Best used Range Rover PCP finance deals

Fancy an upmarket Range Rover, but don't want to pay an upmarket price? Check out the best nearly-new and used Range Rover finance deals

John Evans
Oct 4, 2021

A Range Rover used to be a utilitarian off-roader designed to be simple and rugged, with an interior that could be cleaned with a hose. The Range Rover philosophy has changed a bit since those early days, and now there is a whole range of Range Rovers, each offering a different spin on the classic off-roader recipe. On top of the standard Range Rover, there’s the smaller and more compact Evoque, the sleek and stylish Velar, and the performance-orientated Sport.

The average price for the four Range Rover models on BuyaCar is £47,999, and few drivers have this amount of cash lying around ready to drop just like that. While PCP finance deals are more affordable, brand new models can easily command more than £600 per month, and larger models over £1,000 per month. Fear not, though, as even a one-year-old equivalent could save you over £100 per month or more on BuyaCar, with a two-year-old equivalent saving you around £200 per month.

It doesn't matter which size Range Rover you're looking for, there are substantial savings available with used finance deals. Even if you're on a tight budget, you may find you get more for your money than you expect. Take the £4,500 deposit needed to get a brand new mid-specification Evoque for around £600 per month, and put it into a used model: you could cut the cost down on a four-year old Evoque that has covered barely 20,000 miles (with the same contract terms - deposit, finance type, contract length and mileage allowance).

Which one you choose will most likely hinge on how much you have to spend but what makes Range Rover models particularly good value to finance is how desirable they are - and consequently how valuable they are second-hand. As PCP finance monthly payments are calculated from the difference between the car's initial price and its value at the end of the contract, the fact Range Rovers are typically worth a lot used reduces your monthly payments.

Range Rover PCP deals

Range Rover Evoque offers

From the outside, this latest version of the Range Rover Evoque, launched in 2019, doesn’t stray too far from the much-admired template laid down by the original from 2011. Take a tape measure to it, though, and you’ll find it’s a touch longer between the wheels for a roomier interior.

It sits on a brand-new platform that makes the latest mild hybrid options possible on all but the entry-level model. Diesel dominates the engine line-up but there are petrols, too. Being a Land Rover, the Evoque has near-peerless off-road credentials. Cheaper versions are front-wheel drive with a manual gearbox - so don't expect to be able to tackle the most challenging terrain with these - but most are four-wheel drive and feature a nine-speed automatic transmission.

All have a 10-inch touchscreen media system, parking sensors all-round and a rear-view camera for simpler manoeuvring. S trim brings sat-nav plus Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Higher trims have Land Rover’s Touch Pro Duo, a dual-screen media system, which makes the interior look even more high-tech. 

Combined with a comfortable ride, high levels of refinement and greater scope for personalisation, the new Evoque is a worthy rival to the likes of the Audi Q3, BMW X2 and Volvo XC40.


Nearly new Range Rover Evoque

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Range Rover Evoque
Used Range Rover Evoque

BuyaCar prices from £33,990
Monthly finance from £480*

Previous generation Range Rover Evoque (2011-19)

Don’t let the presence of the all-new Evoque put you off: the original is still a fine SUV and as a used car, terrific value for money. It’s slightly shorter than the new car and there’s slightly less rear interior space but only really tall adults would notice. What is much more noticeable, however, is how much lower the monthly payments are.

Unlike the new model, this version of the Evoque comes in three and five-door body styles. The latter is more practical but the former has a sporty look about it that’s undeniably striking. As most SUV drivers want five doors, you may be able to find a bargain on the less popular three-door models. There’s a convertible, too.

The original Evoque was updated in 2015 when it received more efficient engines and extra technology. There is a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines with the latter easily the more plentiful on the used market. Front-wheel-drive diesels are badged eD4 and four-wheel, TD4. The optional six-speed automatic gearbox became a nine-speed from 2013.

While this first Evoque may lack some of the current car’s advanced technology, it’s still high-tech and well equipped. Entry-level Pure versions, for example, have an eight-inch touchscreen media system, electric windows all-round, and rear parking sensors. Prestige trim adds leather upholstery and Dynamic, a bodykit. Tech Pack adds automatic lights and front parking sensors, and Lux Pack a powered tailgate, a glass roof and climate control.


Range Rover Evoque
Used Range Rover Evoque

BuyaCar prices from £19,699
Monthly finance from £298*

Range Rover Velar

Launched in 2017, the Range Rover Velar sits between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport and takes on sleek SUV-coupes such as the BMW X6 as well as more conventionally sporty SUVs such as the Porsche Macan.

