2021 Mercedes C-Class saloon and estate: specs, engine details and dimensions

The new 2021 Mercedes C-Class has been unveiled in saloon and estate guises with efficient engines, and a spacious high-tech interior

James Allen
Mar 31, 2021

Mercedes has revealed the latest version of its C-Class upmarket compact saloon and estate. Set to go on sale in 2021 in four-door saloon and more spacious five-door estate forms, the new C-Class will pick up where its predecessor left off as Mercedes’ answer to other strong-selling saloons like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

While the new C-Class doesn’t move things on that much when it comes to exterior styling, it’s very different to the outgoing car under the skin. The interior in particular has been substantially overhauled, with the old car’s more swoopy dashboard design being replaced with a pared-back layout that’s dominated by a pair of massive digital displays. It’s a much more spacious cabin, too, thanks to the car’s increased width and length over the model it replaces.

The engines have also been given a bit of a shake up. All of the new C-Class engines will be variations of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, with power varying from 170hp to as much as 265hp, depending on the one you go for.

All of the engines use fuel-saving mild hybrid tech, which means the new C-Class should be a bit more efficient than the old one. However, you’ll need to wait a little longer for the plug-in hybrid engines to arrive before you can get a new C-Class that can cover short distances under electric power alone.

Prices for the new Mercedes C-Class haven’t been announced yet. However, we should get an idea of how much it’ll cost fairly soon, as the new C-Class is set to start arriving in showrooms during summer 2021.

Quick facts

  • Available in saloon and estate forms
  • Petrol and diesel engine options
  • High-tech interior
  • More spacious than previous C-Class
  • On sale by summer 2021
  • Prices to be confirmed

2021 Mercedes C-Class performance

You’ll have plenty of engines to pick from when the new C-Class goes on sale. From launch, the car will be available with no less than five options - three of which will be petrol, with the rest being diesel engines. All five engines are mild hybrids, too. This means they use small motor-generator units that provide some extra assistance to the engine under acceleration, which in turn helps to eke out a few more miles per gallon in between visits to the fuel pumps.

On the petrol front, the range starts out with two 1.5-litre motors; one with 170hp, the other with 204hp. If you’d prefer to have a bit more performance at your disposal, there’s also a larger and more powerful 2.0-litre petrol option that produces 258hp. Drivers who’d prefer diesel power can choose between 200hp and 265hp versions of the same 2.0-litre engine.

When it comes to fuel economy it’s the diesels that have the edge. Mercedes claims the 265hp diesel can return around 56mpg, and it says the 200hp version is more frugal still at up to 57mpg. In contrast, the 1.5-litre petrols are claimed to be capable of 45mpg, and the more powerful 2.0-litre option has the worst on-paper economy at 42mpg. All are decent figures for a car of this type.

As standard, all versions of the Mercedes C-Class will be two-wheel drive - powering the rear wheels - and be exclusively fitted with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. An all-wheel drive system is optional on the two most powerful petrol engines.

Later down the line, Mercedes says the C-Class will be available with plug-in hybrid engine options, and you can read more about those versions here.

2021 Mercedes C-Class specifications

The car may look a bit like the larger Mercedes E-Class, but the interior of the new C-Class more closely resembles the one in the luxurious - and even larger - Mercedes S-Class at first glance. Like the S-Class, the C-Class has a very pared-back and simplified interior, with the big focal points up front being the digital instrument display ahead of the steering wheel and the massive touchscreen on the centre console.

Full tech specs will be confirmed closer to the car’s launch, though Mercedes has confirmed some of the gadgets that will be available. Optional equipment will include things like a head-up display that beams driving information like the speedometer onto the windscreen in front of the driver, and the built-in wireless update functionality means you don’t need to take your C-Class to the dealer when Mercedes releases new software for the car.

Mercedes has also detailed some of the safety equipment that will be available on the new C-Class. Perhaps the most interesting is a new version of the company’s adaptive cruise control system, which Mercedes claims can allow the C-Class to maintain a pre-set distance behind another car even at lower speeds such as when you’re driving around town.

2021 Mercedes C-Class dimensions

The new C-Class a little bit bigger than the car it replaces, and Mercedes claims a lot of that increase in size has gone towards making the cabin more spacious. It claims rear seat practicality in particular has improved, as there’s a fair bit more leg and shoulder room than in the old car. However, the mild 10mm increase in head room means that particularly tall passengers may still find themselves brushing their heads on the roof.

Interestingly, even though the new C-Class is larger overall than its predecessor, the luggage volume of the saloon model is unchanged - though, at 455 litres in size, it’s still a good size for a car of this type. If you need any more room, the estate version has 490 litres up to the load cover, and you can increase the load area to 1,510 litres by folding the rear seats down and loading up to the roof. In both cases, the C-Class has 30 litres more boot space than the previous car.

2021 Mercedes C-Class prices and release date

Mercedes hasn’t yet announced prices for the new C-Class, though it shouldn’t be much longer until all is revealed.

Both the saloon and estate versions of the C-Class went on sale in some markets in late March 2021, with the first customer cars likely to be delivered during summer 2021.


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