helps give the Kodiaq its genuinely luxurious feel.

The folding rear seats are again best suited to children, but this time the issue is mainly a lack of headroom in the third row. Sliding the middle seats forward means there’s plenty of legroom in the rear even for adults, so you could carry seven adults from time to time. The Kodiaq’s boot is massive too, with 720 litres of space in five-seat mode.


8. Volvo XC90

Used deals from £25,990
Monthly finance from £486*

One of the most handsome large SUVs around with its cool Scandinavian design, the Volvo XC90 certainly lives up to its luxurious image. It’s a big SUV with acres of room inside, and the stylish interior is beautifully finished and well-equipped to boot. The cabin is built around a large portrait-orientated touchscreen display in the centre of the dash, which is also the control centre for many vehicle functions. As a result, the cabin has clean uncluttered feel which helps to lend the XC90 a relaxed and refined ambience.

As mentioned, this is a big imposing car, and one in which passengers in the rear row of seats won’t feel cramped or compromised. In fact all the passenger seats are the same size, which helps to ensure that seven occupants can travel in luxury. Each row is set a little higher than the one in front, so visibility is great with no sense of claustrophobia for those in the rear.

The Volvo’s ride and handling is very comfort-focused too, which is a bonus for passengers, and with engines configured for efficiency rather than sporting prowess, the XC90 really is one of the most relaxed and soothing ways to travel. The T8 plug-in hybrid version is well worth a look at if you're able to charge at home.


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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