Engines are the traditional mix of petrols and diesels but larger-engined V6 versions come with super-comfortable air suspension as standard. These more powerful V6 engines suit the luxurious Velar but the smaller four-cylinder engines make up most of the range. Among the diesels, the 240hhp D240 is our pick and the petrols, the 250hp P250.

The Velar’s sloping roofline limits rear headroom somewhat, but it’s a small price to pay for the model’s sumptuous exterior looks, mirrored by a truly classy interior. Quality materials fill the interior, while the dashboard is a minimalist affair incorporating, on all but the entry-level version, no less than three large screens: one showing the speed dials, another, the Touch Pro Duo system displaying media controls, and a third displaying ancillary controls.

There are four trim levels but our favourite is mid-range SE with its 18-inch alloys, powerful LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, rear camera and suede upholstery.


Nearly new Range Rover Velar

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Range Rover Velar
Used Range Rover Velar

BuyaCar prices from £37,980
Monthly finance from £563*

Range Rover Sport offers

Despite its size, the Range Rover Sport is quick and nimble, as well as luxurious. It’s a rung below the Range Rover but looks and feels almost as impressive while squaring up to rivals such as the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne.

This is the second generation version. It was launched in 2013 as a replacement for the first model that arrived as far back as 2005, before being mildly facelifted in 2015. It’s a five-door only but offers the option of seven seats, something the larger Range Rover cannot claim. The interior is very spacious with plenty of room for rear-seat passengers, although less so for the pair in the third row, where fitted. As you’d expect in such a tall vehicle, visibility is good.

High-tech adaptive suspension and four-wheel drive mean the Sport feels comfortable and secure. You can really hustle it along at speed, too. Venture off-road and the standard-fit Terrain Response system, which adapts to the surface you're driving on, will get you out of most awkward spots. Adventurers should seek out Dynamic models with the more advanced Terrain Response 2 system.

The 3.0-litre SDV6 diesel is perfect for most users. It’s certainly better all-round than the more powerful SDV8. Petrol fans can choose from a supercharged V8 or a more powerful version in the SVR - these are rapid but get through plenty of fuel, so budget for filling them up if you fancy one of these. There’s also a plug-in hybrid petrol engine badged P400e that is smoothly powerful and capable of travelling up to 30 miles on electric power alone - though you have to charge this regularly to get any real fuel economy benefits.

Inside, the Sport looks very much like the new Evoque although being older, it goes without some of that model’s in-car technology. HSE trim hits the spot with sat-nav, xenon headlights, leather seats, adaptive suspension and a powered tailgate.


Range Rover Sport
Nearly new Range Rover Sport

BuyaCar prices from £82,499
Monthly finance from £1,073*

Range Rover Sport
Used Range Rover Sport

BuyaCar prices from £34,501
Monthly finance from £414*

Range Rover offers

It may have been launched back in 2013 but the Range Rover is still the luxury SUV to beat. Indeed, so luxurious is it that it’s routinely compared with Mercedes and Bentley limousines. Its trick is to be all things to all buyers: unstoppable off-roader one moment, unflappable motorway cruise ship the next.

There have been several facelifts and improvements over the years, most notably in 2015 when the SDV8 engine gained more power and the eight-speed automatic gearbox was tweaked. At the same time, Intelligent Cargo Mode was introduced; a clever system that moves the front seats forward as you lower the rears, before returning them to position. More enhancements followed in 2017, including the introduction of a plug-in hybrid version and an upgraded interior offering even greater luxury.

Air suspension, offering great ride comfort and secure handling, is standard while the regular 260hp SDV6 diesel engine provides as much performance as most buyers could want. If you require more, there’s the 339hp 4.4-litre SDV8. Beyond these lie the super-powerful, and super-thirsty, supercharged 5.0-litre V8 petrol engines.

Vogue trim kicks off the range and is very well equipped (everything from a TV to a powered tailgate is included). Higher up is Autobiography with features including a panoramic sunroof and a bespoke dashboard. Take it as read that all trims feature advanced in-car technologies including InControl Pro and high-definition sat-nav.


Nearly new Range Rover

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Range Rover
Used Range Rover

BuyaCar prices from £44,490
Monthly finance from £641*

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

BuyaCar is a credit broker, not a lender. Our rates start from 6.9% APR. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.


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